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Publication numberUS1146103 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 13, 1915
Filing dateMay 18, 1914
Priority dateMay 18, 1914
Publication numberUS 1146103 A, US 1146103A, US-A-1146103, US1146103 A, US1146103A
InventorsWadsworth D Roy
Original AssigneeWadsworth D Roy
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Advertising or display device.
US 1146103 A
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APPLICATION men M A18, 1914.

. ZJQ dJUAO 'ZIZ 5 54 Patented July'13, 1915.


anvnnrrsme on DISPLAY DEVICE.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented July 13, i915.

Application'filed May 18, 1914. Serial No. 839,183.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, WADSWOR'I'H D. RoY, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Advertising or Display Devices, and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had-to the accompanying drawings and to the characters of reference marked thereon,- which form .a part of this specification.

This invention relates to improvements in advertising or display cards, and the invention consists in the matters hereinafter set forth and 'more particularly pointed out in the appended claims.

An object of the invention is to provide a combined card and support which is simple and economical to construct, and which is so arranged as to be reinforced or stabilized against warping or bending throughout its area when occupying a leaning position, which is the display position of the device.

A further object of the invention is to provide a support for a card of this character which stabilizes the card sheet in such manner as to enable the card sheet proper to be made of much thinner stock than that from which such display ,or advertising cards have heretofore been made. The stabilizing supporting member may practically.

be made of a stock much cheaper than the stock of the display card or sheet proper, whereby the cost of the device, as a whole, is substantially reduced as compared to prior devices of this general character.

A further object of the invention is to produce an eflicient and stabilized easel support for such cards which may be made up from a minimum stock.

Other objects of the invention are to simplify and-improve devices of this character.

In the drawings :-Figure 1 is a rear perspective view of a display or advertising card made in accordance with my invention.

Fig. 2 is a rear elevation thereof when folded for storage or shipment.

The device consists of a front sheet or member 10 which ma be made of any suitable contour, and w 'ch bears the subject matter to be displayed, and a backing member 11 which lies flat against it is pasted or otherwise secured permanently to the sheet 10 and which covers the back of the card or supporting position.

sheet 10 substantially throughout its area. The said backing is cut away. at 12, 12, and the cut away portions are bent backwardly along fold lines 14, 14 to, produce supporting wings 15, 15, each of a general triangular shape; thereby giving to the entire backing member the effect of an easel support. 1

The lower or wider ends of saidwings extend considerably beyond the card or sheet 10, and the device, as a whole, is supported in a leaning position by the lower edges of the superposed sheets or members 10 and 11 and the lower edges 16 of the wings. The said wings may be locked in their open position by means of locking flaps 17', 17 partially cut from the wings and turned inwardly with their' straight edges lying against thebacking member 11.

The upper and lower edges of the backing or reinforcing member 11 are formed to provide rearwardly directed flanges 18, 19,

respectively, the said flanged portions being integral with the backing and being turned backwardly about lines 20, 20. Theupper flange 18 may be locked in its open position by means of locking flaps 21, 21 out therefrom and adapted to be swung upwardly against the rear face of the backing member. The lower flange 19 is preferably located in the plane of the lower edges ofthe members a 10 and 11 so as to rest on the floor or other support, and preferably a portion of the lower edges 16 of the. supporting wings engages the said flange so as to thereby hold the 'said parts rigid when in their open or The blank from which the backing member, together with its supporting wings and stiffening flanges, is produced is'indicated 1n Fig. 2 in place on the sign bearing eard member 10 and with the flanges and wings occupying the plane of the backing member. Thus it is apparent that the device may be collapsed for shipment or storage in'a very compact manner. 4

'It will be apparent that the upper and lower flanges 18, 19, cooperate with the backmember 11, (the latter applied throughout substantially the entire area of or coextensive with the display member 10) and constitute means for strengthening and stabilizing the card throughout its entire area so as to prevent warpingof the card due to variations of heat and moisture, and

ing its leaning display position. lit is also apparent that the supporting wings 15,-15 serve to stifi'en and stabilize the device as a whole. It therefore becomes practicable to employ a relatively thin display card or sheet, as compared to prior cards. This is a material advantage because the backing card may be made of relatively cheap, low grade stock to produce the principal strengthening and stabilizing factor of the device, while the Weight of the relatively higher grade material of the member 10- which directly bears the subject matter of the sign or other displayed subject matter may be greatly reduced.

Both the front and rear members 10 and 11 may be made of card or paper board. The front card member or sheet 10 is made of a gradeof stock which furnishes a suitable' back-ground for the printed sign or other subject matter to be displayed, and is preferably a solid board as distinguished from a pasted board. The rear backing sheet may be made of a cheap unfinished paper or straw board of proper gage or thickness to give the desired rigidity and stability to the device as a whole. Heretofore in the manufacture of display devices of this character it has, in some instances, been proposed to use a built-up or pasted board in orderto secure the necessary rigidity to insure that the card willstand without warping or twisting. However, suchpasted board has not been satisfactory because the internal stresses can not, in practice, be so uniformly distributed as to prevent warping under variations of temperature and moisture. Furthermore, the use of asolid board is not satisfactory for the reason,first, that the cost of the material of a proper thickness and strength is too great, andsecond,because it is not practicable to run the heavy boand through cylinder presses to print thereonthe matter to be displayed.

The arrangement all these objections and produces a poster which may be readily printed (the sign card being rinted before it is applied to the stabilizing. sheet) and produces also a very backing herein shown overcomes.

niaaioe attractive and rigid poster free from liability to warp and twist,

.I claim as my invention '1. An advertising or display poster comfold lines adjacent to and inside of said side the upper and lower margins of the sheet being turned backwardly to constitute stiffening flanges, with the wider lower ends of said wings extending backwardly across said lower flange for contact with a supporting surface on which the poster rests.

2. An easel support for an advertising or display card comprising a substantially rectangular sheet, the upper and lower margins of which are turned backwardlyto constitute stiffening flanges, and two substantially triangular upright supporting wings inteedges,

gral with said sheet and composed of material contained wholly within the boundary edges I of the sheet, each wing being detached from the sheet along all but one margin thereof 7 which constitutes a folding line located a distance inside of the side edge of the sheet, said'wings being adapted to be turned back wardly along their folding lines toward the side edges of the sheet, with the wider lower end portions of said wings extending backwardly across the lower stiflening flange for contact with a supporting surface on which the easel rests.

In testimony, that I claim the foregoing as my invention T affix my signature in the fiesence-of two witnesses, this 16th day of ay, A. D. 1914.

WADSWQRTH D. ROY. Witnesses;

W. L. HALL, G. E. Downs.

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