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Publication numberUS1146353 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 13, 1915
Filing dateJul 7, 1914
Priority dateJul 7, 1914
Publication numberUS 1146353 A, US 1146353A, US-A-1146353, US1146353 A, US1146353A
InventorsCharles Edward Shapley
Original AssigneeCharles Edward Shapley
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Faucet attachment for shower-baths.
US 1146353 A
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Patented July 13, 1915.







Patented July 13, 1915.



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Ratented eluly f3, 1915;

Application filed July 7, 1914. Serial No. 849,427.

To-all'whom it may concern:

Be it-known that 1, CHARLES I), 'S'rmrnnr, a citizen of 'the United States of -America,

and a resident ofAuburn, in the county of" Cayuga, in the Stateof New York, have invented new and useful Improvementsin Faucet Attachments" for Shower-Baths, of

which the following, taken'iir connection with the accompanying drawings, is a: full; clear,- andexactdescription.

This inventionrelates to certain improve ments in faucet attachments for, shower baths adaptedto be'used'in' connection with curtainless bath tubs and involves the use of an elevated spray nozzle elongated laterally and providedwith series of orifices arranged to direct the jets-0f waterin con verging lines within the area of the bath tub, the waterbeingv conducted" from; the faucet to the spray nozzle'through a suitable conduit which iscla-mped to said faucet.

The main object is to provide a simple and: comparatively inexpensive shower bath attachment which maybe easily and quickly clamped to any faucet and adjusted toany angle withina limited range for directing the jets of water to, the desired; locality usually within the area of* the bath tub.

Another object isto make the conduit in scctions so that the spray nozzle may be .brought to different heights according to-the wishes of'the user.

A further object is to provide saidconduits with a reservoir for perfume or soluble tablets which it: may be-desired to mingle with the water beforeemerging from the spray nozzle.

Other'objects and uses relating to specific parts of the device will be brought out in the following description.

In the drawings Figures 1 and; 2 are respectively a top plan and side elevation (partly broken away) of a bath tub and my improved shower attachment attached to the faucet thereof. Fig. 3 is an enlarged; detail sectional view, partly in elevation of the shower attachment, the greater portion of the pipe leading to the spray nozzlebeing broken away. Fig. 4risahorizontalsectional view, partly in plan, of a portion of the spray nozzle and reservoir attached thereto. Fig. 5 is a top plan, partly in section of'the detached clamping device by which the feed pipe of the spray nozzle is secured to a faucet of the bath tub. Fig. 6 is a transverse vertical sectional view through the clamping device takenonline 6..6, Fig. 5. F 1g. 7 is'a vertlcalsectional,view, partly 1n elevation of a 'modified'form of 'spraying jdevice, showing two spray nozzles with aninboth spraying'nozzlesor the lower one independently ofjthe upper one;

The preferred form off'shower bath attachment-showman Figs. 1' to 6 inclusivecomprises anupright pipe or conduit 1'- composed; of a plurality of sections -2 connected" by screw couplings 3 so asto vary the heightofthe spray nozzle as 4 which is secured f'to the upper end of. the

conduit 1-. The lower pipe section 2'% 6O terposedf valve so as to permit, the; use of is provided with a flexible errtension .5*

terminating in a coupling member 6' for slipv connection with'the nozzle ofa faucet 7' as ordinarily used in connection with a bath tub althoughit is. evident that it may be used-inconnection with any other faucet." The lower pipe section 2' is also provided with a'hub or sleeve -.8- rigidly secured thereto and" formed with diametri cal'ly opposite studs or trunnions -9'-.

which are movably supported, in guide-ways 10 of a clamping frame o'r'yoke 11% adapted? to be slipped from'the underside around" the neck of the faucet 7 where it is clamped. in position, by an adjustable clamping member 12-' also slidably mountedin the ways. 10- and operated by means of a screw through "the medium of the sleeve 8.. This pipe-supporting sleeve8 is, therefore, mounted betweenthe clamping member 'l2 and one endof the screw l3a nd is adapted to be rocked'to'difi'ferent" angles upon. its trunnions '-9+ for varying the angle of discharge of the spray nozzle -4l and forthis purpose the front and rear sides of the sleeve are providedrespectively with a l5 both concentric with the axis of movement of the sleeve, the rib 14 being the groove 1 5 serves to receive the adj a-l cent end of the screw -1-3 to additionally ribbed face 1-l and a grooved face hold the sleeve against horizontal rocking movement.

The adjusting screw 13' is engaged in a threaded aperture l7 in the adjacent end of the yoke l1 and is disposed in substantially the same horizontal plane as the clamping member 12 so as to effect Cit the horizontal adjustment of the sleeve 8- and clamping member l2 along the ways -l0 in a plane parallel with said ways for clamping the pipe 1 to the faucet, it being understood that the end of the yoke --11 opposite that in which the adjusting screw -l3 is mounted is made circular or rounded outwardly, while the co-acting end of the clamping member 12 is concave.

to cause such parts to conform as nearly as possible to the circular contour of the portion of the faucet with which the clamping device is engaged. It is evident, however, that the pipe 1- may have a sliding connection with the sleeve -8, in which case, said pipe would be provided with an adjustable collar l8 normally resting upon the upper end of the sleeve and held in place by a set screw -l9, thus permitting the clamping device to be adjusted vertically along the pipe relatively to the slip c0upling 6-, to correspond to various lengths of faucet and also permitting the spray nozzle to be adjusted to different heights.

The spray nozzle 4 preferably consists of a laterally elongated pipe of rectangular cross section curved horizontally from end to end with its concave side facing the end of the bath tub opposite that at which the faucet 7 is located and provided with a plurality of rows of relatively small apertures 20 arranged so as to project the water in jets converging toward the center of the arc of curvature of the nozzle or within the area of the bath tub. The central portion of this spray nozzle is secured by brazing or otherwise to the upper end of the pipe 1 which is provided with an enlargement 2l forming a reservoir communicating with the interior of saidpipe for receiving a perfume, medicament or other toilet preparation which it may be desired to mix with the water as it is dis charged through the spray nozzle. the upper end of the pipe is enlarged to form the reservoir 21, the spray nozzle 4 is preferably secured in a recess in one side thereof near the bottom by brazing or otherwise, the portion of the spray nozzle which extends through the enlargement -2lbeing provided in its upper and in nor sides with a series of holes 22 to es-' tablish communication between the interior of the reservoir and nozzle 4.-, said reservoir being preferably provided with a removable screw cap 24cto permit it to be filled and refilled with medicament or other toilet substance when necessary.


In Fig. 7, I have shown a modified form of reservoir -2l' as having the upper end of one side provided with a branch 26- to which is connected an upright pipe extension -27 carrying at its upper end an additional spray nozzle 4E of substantially the same construction as the nozzle -1 except that it is connected directly to the upper end of the pipe 27-, the latter being provided with r valve 28- located between the nozzles 4.- and 4- so that both of said nozzles may be used simultaneously when the valve is open or the lower onemay be used independently of the upper one by simply closing the valve. When this modified form of spraying device is used,

.the reservoir 2l may be secured directly to the lower pipe section 2-, while the pipe section 27 may take the place of the superposed pipe sections shown in Figs. 2 and 3, thus permitting the simultaneous discharge of shower sprays from dif ferent elevations.

What I claim is:

1. A shower bath attachment for faucets comprising an upright sectional pipe having means for connection with the nozzle of a faucet, means for clamping the pipe to the main body of the faucet, said pipe having an enlarged portion forming a reservoir, a spray nozzle comprising a laterally elongated pipe section having its discharge side concave and perforated substantially throughout its length, said spray nozzle secured to the reservoir portion of said pipe and having means of communication therewith for the passage of fluid.

2. A shower bath attachment for faucets comprising an upright pipe having means for connection with the nozzle of a faucet, means for clamping the pipe to the main body of the faucet, said pipe terminating in an enlarged portion forming a reservoir for a toilet substance, a spray nozzle comprising a laterally elongated pipe section having its discharge side perforated substantially throughout its length, said spray nozzle having a portion lying within and secured to the reservoir portion of the pipe, and having means of communication therewith for the passage of fluid.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 29th day of June, 1914.


Witnesses H. E. CI-IAsE,


topics of this, patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents,

Washington, D. G.

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