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Publication numberUS1146748 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 13, 1915
Publication numberUS 1146748 A, US 1146748A, US-A-1146748, US1146748 A, US1146748A
InventorsDon A Bennett
Original AssigneeAndrew Fenske, Don A Bennett
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US 1146748 A
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' mmc-Anon min iufm 20, 1914.

www@ July 13, 1915.

f J. F

T0 all whom 'it may concern:

Beit known' that DON A. BENNETT, yn citizen of the United States, residing at Seattle, in the County of King and State of Vifaisiiiingizon7 have invented certain new und useful improvemens in Gasolens Stminers, of which the foliewing is s spent i stima.

This invemim reizizes is giisolene simiii ers; and its object is the perfecting o! devices of this character to pwdnse s srfiinei of high eiiiciency and one wherein the lter `rnemubei" is automatically maintained clear ci' obstructing material.

The invention consists in the novel constmctiim, adaptation and cmibimion oi paris, as will be hereinafser deseibed and claimed. i

n the accompanyingdrawings, Figue l is n. iongitudinsi i'ericiid seetimi sf apparstus embodying me preseiif invention; mid Fig. 2 is si horizoiitsi seeie-n iirougii 2-2 o Fig. 1.

n carrying (mit my invention p'ovid'e ai Vessel'formed of a peripheral wail; 50i. gass and having tap and imtom ends and 4" of brass or other suitable mazeriai. Said ends are respe'ctiveiy povided wiah eiimimiei iii@ siiijfme the pei'ipiiemi in. 1

vided iiieiim'iy with :i iaiiie, is seaied n screen mi desiziibiy, and is means of ii i' ing fm he iiip ci any sshd ma which may iieeom ai siieii t muy die ifgmd :imm me @mia-i1 anges 61 mid (1 10 :werd sachets Vfar @he wall 5.

8 re ressns 'bali-.s amending ihmug'i ings provi ed on the heads 'for eoupimg die Same and seurmg the Wall 5 therebefween.

. Gaskets iepreseiaibed by 9 are .iniferposed .-1 between the wail 5 and said ends im urnisii non-ieakaibie joints iherefit.

The lower head 'i'.is formed @Qnczw'e qnd at one side is prnvided with :i ldepressior er pocket 10 into which sedimentary ma ibex' will eoilec; to be drawn n ishmugh :i cock ll.

Centay of the head 7 is s screw-thread ed hoi@ l2 for the reception '015i SJii'e iiuefided ily wessen Uf iis gi'emei specific '-heieupon de eiow die drawn. sin' sedimeiiimiy met ih-s operatic? can *A Sib@ glass wa by @he efmtfi'ss in she tivo liquids.' over, be iegdsisd i weder will be of the ii uid m' 13 wiss-i'eby itis iower end of a pipe 01 Hippie 3.3 which ex tends to a height ai; or aboui; the middie Q the 'compartment Within the vessei.. nipple constitutes the 'terminal of s supi ply pipe, not, shown., leading from d esevoir of gasoene. The upper head 6' is missing" the sirsim: ma#

provided with a serewthreaded hoieM for' an outlet pipe 3,5 which is empyed to condizcI the gsoiene to engine.

Engaging with screwthrezids provided at she upper end-of henippe 3.3 is" die hub iiiiiiy wiiidmvii iiiiiiiipuintiiig 'the Chek H as reqiied Gi expedient by she speelster.

i6 of a, frame having 'arms lf aiii ,d a, ring in gasniens with `a vessel proyided with an outlet pipe leading from its upper end, and an inlet pipe extending vertically centrally of the 'vessei and provided with screwthreads- E. about its upper extremity, und a screen, a frame adapted to retain said screen between i "f the s'alid inlet and outlet pi es, said frame lclosely ttingtheinterior o the vessel, and edjnstgbly supported-by engaging screw- June, 1914.

DON A; BENNETT. Witnesses:


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U.S. Classification210/398, 210/312, 210/649, 210/446, 210/534
Cooperative ClassificationB01D33/0064