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Publication numberUS1147313 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 20, 1915
Filing dateNov 9, 1914
Priority dateNov 9, 1914
Publication numberUS 1147313 A, US 1147313A, US-A-1147313, US1147313 A, US1147313A
InventorsFrank Desort
Original AssigneeGeorge Eiermann, Frank Desort
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Internal-combustion engine.
US 1147313 A
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I APPLICATION FILED NOV. 9, I914. 1,147,313,

Patented July 20, 1915.

I F. mom. 7 M

INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE. 4 APPLICATION FILED NOV. 9. 1911. v 1,147,813. ljatented July 20, 1915.-


4 v 75 f5- m 72 Gay, 2 73 n "il llll llL mu II" i lllll "ll-"NHL IIHI.IIIIIIIIIHH F. DESORT. INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE. APPLlCATlON FILED NOV. 9, 1914.

1,147,313. 1 v Patented July 20, 191;.


rm/bnemo f 1 I lel to that of eachcylinder.


FRANK Dnsom', or CLEVELAND, 01110, ASSIGNOR or ONE-HALF T0 cnoaen Erna MANN, or. CLEVELAND, c1110.


Specification of Letters Patent.

. Application am noveinber 9. 1914. Serial No. 871,013.

tion engines, and has for its ,object to provid'e an improved engine of a type employing a plurality of cylinders, the cylinders being arranged in parallel relation around a common center at which the driven shaft is located, the axis of the shaft being paral- The power is transmitted to the'main shaft by means of radial crank shafts to which the pistons are connected, and each crank shaft has a pinion fective arrangement for a multicylinder engine.

The cylinders are all mounted in position on the crank case, atone end thereof, so

that they are conveniently accessible, and the inlet and exhaust connections, aswell as the connections for the cooling system, are easily made. Each cylinder is provided withsuitablc valves which are operated by'.

of the crank case, the symmetrical arrange- 1n parallelism around a common center at which is, located the main shaft 19 which extends through the opposite end of the crank case, having a bearing. at 20 in the end 8 and another bearing at 21, in the opposite end. Each cylinder has a water jacket 10, and a guide 9 for the valve rod 16. These rods are preferably-located on the inner side of each cylinder and each rod is connected 'at its outer end, at 14, to a rocker 14 which turns on a pivot 15 on a post 15 at the top of the cylinder. The inlet valve 12 and the exhaust valve 13 are lo-- cated in the cylinder head, and the stems 12 and 13 thereof extend through the head to contact with the opposite ends of the rockerlit, at surfaces 14 and l4",respecvtively, springs 12 and 13 tending to .close'the valves. The inlet connections are indicated at 30 and the exhaust connections at 31, the latter extending to an exhaust manifold 32 communicating with an outlet pipe 33, the' manifold being in the form of a ring. The inlet manifold, not shown, may have a simi lar form.

The cylinders are located over' corresponding openings in the crank case end, and each cylinder has a piston 22 connected by a rod 23 to a crank 24: which is mounted in hangers 25 and 26 on the inside of the crank case, and the outer end of each crank has a stub shaft 24 carrying a pinion 27 which meshes with a large ring gear 28 mounted at 19 on arms 19* projecting from the main shaft 19. Said shaft-also carries a cam plate 18 which has neutral surfaces 18 permitting both valves to be closed, raisers 18 to open the exhaust valves, and drops 18 to permit the Patented July 20, 1915. I

the stems being "provided .with.

inlet valves to open. In the arrangement shown, having seven cylinders, there will be four rises and drops arranged symmetrically around the'cam. Each valve rod has a spring 17 which holds'the roller'17 ,at the inner end of the rod, against the cam plate and which operates the rod to open the inlet valve; The rod is squared as at 16 Where is passes through the opening 8 in the end plate 8 of the crank case. 4

In operation, the explosion of the motive fluid in the cylinders turns the crank shafts which through the several pinions and the.

main gear drives the main shaft, and the cam plate 18 carried thereby operates the valves in proper succession to control the inlet to and exhaust from the several cylinders.

The invention is not limited to the particular number of cylinders, nor to the other features shown and described, except as in dicated in the following claims; therefore changes may be made Within the scope of the invention.

What I claim as new is 1. The combination of a crank case, a

- main shaft extending therein, a plurality of cylinders mounted in parallelism on one end of the crank case and around a common center at the axis of the shaft, inlet and ex haust valves on each cylinder, operating devices for the valves of each cylinder including a rod extending through the end of the crank case, and means Within the crank case, actuated by the main shaft, for operating said rods. r

' 2. The combination of a crank case, a main'shaft therein, a cylinder on the end of the crank case, parallel to the axis of the main shaft, a rocker on the outer end of the cylinder, inlet. and exhaust valves on the cylinder, operatively connected to said rocker, a reciprocating. rod Working through the end of the. crank case, parallel to said cylinder and connectedat its outer end to said rocker, and. a cam plate on the main shaft,bearing against the inner end of said rod.

3. The combination of a crank case, a main shaft extending thereln, a plurality of parallel cylinders arranged in a ring on one end of the case, around the axis of the main shaft to operate said-rods.

In testimony whereof, I afiix my signature 7,

in presence of two Witnesses.

, FRAN nnsoar.

Witnesses: '1


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U.S. Classification123/90.23, 123/90.21, 123/56.1
Cooperative ClassificationF01L1/26