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Publication numberUS1147467 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 20, 1915
Filing dateMar 20, 1914
Priority dateMar 20, 1914
Publication numberUS 1147467 A, US 1147467A, US-A-1147467, US1147467 A, US1147467A
InventorsCaroline Varga
Original AssigneeCaroline Varga
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US 1147467 A
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Patented July 20, 1915.

l Vglfylss' v INVENTIOR Caroline 7450196: BY

A iiorneys' CAROLINE VARGA, or nEw 'YfoaK, my.

l CE:


I To all whom it may concern:

Be it "known thatI, CAROLINE VARGA. a citizen of the United city of New York,,.borough 'of Manhattan, county and 'State of .New York, have inrented a certain new and useful Necklace, of which the/following is a specification.

This invention is necklace embodying certain novel features of construction among which may be mentioned: the construction of the article from a plurality of elongated bars, in contradistinction to chain links or similar members heretofore employed; the specific construction of said bars, preferably from metal, and having the exposed faces enameled; and the utilization of a binding strip or band of flexible material on which the bars are mounted and by virtue of which the necklace may be secured in place on the wearer.

fl Features' of the invention, other than those specified, will be apparent from the following description read in conjunction with the accompanying drawings. 2b In the accompanying drawings, I have illustrated one practical embodiment of my invention,but the construction shown therein is to be understood as illustrative, 'only,

and not as defining the limits of the in- S0 vention.

Figure 1 is an illustration showing the application of the present invention to prac-. tical use. Fig. 2 shows the entire exterior face of the necklace. Fig. 3 is an inside view of the necklace. showing, that face thereof which normally engages the neck of the wearer, and Fig. 4 is a perspective detail of one of the units which compose the necklace, the normally unexposed face of said unit being shown.

Referring to said drawings, A designates a plurality of elongated bars. one of which is shown detailed in Fig.4. These bars are the units from which the necklace is formed. The units may be of varying length and shape, as desired, but, in the drawings are shown substantially identical save in length. Each member is provided on its unexposed face with a plurality of keepers or retaining members a, whereby a flexible strip or binding band B may be threaded through the retaining members of the successive units to form said units into a necklace of the desired length.

The binding band B is made flexible, and may, if desired, be of some elastic materlal,

- and' the opposite ends of said States, residing at the I,

about the neck. by

I Specification of Letters Patent. I Iatented uly 20, 1915. Y .jApplication filed March 20, 1914. Serial No. 826,125. a a

band are secured complementary lnale and female ,clasp members: C C It will thus be seen that,;when the flexible band B is secured means of the cooperating clasp members G C, the elongated bars or units A will render the band B substantially invisible when. viewed from the front side thereof. I

It is found preferable, because of the length of the various bars, to curve or bow the units longitudinally so that, when'the necklace is in place upon the wearer, said units will conform to the contour of the neck. I

The exterior or exposed faces of the bars A are provided with suitable ornamenta tion, such as, e. 9., chasing, engraving, or may be, if desired, studded with jewels- In my preferred embodiment however I enamel the exterior or exposed face and provide the front or center pearls or similar of the drawings. ments a ments.

link of the necklace with.

pleasing article, one which is beautiful in its simplicity and is not apt to get out of order. I have found that, in practice, -a ures of the invention may be applied in tifacture of various otherarticles-- and .L not desire to be understood as restricting myself to the specific embodiment shown.

Having thus fully described the invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is 1. As a new article of manufacture, a necklace embodying a plurality of units separate and distinct from of said units'being prot ided on its unexposed face and intermediate its ends with a pair of keepers positioned one near each end of the unit, and a flexible band extending unobstructedly through the keepers of each and every unit, whereby said units are separately mounted in alinement on said one another, each bar, and means for separately and individually mounting said bars in alinement, said means embodying a flexible band extending unobstructedly through the keepers of each and'every bar. I

3. As a new article of manufacture, a

necklace embodying a plurality of elongated bars separate and distinct from one another,

the unexposed face of each of said bars being provided intermediate it's ends with 'rearwardly extending keepers positioned one near each end of each bar, and means for separately and individually mounting saidfbars in alinement, said means embodying a flexible band ekte'nding unobstruct 'edly through the keepers of each and every bar, each of the bars comprising the necklace being. curved longitudinally whereby the neckla 3e tends to conform to the con tour of the neck of the wearer. 1

In testirnony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence

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U.S. Classification63/3, 63/5.1, 63/38
Cooperative ClassificationA44C11/002