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Publication numberUS1147560 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 20, 1915
Filing dateJan 5, 1915
Priority dateJan 5, 1915
Publication numberUS 1147560 A, US 1147560A, US-A-1147560, US1147560 A, US1147560A
InventorsFrank Shurtleff, Wilfred Shurtleff
Original AssigneeFrank Shurtleff, Wilfred Shurtleff
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Massage apparatus.
US 1147560 A
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Patented July 2o, 1915.

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Application led January 5, 1915. Serial No. 5.66.

To all whom t may concern:

` United States, residing at Moline, in the county of Rock Island and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Massage Apparatus, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to van 'improvement in a massage apparatus and more particularly to a pneumatic massage apparatus.

One of the principal objects of the 'invention is'to provide an improved massage ap'- paratus in which rapid shifting of pneumatic pressure from zone to zone over ,the surface being treated is obtained.

Another object is to provide a device of the class set forth in which a broad nonelastic belt is used, capable of being applied to the desired portion of the body, the belt having in its inner side a plurality of spaced elastic tubes which when iniiated exert their pressure inward or 'against the body, the

tubes being adapted to be successively inlated to a desired pressure and then exhausted, at any desired speed, whereby the flesh underlying the tubes may be compressed or massaged with a shifting pressure passing from zone to zone over the portion being treated.

' A further object is to provide amassage i apparatus fof the type-specilied, in which a non-elastic belt carrying inatable elastic tubes is used, the tubes being capable of being inflated toa desired degree, whereby light or heavy pressure may be exerted, and without the danger of bruising the esh treated. l

Still another Objectis to" provide a device of the class' described which will be extremely simple, durable, eiicient in operation and inexpensive to manufacture. f

With these and .other 'objects in View which will become apparent'asthe descrlption proceeds, the invention resides in the construction, combination and arrangement of parts7` hereinafter more Vfully describedand claimed, and illustrated in theeaccompanying drawing, in which like characters of reference indicate like' parts throughout the several figures, of whichv Figure 1 represents va view 1n elevation of a massage apparatus constructed according to my invention showing the same in operation. Fig.' 2 represents an inside. eleva.-

tional View of the belt forming a portion of Specification of Letters Patent.

l the apparatus. Be 1t known that we, FRANK SHURTLEFR and WILFRED SHURTLEEF, citizens\` of theA vnected each by Patented July 20, 1915.

Fig. 3 represents a fragmentary sectional view taken lvertically on the plane indicated by the line 3 3 of Fig. 2.

In carrying outl our invention we provide whatwe term a massage belt indicated erally at A. The belt is adapted to be placed about the desired portion of the body and Supports a .plurality of flexible tubes indicated generallyat B. rIhese tubes are conan air tube C with a suitable souce of compressed air indicated generally at The belt includes a plurality of rows 'of wooden or other suitable lnon-elastic blocks 5. These rows of blocks are spaced a suitable distance apart and are supportedbetween two layers of canvas or other suitable material indicated at 6,'the canvasbeing stitched at 7 in a convenient manner to maintain the blocks in place. Supported by the canvas and between the various :rows of blocksandA at the top and bottom of the belt, are a plurality of Straps 8. 'Ihe stra-pswhen the belt is laid flat, lie in one plane, while the rows of blocks lie in another plane parallel with the first but spaced therefrom. The

rows of blocks form backings for the 'inliatagen-l pair' 'of the` straps -8, and rests against the A canvas which housesthe blocks, and the sides of the tube' rest against the canvas at the adjacent edges of the strav s. Any .suitable means may be employe in securing the tubes in place, such as cement orother ad-'v hesive material.

belt may be The straps atv their ends project beyond-the ends of the belt proper and. are provided with buckles 9, whereby as .indicated in Fig. 1y the strapped about 'a suitable lportion of the body, with the inflatable tubes B lyingv against the body and being overlaid or backed by the rows of blocks, so that upon the inflation yofthe tubes they must of a necessity exert theirl pressure inwardly and against theflesh; l'

Each of the tubes B has one end ofjan air tube Cfconnected to'it,the opposite endsv of the air tubes being connected vto some suitable 'form 'of compressed air reservoir or source, whereby air under supplied to the tubesB. l The formy of airsupply shown includes an pressure may be air cylinder 10 having apiston 11 operable therein. 'Ihe pistonis connected with va inflatable tubes, a Vbacking; Afor each tube, bythe tubes may be inflated and deflated in means for maintaining said tubes in Contact sucession.

with the body, and means for inflating and delating the tube.

8. In a massage apparatus, a plurality of inflatable tubes, means for maintaining them in contact with the body, and means Where- FRANK SHURTLEFF.




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U.S. Classification601/152, 128/DIG.200, 601/84
Cooperative ClassificationA61H9/0078, Y10S128/20