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Publication numberUS1149140 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 3, 1915
Filing dateJun 29, 1914
Priority dateJun 29, 1914
Publication numberUS 1149140 A, US 1149140A, US-A-1149140, US1149140 A, US1149140A
InventorsRolland H Hess
Original AssigneeRolland H Hess
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Illuminating means for show-cases.
US 1149140 A
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APPLICATION man JUNE 29. 1914.

1 149,14, Patented Aug. 3, 1915.

/2 23 917 A I [b 2a I 24' /y /7 22 L y-i A [$855. I [Alvin/1'05 TFbLLAND/i H555. M if I!!! wall and 7 the end wall of the front corner' ROI-LAND H. HESS, OF LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA.

' ILLUMINATING Means For. snow-cases.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ROLLAND H. Hess, a citizen of the United. States, residin at the city of Los Angeles, county of Los geles, State of California, have invented new and useful Improvements in Illuminating Means for Show-Cases, of which the following is a specification. I

My invention relates primarily to the illumination of that class of show cases in which the front, top and ends are composed entirely of glass connected together by means of cement and thin strips of felt interposed between the meeting surfaces and called an all glass case.

In illuminating show cases, the illuminat-v ing lamps must be so placed as to cast the light upon the articles inthe case and not into the eyes of the persons looking at such articles. To that end reflectors carrying lamps are placed in the upper front corner of the show case and positioned to throw. the light upon the articles in the case. In the all glass caseprior to my invention great difliculty has been experienced in holding the reflectors and lamps in the desired position.

It is the object of my invention to provide simple and eflicient means for that purpose. In the drawings forming a part of this application, Figure 1 is a side elevation ,partly in section of a reflector ready for use in a show case with the wire carrying tube and wires broken ofi'. Fig. 2 is an end elevation of a fragment of a show case with a refiectorpositioned for use. Fi 3 is a section on the 1ine33 of Fig. 1. ig. 4 is a perspective view of the securing strip by means of which the reflector is secured in position in the case.

In the drawings 5:15: the top, 6 the front of an all glass show case of usual construction, the felt strips and cement not being shown. The outer shell of the reflector consists .of a top wall 8 a rear wall 9 at ri ht angles thereto sidewalls 10 and 11 para el to each other and connected to the top1 and front walls respectively and end was 12 and 13 which unite with the ended the top,

front and side walls. Connected to the outer.

edges of the side walls is reflector linin 1'4 which .is circular in cross-section and of heavy polished tin-plate. The longitudinal edges of this reflector are received in grooves formed in the outer edges of walls 10 and 11 by bending the outer edges of said walls in- Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Aug. 3, 1915.

Application filed me 29, 1914. Serial m5. 848,037.-

wardly. The lamp socket 15 has a lug 16 on I the side thereof the outer end of which is threaded and passes through a hole in the lining 14 and receives nut 17 to hold the socket connected to the lining. The feed of the case by means of narrow metal connector strips 22 one end of which is folded to form a head 22. The other end is passed between the top and front wall of the case, the felt being removed to allow its passage, thence through a slot 23 in the rear wall of the outer case of the reflector, thence through a slot 24 in the side wall 10 and is drawn so that the head thereof contacts with the front wall of the case and wall 9 of the reflector contacts with the other side of said wall. The connector is then passed along the outer surface of' wall 10 to the edge thereof and is then bent around such edge thereby firmly positioning the reflector 1n the case. It will be understood that there are ,as many of these connector strips as are reflector comprising an outer shell having angular walls at the top and rear and paraL' lel side walls terminating in longitudinal grooves adapted to fit into an angle of the show case with the anfillar walls contacting. I

with the show case we s; a curved metal reflector mounted in said shell by having its ved es passed into the grooves of the side ls of the shell, the walls of said shell having perforations therein; and metal connect ing strips adapted to be passed through the perforations :of the shell and bent around the walls at. one end and to be passed Y a through the 'showcase walls and bent head on the outside thereof.

2. The combination of a show case having perforations at the top of the front wall thereof; with a reflector having an outer shell with a rear Wall having slots therein in its edge which joins the top wall and a side wall which joins the top Wall and also having slots in' its marginal inner edge; a

curved reflector lining in said outer shell;'

and a metal connector strip having a head on one end thereof; said connector strip being passed through the perforations in the show case and outer shell and bent around the edge of the side wall of the outer shell.

3. The combination of a show case having perforations at the top of the front wall thereof; with a reflector having an outer shell with a rear wall having slots therein in its edge which joins the top wall and a side HOLLAND H. HESS.

Witnesses i G. E. HARPHAM,


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U.S. Classification362/125, 362/396, D26/60
Cooperative ClassificationA47F3/001, F21V33/0012