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Publication numberUS1149170 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 10, 1915
Filing dateApr 26, 1915
Priority dateApr 26, 1915
Publication numberUS 1149170 A, US 1149170A, US-A-1149170, US1149170 A, US1149170A
InventorsLouis Allis
Original AssigneeLouis Allis
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Animal toy.
US 1149170 A
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1 1 49, 1 70. Patented Aug. 10, 1915.

Q vwmxmf; m 4.? W wag om? 7W LoUIsALLI's, or IVHLWAUKEE, WISCONSIN.



' fa pneatita aieaa rniaa ie a Seria1No.23,795.

To aZZ whom it mag concern. i

Be it lrnownthat I, Louis ALLIs, a c1tizen of the United] States, and resident of l/lilwaukee, in the county of Milwaukee and State of l/Visconsin, have invented certain new and useful Improvements infAnimal Toys; and I do hereby, declare that'the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof. 1

, My invention has for its primary object to provide a simple. and economical animal toy having a body, in some form, composed of pliable materialthat is impregnated with a substance appealing to oneor more senses of the animal, whereby the durability oi the toy is insured in orderthatsaid' toywill resist disintegration under chewing strain, to

which it is subjected.

p This toy, may beused by various types of animals and is particularly adaptedf'or use H of dogs, the design being immaterial as, for example, I may, in some instances, use a tubular form or a solid cylindrical form,

nourishing or medicinal properties or both so commingled with the body asa vehicle as to form a solid mass of convenientshape that is palatable, but practically indestructible;

to provide a bodyyo-r vehicle of substance that is either woven with or without some ligature or binding material such as rubber orthe like, or the vehicle body may be composed of fiber combined with the binder to cause the fiber to adhere in a solid mass that will resist rough usage to which .it may be subjected by an animal at play, or the vehicle body containing palatable matter may be composed of either vegetable or mineral fiber in some instances.

With the above objects in view the invention consists in what is herein shown, described and claimed. p

In the drawings Figure 1 represents an elevation of atoy in tubularform embodying the features ofmy invention; Fig. l a

I Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented nu -ac, ieis.

cross-section of the same; Fig. 2, an elevation of another form of iZOYWllGlQlH fiber is employed and so interwoven as to eliminate a second binderelement; Fig. 3, a perspective view of a toy embodying the features of my invention which isshown in rectangular form, andwFig. ,4 a spherical form ofitov embodying the features oi": my invention,

,Reiierring'by characters to the drawings with especial re'ference to Figs. 1 and 1*,

1 represents the outer surface of a cylindrical section, which surfaceiscomposed of rubber or analogous material forming, a

coating for an outer layer of woven fiber 2, there being a series of such layers 2, which are boundtogether by the rubbematerial in a manner similar to that employed in v constructing tubular hose. When the article is in the process of manufacture, either the fibrous body or binder orboth are treated with a substance which is appealing to at least one of the senses of an animal, as, for example, this substance may comprise some saccharine product or some substance ha ving medicinal properties that are desirable for the health of the animal. F or example, in the treatment of dogs, in some instances, sulfur may be used,or strychnine in small quantities. These articles may be made up in quantities containing various medical properties forthe treatment ofanlmals, consistentwith certain seasons of the year. It

is apparent that an article so manufactured is tough andpliable and an animal may chew'upon it from time to time and utilize it as a toy, which will resist disintegration for a long periodof time and the taste of the toy to the animal is palatable, whereby a certain amount of nourishment or medi cine willbe taken up in the system, due to the chewing and saliva which renders the.

article exceedingly tasteful to the animal,

thus not only afi ording amusement but healthful results will attain.

The vehicle or body of eachtoy is, under.

all conditions,com1: osed of some pliant material which will resist chewing strain and, for example, in place ofntilizing canvas or woven fiber in conjunction with a binder of rubber, I may, without departing fromthe spirit of my invention, impregnate a section of woven fiberrope A, as shown in Fig. 2, with a substance that may appeal to any one or all of the senses of an animal.

Attention is called to the fact that, in

ends of the tubular or cylinc lrical'toy and that inso doing thefibroug body willbecome exposed and to a certain extent 1111- Thls gradual reduction" of the ends Wlll permit access to the .sub.-.

rai eled if woven.

stance which it contains, for nourishment or treatment of the animal medlcmally and after the chewed end has lost its nourishing or medicinal properties, it may be cut ofi' to present a fresh end upon wlnch the anlmal i I which is composed of woven fibe'r' layers 3 fwhjich binder also formsan outer sheath for with, an "adhesive binder & therebetween,

the'composite toy. It i also within the scope of my invent on'to utillze woven fiber and some ligature or bm'der in such manner that the two elements are rolled one upon the other, being impregnated with the desired 7 substance either medicinal or nourishing.

Fig. t shows a ball G that is composed of fibrous'materialz'i and a suitable binder 6.

p Various other forms may be employed'for carrying out my invention Without departing from the spirit of the same.

Iclaim:" L lrAn animal toy comprising a phant body impregnated With a substance appealing to the taste and smellof the animal,

2. An animal toy comprising a. pliant body impregnated stance. r

3,. An animal toy comprising a pliant .ilib1-O11S body impregnated with a palat bl substance;

with a palatable sub- 4. An animal toy comprising a pliant I body, and a binder forthe body, thesaid body elements being impregnated with 'a substancexappealing to the smell and'ta'ste of the animal. 7 i r 1 5. An animal toy comprising a pliant fibrous body, acohesive binder for the same,

the 'saidleomposite body being impregnated with a palatable substance.

In testimony that I claim theiforegoing I ,havelhereunto set my hand at Milwaukee in the county of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin in the presence 'of'twowitnesses.


WVitnesses: V Y

' s H. E. OLIPHANT',


Copies of this patentmay be obtainedfonfive cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents,

' i Washington, D. C. i

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U.S. Classification119/710, 426/132, 428/188, 428/11, 473/569, 426/104, 428/36.1
International ClassificationA01K15/02, A01K11/00
Cooperative ClassificationA01K15/026
European ClassificationA01K15/02C1