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Publication numberUS1149217 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 10, 1915
Filing dateFeb 3, 1915
Priority dateFeb 3, 1915
Publication numberUS 1149217 A, US 1149217A, US-A-1149217, US1149217 A, US1149217A
InventorsAnton Pinter
Original AssigneeAnton Pinter
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US 1149217 A
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APPLICATION FILED FEB. 3. 1915- Pat-ented Aug. 10, 1915.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Aug. to, rein.

Application filed February 3, 1915. Serial No. 5,957.

To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, ANTON PINTER, a subject of the King of x at South Bend, in the county of St. Joseph and State of Indiana, haveinvented a new and useful Improvement in Life-Boats, of which the following is a full and complete specification. I

y invention relates to that class of de vicesftermed boats and provides a suitable means for saving and sustaining human lives in case of shipwreck at sea.

The object of myinvention is to provide a life boat with such appliance and of such Construction as will make it possible to sustain human life at sea with reasonable comfort. '1

Another object of my invention is to provide suitable means for signaling-and lighting at night time.

I attain these objects by the device illus-' trated in the accompanying drawings, in which 7 Figure 1 shows a sectional elevation of a life boat equipped with my improvements and appliances. Fig. 2 shows a section of the life boat on the line 22 of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 shows a detail of the construction of the lighting and signaling tower. a side elevation at the lineH of Fig. 3. Fig. 5 shows a plan section of the forward end of the boat and shows the approximate outline thereof.

Referring to Fig. l, I provide a life boat 1 with a plurality of seats 2 arranged cross wise in the boat and having back supports 3 held in suitable position with relation to. said, seats 2, by means of the removable pins -l, inserted into the sidewalls 5 of said boat, and which may be withdrawn and permit said back support to be laid fiat on the rear edge 6 of one seat and the front edge 7 of the next seat thus making any portion of the boat available for sleeping quarters. A suitable compartment 8 is formed underneath each seat and is provided with a hinged door 9 through which supplies and equipment may be placed within or removed from said compartments. Near the top edge of each sidewall 5 are located the brackets 10, into which is inserted the end 11 of the inverted U shaped hood supports 12, over which is stretched a suitable covering 13 and secured at the edges thereof, by the catches 14 to the sides and ends of the boat, to passengers thus providing protection Hungary, and residing Fig. 4 shows against discomforts caused by wind, sun and water. Suitable openings or windows 15 may be provided at the front and sides to obtain light and vision over the Water. Means for propelling the boat is provided by a propeller 16 suitably located at the stern ofthe boat, which is secured to a shaft 17, rotatably mounted in the bearing 18 extending from the stern wall 19 to the stay wall 20, said shaft 17 extending through a shaft supporting frame 21 attached to the rear stay wall 20, and has attached to the end thereof, a pinion 22 which meshes with the idler gear 23 mounted rotatably on the studpin 24 which is secured to the shaft supporting frame 21. Said idler gear 23 meshes with a driving gear 25, to which is secured a handle 26 by means of which one or more persons may operate the propeller. A suitable power plant, such asa gasoline engine may be installed to replace this means of manual operation. A rudder 27 is mounted on the rudder bar 28, which is 34, which is rotatably mounted ward stay wall 35 and steering the boat.

I To the outer edge of each sidewall 5 is secured. by means of the straps 36, the tubular air chambers 37, which providemeans for supporting the boat above water if same should become capsized or filled with water. In the bow of the boat is provided a suitable chamber 38, in which is mounted a tubular light tower support 39, having formed therein, as illustrated in Fig. 3, along the length thereof, and oppositely to each other, a plurality of grooves 4.0, into which fit slidably the pins 41 secured to the lower end of the tower section 42, and said grooves 40 terminate at the upper end thereof into a lateral cavity 43, illustrated in Fig. 4, which provides a means of support for the pins 411, when same are elevated and rotated therein. A plurality of similar tower sections 42 are similarly provided with grooves 40, pins 41 and lateral cavities 43, set one within another and similarly sup porting a light post 44., which is surmounton the forprovides means for ed by a suitable signal light 45 and provides mounted on said boat and composed of a suitable means for callingthe attention of plurality of sections, substantially as depassing ships at night. During the day scribed.

. time said llghttower may be lowered by 2. In a life boat comprising a'hull suitturning each of the tower sections 42 so that ably formed, a plurality of seats extending the pins 41 thereon will pass out of thecav j from one side wall to the other and having ity 43 into the grooves 40, thereby setting one back supports which may be laid down upon section within the other, until the lamp 45 is the edges of adjacent seats, a compartment lowered within the chamber 38, WhlCh 1s fitted underneath each seat, means for operequipped with a split cover 46 suitably conating a propeller from the interior'of said nected-together and provided with an upboat, means for; steering said boat, in comwardly pro ect1ng r1ng 47 fitting close to the bination with a compartment located in the tubular tower section 42 andwhich may be how of said boat having securedtherein an surmounted by a sultabie cap 48, shown 1n extendible light tower, composed to tubular dotted outline inFig. 1, when the light 45 is sections fitting within one another and havr ing formed to the interiorthereof, a plural- .'By the use ofa boat, thus equipped a large ity of grooves extending the length of said degree of comfort is provided to ship-- sections and terminating at the upper end wrecked passengers andthe dangers of night thereof into a horizontally formed cavity 20. in the open sea are largely eliminated by into which fit a plurality of pins,secured to giving the helmsman a considerable vision the lower end of eachsection, which when over the waves to enable him to controlthe turned into said horizontally formed cavity boat with respect "thereto,also owing to the support each section thereof, and in combielevated'position of the light same may be nation with a signal light mounted upon a 25 easily seen along distance and thus in- .post forming the top sectionof said light crease the chances of assistance from passtower, substantially as described.

ing ships. v 3. In a boat the combination ofan extendi- Having thus described my invention, what ble light tower supporting at the top there- I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patof a signal light, suitably mounted in a'compartment in the bow of said boat said com- 1. *In a life boat comprising a hull suitpartment adapted to inclose said tower and ably formed and having extending between light when same is contracted, in combinathe sidewalls thereof a plurality of seats, tion with tubular air chambers located at provided with back supports which may be the top edge of each sidewall and extending laid down on the edges of adjacent seats to the length thereof, 'a hood suitably supportprovide a place of repose for passengers in ed over the hull of said boat, substantially said life boat,a compartment fitted underas described. 1 ,neath said seats provided with a suitable In testimony", whereof, I -have hereunto lowered into the chamber 38. I

door afl'ording access to said'compartments setmy signature in the presence of two sub- 7 for the purpose of admitting or taking scribing witnesses. V

therefrom supplies .or' sundry equipment, v ANTON PINTER suitable means for operating a propeller v located at the stern of the boat in usual Witnesses:

position, suitable means for steering said JULIUS Hnrrnsnr, I

boat and' in combination with a light tower 7 GEORGE Torr.

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