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Publication numberUS1150105 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 17, 1915
Filing dateDec 7, 1911
Priority dateDec 7, 1911
Publication numberUS 1150105 A, US 1150105A, US-A-1150105, US1150105 A, US1150105A
InventorsFrederick Emmons
Original AssigneeHinde & Dauch Paper Co
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US 1150105 A
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CARTON. APPLICATION FILED DEC.1, I911- '.Patented Aug. 17, 1915. I

zsusns-suzn 2.


FREDERICK nmmous, or SANDUSKY, onIo, .essrenon To run 111mm & DAUCH PAPER.


To all whom it concern:

Beit known that I, FREDERICK EMMoNs,

and State of Ohio, have invented certain new.

and useful Improvements in Cartons, of

which the following is a specification, refer'ence being had therein to the accompanying drawings.

The invention relates to cartons and consists in the construction as hereinafter set forth.

In the drawings,-Figure 1 is a perspective view; Fig. 2 is a vertical longitudinal section partly. in elevation; and Fig. 3 is a plan of the blank.

M improved carton belongs to that type in w ich a rectangular rece" tacle is formed by the folding of an unslitt (1 blank, thereby producing a seamless structure.

This is particularly adapted for the shipment of bottled goods, and in case of breakage of a bottle there is no seam for the leakage of the good contents. I

It is-one of the objects of the invention to form a receptacle that may be easily handled or carried, also one which Will protect the contents from heat or cold and which may be effectively closed when sealed, the specific construction being as follows:

A is the blank which is preferably formed of @llular paper board and which isnscored sides and D, D D D The lines B,-B', C C

the latter, while the ends are reinforced by extensionsfI: of the blank which are folded on the lines J ,-J Thus the ends are formed 'of-two-plymaterial with, the fold at the upper edge, while the sides are three-ply in portions covered'by thegores. The bottom is reinforced by a portion K formed from a separate blank, which blank is also pro- '..'.vided with triangular portions L'forming Qinserts fitting adjacent to the gores' H.

Thewconstruction as thus ar described "may be shipped'asv a .flat blank andwhen needed for use can be quickly set up by canrou.

Patented Aug. 17', 1915.

Application filed December 7, 1911. Serial No. 664,314.

folded portions in this positiona fastening means is employed preferablyconsisting of a ribbon M of. flexible fabric which passes through alined slits N, N, N in thesides and two plies of the gore. The inner ends.

of these strips are glued or otherwise aiiixed to an anchoring surface such as the inner For handling or carrying the box 01' car- 'ton registering apertures Q and Q are formed in the end walls F and overlapping portions I, which apertures are arranged .slightly below the flanges of the cover.

Thus the carton maybe lifted by inserting the hands through these apertures and the two plies of the portion above the aperture will ossess sufficient strength to sustain the weig t of the box and its contents. This portion is further strengthened by the ad- 'jacent flange of the cover which overlaps the same. I I

The apertures Q if uncovered would permit a draft of air into and out from the carton which would be detrimental to the heat insulating purpose of the receptacle. I have therefore, guarded the apertures by flat strips R which are arranged adjacent to the inner sides of'the end walls and are folding'along the score lines. To hold the .face of the box and the portions outside of aflixed thereto at one point but so as not to interfere with the hand hole. Thus by aflixing"the strips R at their upper edges the operator may insert his hand through the apertures. forcing the strip inward out of I the way. In normal position, the strips R lie close to the inner' face ofthe end wall,

thereby'completely closing the aperture and rendering the carton draft proof. What I claim as myinvention is:

1. A carton comprising a. rectangular blankv of the unslitted type scored and foldedto form a rectangular-receptacle having gores betweenv the end. and side walls," and securing means forsaid. gores comprising.

a ribbon passing through registering slits" in the several piles, one end being aflixed to the inner side .and the, other aifixed to forming a rectangular receptacle having overlapped plles, and a ribbon passing an anchoring surface for fixedly said gores in folded position;

A carton comprising a folded blank securing through alined slits'in said plies and having one end affixed to the inner side and the other end afiixed to an anchoring surface for fixedly securing said gores in folded position. 3. A carton comprising a folded blank forming a rectangular receptacle with overlapping portions formed by folded gores, a cover for said receptacle, and a ribbon passing through alined'slits in the several overlapped plies, the inner end of said ribbon being afiixed to the face of the inner ply and the outer endbeing fixed to an anchoring surface and forming a means for attaching the cover.

4. A carton comprising a folded blank forming a rectangular receptacle having overlapping plies, and a ribbon passing through alined slits in aid plies and having each of itsends aflixed to an anchoring surface, for fixedly securing said gores in folded position.

5. A carton comprising a rectangular,

blank of the unslitted type scored and folded to form a rectangular receptacle having gores between the end and side walls, a co 'er for said receptacle, and a ribbon passing through alined slits in the folded gores, said ribbon having a relatively large surface at its inner end secured to the anchoring face of the inner ply of the gores, and a relatively large surface at its outer end secured to an anchoring surface to hold said gores in folded position and forming a means for attaching the cover.

6. A carton comprising a blank, scored and folded to form a substantially rectangular receptacle having gores between the ends and side walls, and a -securing member passing through alined slits in said folded gores, said securing member having a relatively large fiat bearing portion at each of its ends afiixed to an anchoring surface for permanently securing said gores in folded position.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature in presence of two witnesses.



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