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Publication numberUS1150490 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 17, 1915
Filing dateJul 13, 1915
Priority dateJul 13, 1915
Publication numberUS 1150490 A, US 1150490A, US-A-1150490, US1150490 A, US1150490A
InventorsJames K P Bingaman
Original AssigneeJames K P Bingaman
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Knockdown box.
US 1150490 A
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Knocnnown son.

Liscate. A

Application filed July 13, 1915.

To all 107mm) it may concern Be it .known that I, JAMES K. I. EINGA- v Max, a citizen of the United States, residing I berboard, paper .board or other material,

and. are utilized for the purpose of shipping goods from one point to another.

More especially the invention relates to a lock for the folding flaps of a box of this description made from what is known as corrugated board, the same consisting of a pair of plain sheets of fiber board having between them a corrugated sheet of liber board so that a thick and stiI" board is formed while at the same time it possesses resiliency sutiicientto enable the transporta: tion of such articles as eggs and the like through the parcel post and yet is sufficiently stili to prevent denting orpuncturing with consequent injury of the contents.

Heretofore it has been found that the locks ordinarily employed in folding cartons could not be utilized with corrugated board for the reason that such locks required more or less bending of the board and were not fitted to permit such bending.

The principal object of the present invention is to provide an improved lock of this character which isfitted for use in connection with any type ot' folding fiber board carton and especially with that type, above indicated, which employs corrugated board.

`Another important defect that has hitherto existed in cartons of this description is that the tongues and slits employed tor locking the different portions of the carton together were liable to tear at their necks or extremities.

A second important object of the invention is to provide, in a device of this description, an arrangement of tongues and slits wherein the liability to tear at the necks and extremities of the tongues and slits will be greatly reduced.

lith the above andather objects in view,

' the invention consists in general of certain Specification of Letters atent.

.flaps used in connection herewith.

satelites auw. it, rais.

Serial No. 39,667.

In the accompanying drawings, like characters of reference indicate like parts in thL several views, and 'Figure l is a view of the end of a 'folding carton blank provided with interlocking means for the end and side flaps constructed in accordance with one form of the present invention. Fig. 2 is an end view of such a carton showing the 'interlocking means in locked position. Fig. 3 1s an enlarged detail of the interlocking means in its locked position. Fig. l is a detail view of one of the tongue-provided Fig. 5 is a detail View oi' one of the slitted flaps cooperating with such a tongue-provided Hap as is illustrated in Fig. Ll.

In carrying out the objects of the invention, l'liave disclosed, as one embodiment, a. box having a bottom A, sides B, ends C, and end liaps D. rllhe sides are defined from the bottom by means of fold scores or creases l0 and the ends are similarly delined from the bottom by fold .scores or creases ll. .ln like manner the end flaps D are defined from' the ends C by fold scores or creases l2, thus enabling the boX to be properly folded into locking position. Each of the sides B is provided adjacent each end with a substantially U-shaped slit 13, in the forni Vshown in Figs. l to 5, and this U-shaped slit has at each extremity ofthe U a substantially circular opening lit, 'the base ot Vthe triangle 'thus cut from the side being dfined by a fold score or crease 15. Each of the end flaps D is provided with a tongue of blunted and rounded arrowhead shape as indicated at l5, the tongue having a reduced neck i6 and being provided with the fold scores or creases 17 extending from the sides of the neck to the apex i8 such tongue, and also with a fold score 17 ex tending across the neck and fold score l?" extending.perpendicularly from the center ci the score 17 to the apex of the head.

lt is to be noted that the sides of the neck 16 are so rounded as to prevent tearing oit the tongue and that the fold scores or creases 17 correspond in angularity and dimensionswith the sides of the slit l3,.the breadth ont' the neck 16. corresponding to the base or' the vtriangle formed bytheslitll' and foid score 15 in each instance. lt is also to be noted that, in each instance, the stresses are` brought against rounded parts so that possibility of tearing is eliminated. Furthermore, these side parts of the head, by reason of the arrangement of the fold scores, snugly it the tongue When the box 1s set up so that lateral movement is prevented.

In assembling the device, 1tl is merely It is obvious that minor changes may be made in the form of construction of the der' vice without departing from the material principles thereof. lt is not therefore de.- sired to confine the invention to the exact form herein shown and described but it ,is wished to include all such as properly come within the scope claimed. v r

It is also obvious that the' carton may be Water-proof either inside or outside, as by paraffin or any other suitable material.

Having thus described the invention, What is claimed is zy l. In a folding carton lock, a locking elenient having a head provided with a reduced neck and having fold scores extend ing from the sides of the neck to the apex of the head, in combination with a'. member v having a receiving slot terminating in sub-v stantially circular openings "cooperating with the sides of the neck, the'slot defining a tongue fitting closely between thesaid fold scores of the head.

i 24.3111 afolding cartonlock, a locking elethe head, in combination with a.


-a head provided with a 're- SilA from the sides of the neck lto the apex of the head,a fold score extending across the neck,

neck and intersecting the cross fold score,iin combination with a member having a receiving slotterininating in Substantially circular openings cop'erating with the sides of the neck, said substantially circular open-- fings cooperating with the sides of the neck of the locking element when locked the slot.

a tongue fitting 'closely between the defining fold scoresv of the head.

said rst and a fold score extending medially of the- Ll. ln a folding carton lock, a locking elef ment having an arrow-head provided with a rounded peripheryand a neck and having fold scores'extending from the sides of the neck to the apex of ,the head, in combination with a., member having a substantially U- shaped receiving'lslot terminating' in substantially circular openings cooperating with the sides ofthe neck, said substantially circular openings cooperating with the sides ofy the neck of the. locking element when i locked;

, In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


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