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Publication numberUS1150940 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 24, 1915
Filing dateJan 17, 1913
Priority dateJan 17, 1913
Publication numberUS 1150940 A, US 1150940A, US-A-1150940, US1150940 A, US1150940A
InventorsDavid J Irish
Original AssigneeBabcock & Wilcox Co
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US 1150940 A
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Ll@ Patented Aug. '24, 1915.



l Speoication of Letters Patent. a

lTo all whom it may concern Be it 4known that I, DAVID J. IRISH, a .v s citizen of the United States, residing at New I' York city,-borough of Richmond, county of j so Richmond, and State'of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Liquid-Atomizers, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to an atomizer 4o1" spraying device in which the liquid-is atomized by centrifugal force imparted -to the liquid by a whirling motion produced within the atomizer tip, the resulting spray is# the tip and washer, the annular channel in another part of the nozzle being Ishown in the dotted lines.; Fig. 4, a longitudinal section through the nozzle at right angles to Fig. 1; Fig. 5,- an enlarged end view showing the issuing liquid; Fig. 6, a longitudinal section of Fig. 5 througl( thetip orifice; Fig. 7, a transverse/section'of Fig. 5; and Fig. 8, a face viewofjafforniv of washer which may be used.

Similar reference numerals indicate similar parts in the several views.

Referring to the drawings the. numeral 1 .designates a pipe through which the oil, or

qtherjliquid to be sprayed, is delivered from l -`vlvravsuitable source, the pipe being properly f, supported and connected to an elbow as shown in-Fig. 1. The supply is controlled by a` valve 2. To theelbow is connected a pipe 3 to the end of which is secured a nozzle 4, said nozzle being provided with substantially longitudinal passages 5 which deliver the oil to an annular channel `6 formed in the face of the nozzle. Resting on this .face is a removable member 7 in the form of a washer, the central opening 8 of which is of less diameter than the inner diameter of the channel 6. `The washer 7 is cut with a plurality of ducts or passages 9, tangential to the wall of the central opening 8,A said ducts, when the washer is in position, communicating with the annular channel 6. i

Secured to the nozzle is a tip 10, the washer 7 being clamped to the face of the vnozzle by the tip. The latter has a central,

preferably conical, chamber 11, the base of which is substantially equal in diameter to' the diameter of the central opening 8 in the washer 7. A slot 12 'is cut in the end' of the tip, thus providin a narrow and relatively long outletfor t e liquid.v The longitudinal aXis of the nozzle and tip lies in the plane of the discharge opening.

The operation of the atomizer above described is as follows: The liquid, under Patented Aug. 24;, 1915. Y'

heavy pressure, unmixed with air, steam or other atomizing agent, enters the annular channel 6 from the passages 5 in the nozzle. From the annular channel 6 it passes through the tangential ducts 9 into the tip chamber 11 whereby it is given a rapid whirling motion in said chamber. reaching the outlet slot 12 in the end of the Upon aoi

tip, the liquid is still under the iniiuence of the pressure and of the centrifugal force, Y

and by reason of these forces it 1s ejected throughy the slot 12 in the form of a finely divided spray, substantially one half of the issuing spray being deflected in a right hand direction and the yother half in a left hand' direction: The deflection of the spray in opposite directions causes it to leave the tip in a plane differing by a slight angle from that of the outlet 12, but still substantially 1in a single plane as indicated in Fig. 5.

From the foregoing it will be seen that Ihave provided a fiat -flame atomizin device in which the axis of rotation o the liquid within the tip lies within the plane of the Vdischarge opening and of the issuing liquid. In Fig. 8 I have shown a form of washer having four tangential ducts 9 instead of two-as shown in Figs. 2 and 3. The washer may be cut with a greater or less number of these ducts as maybe desired. The precise means for giving the whirling motion to -a liquid is 'not of the essence of my invention, 4

any other practical means for giving .such

motion. may be employed as for exam le,

. Patents Nos, 1,007, 94

that disclosed in U. and 1,007,795 dated November 7, 1911.

2 1,150,940 s y .il

What I claiml and desire to secureby Letters Patent of the United States is In a spraying device for liquids, a nozzle having a chamber, and means for introducing a stream of liquid into said chamber tangentially thereof Without the use of air or steam to produce a rotary movement of the liquid, said nozzle having a discharge slot throughl which the liquid is discharged 10 in a single plane, said slot being at the eX- f In testimony whereof I have hereunto signedk my name in the presence of tWo sub-y scribing Witnesses. v v Y DAVID J. IRISH.



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U.S. Classification239/494, 239/597
Cooperative ClassificationB05B1/3436