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Publication numberUS1151390 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 24, 1915
Filing dateJun 14, 1915
Priority dateJun 14, 1915
Publication numberUS 1151390 A, US 1151390A, US-A-1151390, US1151390 A, US1151390A
InventorsWilliam Prina, Frank Prina
Original AssigneeWilliam Prina, Frank Prina
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Electrical amusement device.
US 1151390 A
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4w. M. FHWA.


y i Patented Aug 524, 1915.

mffs 2 sHEETs-SHEET 2.

mvg/vraies Mf. Prana Hamers entran s raie .f


WILLIAM Emmi, or WEST HoBoKEN, aan FRANK rama, or: .tERsEY CITY, NEW



Specification of Letters Eatent.

Patented' A ug. 24, 1915.

Application file June 1%, i915. Serial No, 34.057.

To ffl 'lr/l om, 'it vm n '1,1 coa/fora llo it known that we, illumini lms'a anti Vaast; lmNA, citizens ot the llnitezl States, and residents, respectively, oi West lloboken, in the county of Hudson and Stato ot New Jersey, and o't Jersey City, in the eountv ot vliudson and State of New -.lersey, have -invented a. new and improved lllectric-al Amusement Device, ot' which the tollowingr is a tull, clear, and exact description.

ll"his invention relates to amusement devices and has particular retrrelue to that character o1' devil-,rs employed generally at public amusement places and involving' a certain. element of chance.

More (,letinitely stated, we provide a board simulating a baseball field and indicatingr thereon the diamond and the positions ot thebatsnwn and inand ontliehlers, a wheel being provided carryingA selective electrical contacts cooperating with contact springs associatedv with as many different circuits as there are points hxfated upon the board, whereby,1 when the wheel is Aturned and comes to rest, a lamp corresponding to one ot the circuits will 'glow indicating' that the customer interested in the player repre.n sented'liy such lamp is the winner, there le ing provided ten l(.lilrrent circuits corresponiling to the teli diterent points on the ball'tield and alanip being placed in nach ot said points.

Amongthe ob'iccts of the invention is to provide an an'iuseinent device ot unusually attractive torni because ol the representation of a `baseball diamond and field and to provide in connection therewith peculiar electric-al connections for use as above inflieated. i

vvVith the .foregoing anfl other objc 'ts in view,` the invention consists lin the arrangement and rombina-tion otparts hereinafter described and claimed, and while the invention is not restricted to the exact details oi construction Llisclosed herein, still for the purpose of illi'istratingir a practical emliodiment thereof reference is nail to the accom panyingdrawings, in which like reference.

characters designate the saine parts in the several views, anti in Which.-

Figure 1 is a plan View representing a game board arranged in the nature ot' a baseball ield .with `the players stationed thereon and having a diagrammatic representation of the electrical connections; Fig.`

2 is a vertical section on the' line 2-2 -of Fig. il; Fig, il is a horizontal section on the line iml ol" lfig. 2; and Fig. l isa complete diagram ot' the wiring, y

Referring more particularly to the drawings, we. show at. 1() a fame hoard or field ha ringr painted or otherwise formed thereon l a baseball diamond ll representing the pitcher l2. the catcher 1?, the basemen at lvl, l5 and lo, the shortstop at i7, the outiielders at lll. 1S) and 2l), and the batsman at 21. Any suitable. indicatinglr means may be associated with the several players stations numbered as atoresahhiind as a'n illustration oi practical means we employ a set of elet-1 ric lamps numbered to correspond t0 the players already stated i lt is a. `wheel mounted upon a shaft 23 iournaled at 2l and 25 in a casing` 26 and within which casing),f and secured to,the shaft is a make. and break contact disk 27 provided with concentric contact rings insulated lrom one another. The disk 27 also carries as inany peripheral contact points as there are eiaitactv rings` one contact boing associated elertrically with a single ring and` each ring being connected through a cont-act spring' and individual wire to a. single lamp on the ball lield. The several lamps and the electrical connections pertaining thereto are repita-zent ed on the (,lrawiugs by the numerals l2 to 2l inclusive, While the` electric wires, sprinpr contacts, contact rings, and

" contact points, are represented by similar numerals with the modifications a, b, c and l respectively. v

From the lamps wires 28 lead to a single wire'29 to a battery 30 or other source of energy from the other side of which a wire Ell leads to a Contact spring 32 adapted to make contact with one of the contact points at the periphery ot the contactv disk27, T he contact springs 12b to 21b are severally secured in rigid position upon blocks of insulation 58 carried on the inner walls of the casing 26 and have constantl contact with their respective contact rings 12 to 21, The Contact points 12d to Qldlikewisc are insulated from one another. As noted especially in Fig. Ll, the several contact points '12*l to 21d are arranged in staggered relation los any particular location. The Wheel Q2 may be Weighted` and thespindle' 23 thereof is'.Y mounted for easy rotation in its bearings. .l y

` -tion .of a board having` arranged thereon ay whereby, when the 'wheel i-sturned it will vcontinue to rotate a considerable length of4 time .until iti-will finally stop,leaving one'oi the Contactr points of the disk 27 in contact W`iththe spring 32, completing the circuit A. from the battery through-the wirel, conv tast spring 32, disk contact point, disk con tact ring, and wireleading to a particular lamp correspondingto the Contact point in `action, thence through the wires 28 and 29 l i to the battery. A number of patrons of 'the game may be identiied by .any suitable means With the respective Contact lamps or i play points 1 2to 21, and the patron Whose Winner.

amp glows-When the wheel stops will be the' The 'rapid flashing of the lamps one after: another resulting from the rapid 'make and .break 'Contact points 'While-the? disk 27'is rotatif; will add interest and zest' to the device. and also increase the attrae 'tiveness of the apparatus. the staggering of the contact. points and Furthermore,

rings on the disk-27 willalso augment the ,attraction dne'to the rapid successive glowin of the seeral lamps.

e claim: 'l 1. The herein described amusement ,dee vice comprising a board' having a series of stations thereomaseries'of lamps, one for i each station, independent circuits including said lamps, and means tocause all of sai lamps te glow momentarily in rapid succes 'sion'in staggered relation to oneanotber.

"2. In'enarnusement device,'the combinaseries of lamps in regular order, independent circuits including saidiamps, a battery common to .all .of said circuits, arotary disk "including a' series of l'concentric Contact rings pertaining tothe several lamps and independent circuits, and a series ,of periplf'fA eral contactpoints carried bythe disk, sai

centi'iccontactrings and a series of periplrf eral contacts'associated with the respective rings and the respective independent circuits-'anda contact spring coperating in succession with the respective peripheral 'contacts whereby the circuit is completed ,from the source of energy through all of y the lamps in successioni l WILLIAM PRINA.


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