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Publication numberUS1153893 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 21, 1915
Filing dateJun 14, 1913
Priority dateJun 14, 1913
Publication numberUS 1153893 A, US 1153893A, US-A-1153893, US1153893 A, US1153893A
InventorsFred B Conine
Original AssigneeFred B Conine
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US 1153893 A
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1,153,893. lIIIuIILed SnpI. 21, 191.3.

WWI amaze r s YEW/W a ,5 aif mi. @t is -it'w B. CONIUE, OF CLIFTON, TEXAS.

SLEEVE-PE Lltiititfili,

Application filed June 14-, 1

To (1Z5 w/iom it may; concern Be it known that 1', Fans JoxINE, a itizen of the United States, residhg at Clifton, in the county of Bosnia and State oi. 'i.e:nis, have invented. new and useful inn provcnients in Sleeve-Pr. ctors, oi f which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to sleeve protectors and the object of the invention vision of a simple and etlicicnt device which may he cmlvcnit-ntiy attached to the wrist of the wearer whereby he will be enabled to wash his hands, use a tooth brush, or per form any other duty which. im'ol'i'es in the use of water without soiling the coat or shirt sleeves.

Further objects of the invention will appear as the following specific description is read in connection with the accompanying drawing which forms a part of this application, and in which Figure l is a perspective view of the device shown appiied. 2 is a section taken through the same.

Referring more particularly to the drawing l represents a band of any suitable niatci'ial having suiiicient flexibility or elas ticity to permit the band to be placed over the hand and fit in tightengageinent witlr the wrist. Extending around the hand and projecting therefrom is a flange of any suitable material which will permit the hand to flex or expand as before described and which is eccentric in shape having its wide portion provided with apocketfi which is $pecifieation of .Letters Eats t.


513. Serial No. $73,655.

is raised as in reaching for some articleabove the head when the hands are Wet. T his pocket is arranged upon the lower side of the device wnen applied so that water passing over the band and striking the flange will run downwardly into the pocket to he held thcre until discharged as will be caddy understood.

What is ('laiined is:

l. A sleeve protector comprising an expansihle wrist band, an eccentric shaped flange carriedhy and projecting outwardly from the hand intermediate its ends, and a liquid holding pocket formed on the flange.

2. A sleeve protector comprising an ex pansible wrist band, an eccentric shaped tiangecarried by and projecting outwardly from the band intermediate ends, and a water retaining pocket form d on th flange. :uljaccnt its wide portion.

3. A sleeve protector comprising" an expansible wrist band, an eccentric-shaped. flange carried by and projecting" outwardly from the band intermediate its ends, and a water retaining pocket formed on the flange and graduall deepening toward the wide portion of said flange.

In testimony whereof I afix signature in presence of twowitn-esses.



A. A. Comma, J. F. iViunnxo'roN.

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U.S. Classification2/170, 2/59
Cooperative ClassificationA41D20/00