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Publication numberUS1154576 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 21, 1915
Filing dateFeb 24, 1914
Publication numberUS 1154576 A, US 1154576A, US-A-1154576, US1154576 A, US1154576A
InventorsCyril C Maison, Roland H Robinson
Original AssigneeAllino Switch Box Mfg Company
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US 1154576 A
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ALLINO SW'ECH BOIS. MANUFACTURHG' mmm Specification of Letters 'patent'.

trat-eaten. sept.. ai, sera? Application led February 2e, .1.954. cria 1E e. Silit/HS.

United States, and residents of St. Louis,A

Missouri, have invented certain newand useful Improvementsin Switch-Boxes', of: which the following is a specification This invention relates to improvements in switch boxes and has for its object a casing so constructed as to be connected one with the other so that any number of electric switches may be properly inserted and that the series of connected boxes may be rigidly connected together and supported ,in the wall of a building.

A 'further objectv of our invention is to consti-uct a switchbox which. is provided with' adjustable ears and fastening devices by which any number' of boxes may be con nected together and that by the adjustable .ears the same can be propprly placed in position in new work'as we i as to accommo- .date the adjustment for repair 'worinV rihe essential feature of our invention is to construct avswitch box in sectionsso as to ladjust the saine to accommodate the insertion 'of various sizedy swltches as well as to extend the saine'to accommodate a series of switches, and to provide means whereby the vboxes can be used for new wor-kas well as to be properly adjusted and placed in proper position when used for repair Work.

,'Figure `1 is a perspective View ofour inventionwith one endof the boxremoved. Fig. 2 is a sectional view lof the same show- `ing the fastening device and the adjustable supporting ears in dotted lines. Fig. Sis a y detail perspective view of one end' of the casing. Fig. 4 is a detail perspective view 'of one olf the adjustable ears' by which the box is supported in position in the` wall oi A 50 so thatfone edge may overlap the other, a

.the building. Fig. 5 is an edge view of ak modified form of -box to lbe 'used in. connection with conduits orA the. like.

L In carrying outvour invention we provide a box consisting of a casing 6 constructedof a single'piece of material comprising a top 7,

portion of oneA section being depressed as indicated by the vnumeral l0 and is provided..

with internally screw-threaded botes il; the ed e 12 of the overlapping section is pro- -vi ed with elongated slots 13 through which arranged that one section may readily' connected to the other and firmlyiieid there to, yand when doing so the side portions l5. are removed so that the vcedriccting edge o the adjacent section may' be inserted in position in its place.

By placing a number of the sections to l gether and in locked alinernent the sarde be built up tol any length and. any number-- of switches inserted side by side is ici/ind desirable and necessary.

in order to properly fasten or locs one section to the other, the 'casings are constructed with eiongated' slots '16 torni-ed onA one edge. and projecting hoolrs i7 'formed on the other and so arrangedthat one will co'- operate with the other and by slightly def-- pressing one section, the hooks i? will seat themselves in the elongatedslots i@ and hold both sections iu' locked position; the upper edges of the casings-are likewise constructed having .hooks i8 so shaped and bent as to seat themselves 'in elongated slots i9 formed in the upper edge of the communicating sec tion; after a number of sections have lbeen placed together the ends l5` are placed .to-` get hei to'compiete the casing, these-ends be ing provided with hoo@ 2() arranged torbe Q inserted in elongated slotsQl, and in addi 'tion to the hooks, a slottedear is provided which overlaps the upper edge of the cas` ing and Which-is held in pb'sition by a screw 23, and in order to 'provide rigidity to the casing and to prevent thesame from spreading we provide on-one edge of -tiie'side's a projecting flange or hook 24; which-contacts,

the saine in a rigid position. 4 l The corners of the switch boxes are suitA ably stamped cutting into the material ormwvting circular indentations still keeping the material intact, but so arranged that thev said material may be removed by punchingA out vthe circles and said circles being-oic such size as to' permit the insertiono insulated tubing through whichthewires are led into theswitch casing. Y

. On the upper and. lowersurface ofthe with the outer4 edge o the casing holding.


l 3. La

I switch box we provide adjustable ears 25 il (l used in new work, but the same are so arranged and tapered that when the device is to be used in connection `'with repair work the ears can be readily broken ofi at the pointindicated by the numeral 31 assuming a. position as shownby dotted lines at'theleft in Fig. 2; the body portion to which the ears are connected is also perforated as indicated by the numeral 32 so that said ears can be firmly attached to the studding by screws 'when the ears 30 are disconnected.

The verticaly portion 27 has a portion of itself cut away/as indicated by the numeral which provides for the projecting lug 34. formed on -the edges of the top 7 and bottom 8, and which are provided with internally scie\\'tli1eaded. bores 35 to which is attached the switch which is inserted in the box.

In Fig.` 5 we show a modified form of box which in general construction is identical with that previously described with the exception that the ears are velongated and openings areformed in the top and bottom so that cond uitsl 36 can be inserted and the box, or the sections forming the same held in position by the' lock nuts 37 and bushings located on the inner side -of the conduit if so desired; through these conduits are passed the electric wires and boxes of this construction are embedded in the wall 'where the ap' plication ofsucli devices is found desirable and applicable. i

lhe essential feature of `our invention is the eonstructionof a switch box that by removing the end sections the box can be readily connected together andextended to form any length desired and also- :ii'i'aiigefl'-iul-- justabefto extend the height thereof a reasonable distance.'

Another feat-ure is that lby means ofthe adjustable ears the boxes can. be usedV for new worlcas wellasrepair work and can be readily adjusted 'so thatthe front edge islin proper position. with'the plaster" lineofthe wall so that the face plate ofthe switch when attached to the device will be in proper i position on the wall.

firmly secured tobe located, substantially as specified.

Having fully described our invention what we claim is:

l. A switch box comprising a body poi'- tion consisting of two sections the contacting. 05 edges arranged to overlap, the edges of the sides' of said sections provided with hooks and slotswhereby one body portion lnay be attached to the other; adjustable detachable` fastening devices whereby the box is secured in position against the wall, and elongated projectingfears radiating fronithe fastening member, substantially as specified.r

I A device of the class described comprising a' switch box composed of two sections, the contacting edge olf eachfarranged to overlap, integral perforated lugs formedon the faceof each section, `a hook formed on the side edge of one section and a slot on the side edge of the companion section, an adjustable-,detachable fastening member `provided with elongated slots and a pair of raf` dieting integral elongated ears which earsf are adapted to be broken oif ias .desired de o pending on the positionv inwhich the box is I .Y

3. An article of the class describedy c'om'- perising a. switchbox consisting of" a'body' porticncomposed of two sectionsr ,they con- .l tact-ing edges arranged tok oveiila'jnA hooksi and slots arranged. inthe `sections wherebyy said sections may be ganged'together, detachable sides provided with hooks and'earsby whichy the sides are held in' placeagainst the box in combination with detachable ad-v justable fastening members having angular extending ears for holding the box inv position in the wall, theside ears-being'arranged to be broken ofi when not desired yet keep-v ing the fastening member intact, substan-4 '100,

tially as speciiied.

4. A switch box lcomprising a body4 por-l* tion consisting of v two members the contact edges arranged to overlap, a pair `of Iadjiistl.y

able detachablefasteningmembers located 10.5 on theupper andV lowerl sides of the bodyy portion, said fastening'- members havingY f pair of elongated fastening slots byiwliiclif the same isy adjusted inl position` and".right-` angular section forming apart of the fastenllO ing member; and a pair of `elongated pr`0"A jecting ears formed on the angular"fexten-v4 sion', substantially Aas spe'ciiied.F i

In testimony whereof, we vhave signed our y names toothis specifi ation, in vpresencey of 11.5 .two subscr1bing`w1tnesses.

CYRIL cLMAIsoN. y 'I 'ROLAND H. jROBINSONj v f Witnesses:A .:1 M 'ALFRED AJEIC'Ies, j


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