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Publication numberUS115488 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 30, 1871
Publication numberUS 115488 A, US 115488A, US-A-115488, US115488 A, US115488A
InventorsTolbeet Lahstotf
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Improvement in combs and brushes
US 115488 A
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`T. LANSTON. 'Improvement in Combs and Brushes.

Patented May 30,1871.

UNITE STATES A To ail whom it may concern:

Washingtomin the county of Washington and being had to the annexed drawing making a tles are fixed I attach the comb a in such a manmethod, as the 'article ca'n then be used in TOLBERT LNsToN, oF'wAsHmeToN, DIsTRIcT or COLUMBIA.


Specification formingpart of Letters Patent No.115,488, dated May 30, 1871 antedated May 27, 1871.

Beit known that I, lIoLBIIRT LANsToN, of

District of Columbia, have invented a new and valuable Improvement in Combs andBrushes; Y and Ijdo hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the con` struction and operation of the same, reference part of this specification and to the letters and iieures of reference marked thereon.

Figure l ofthe drawing is a plan view of my invention. Fg.2 is a cross-sectional view My invention has relation to toilet imple- The ordinary To the side of that portion b in which the brisner'that it be outward and downward, or toward the bristle side ofthe brush. If two combs are used they should beplaced one on each side of the brush, and this is the preferable either direction.

In the manufacture of these uarticles it isl` desirable, in stiff brushes, that the bristle-surface be beveled off or rounded up on each side C' laim.

A comb and brush attached to the same handle, and combined in such a manner that both operateon the hair at the same time-- In testimony that I claim the above I have hereunto subscribed my name in the presence of tWo witnesses.



FIIo. y

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Cooperative ClassificationA46B2200/104