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Publication numberUS1155475 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 5, 1915
Filing dateJul 5, 1913
Priority dateJul 5, 1913
Publication numberUS 1155475 A, US 1155475A, US-A-1155475, US1155475 A, US1155475A
InventorsThomas F Fay
Original AssigneeThomas J Fay
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Collapsible-frame parcel-sack.
US 1155475 A
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Patented Oct. 5, 1915.



To all to horn, it may concern."

4 is AT THoMAs F FAY, :oFc-HI'CAGO, inmnois, AssIsnoa T0 THOMAS J. FAY, or ELKI-IART, I i INDIANA. ,7

lcoimiirsiisiinrnhmn eaaoiiasioa Be it known that I, THOMAS F. FAY, a

oitizenoi the United States, residingat-Ghicago, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented certain-new and useful Improvements in Collapsible-Frame Parcel-Sacks, of which the following is a specification. y i i This invention relate'sto a each for containing fragile parcels or thelike, and the principal object of the invention isto provide a device of the class described in which a each may be distended by'means of, a collapsible metal frame which will hold the sack in distended position, so that there will be no danger of a sack becoming compressed whereby fragile parcels contained therein will'be' broken or destroyed. a r

- further object of the invention-is to provide a collapsible metal frame Which'in'ay be folded in compact roman d which may be extended and locked in its extended position. v a Y i t V.

For the attainment of these ends and the accomplishment of other new and useful object's, as will appear, the invention consists in-Lthe' features of novelty in;'the construction, combination and arrangement of the several parts generally shown in the accom panying drawings and described in the specification, but more.particularlyvpointed out in therappended claims.

in the drawings :'Figure 1 is a pers 'ea tive view of a frame constructed in accordance'with the principles of nivinvention, andinserted within a sack,- the sack being partly broken away to:shoW the construction of the frame more clearly. Fig. 2 is a detail view of a portion of theframe when in collapsed position, the extended position be ingal so'indicated in dotted outline: $1 7 I11 handling a great many fragilepa rcels, it is convenient to place, them in separate parcels orbags, and it: is inconvenient to handle thesebags or to transport them unless'some means is provided for preventing the contents of one bag from beingo'rushed when a number ofYbags are-piled upon it.

.The present invention contemplates a collapsible metal frame which may be inserted withinja'sackor secured thereto, (and which is capable of forming supporting structure for the bag by means of which the bag will stand alone; or when the bags are closed, anumber ofthem may bepiled one upon the Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented oot. 5, 1915.

A pnoationfiied .iui 5, 1913. Serial no. vi /3500.

other Withoutdanger of injuring the contents of any of the bags.

In carrying out this invention, a bag 4: of any suitable fabric or'coll'apsible material is closed at one end and provided with a draw-string 5 for closing it at the other Disposed within the bag, either by inserting 7 at certain points. This frame comprises rectangular members 6, formed of any desired or suitable material but preferably constructed of light metal tubing with rounded corner connectors 7. Theseframes are constructedjof tubular material, for thereason that they are light and strong and have the least tendency to wear, tear or injure the bags in which the frames are disposed.

Pivotall'y connected at one end to opposite sides of the frame 6 are a plurality of pairs of arms 8, the free extremities of which are also pivotally connected t'ofolded clips 9 and 10. Connecting the folded clips is a rod 11, one of the clips 10 beingprovided with an openin in the to thereof, through which the rod 1.1 passes.

Slidable upon eachof the rod 11, isa sleeve member 12, having lateral projections towhich are pivoted the extremitiesof arms 13, the other extremities of the arms 13 being pivotally connected to the arms 8 of a corresponding pair, and intermediate the extremities of each of the arms 8. Also connected to the sleeve member 12 is a spring member 14:, having a free curved extremity 15, and with a perforation 16 adjacent the free extremity. The uppermost cli memher 9 is provided with a pin 17 which is adapted to be received by the perforation 16 of the resilient member 14, so that when thepin 17 is engaged by the perforation of the spring clip 15, the frame will be locked in distended position.

WVhen the frame is locked in its distended position, the arms 8 are inclined slightly downward, as shown more cl dotted outline in Fig. 2,- and the locking device is in engagement when the arms8 are in this position, so that there will be no tendency of the bag, or of the frame, to be collapsed even when considerable pressure is applied to the frame members 6; y

In order to collapse the frame and the bag at any time, it is necessary only to insert early by the the hands within the bag and to grip the arms 8 on the opposite sides thereof about the uppermost clips 9. and topress the resilient clips 14 outwardly, so that they will position when the bag is distended by the frame. a

2. The combination with a bag, of a removable collapsible frame disposed within thebag, and automatic locking devices for releasably clamping th frame after it is distended. v a v 3. .Thecombination with abag open at one end, of a removable collapsible metal frame disposedtherein, comprising rigid rectangular framemembergand means to space the frames apart within the bag, and a snap lock in connection with said means for holding the rectangular frame members.

releasably inerelative spaced relation.

4. The combination with a bag, of a metal frame disposed therein, comprising rectangularframe members, arms connected at oneend to one of the frame members, and members'to which the other extremities of corresponding pairs of arms are pivotally connected, and means in connection with the arms for locking them in position with re- 7 spect to the rectangular frames, when the bag and frames are distended.

frame disposed therein, comprising rectangular framemembers, arms connected at one end to oneof the frame members, and memhers-to which the other extremities of corresponding pairs of arms are pivotally'connected, and a locking device comprisinga nected to the second said member havingpair of arms connected tothe arms of any corresponding pair intermediateof the ends of the latter, a second member to which the free extremities of the-second pair of arms are connected, and a resilient member conan extending tip adapted to engage the first said member for locking the arms in distended position. V

6. In a device of the class described, a bag and a collapsible frame comprisingred tangular frame members, a clip member, a

pair'of, arms'each connectedv atone end to one of the frame members and at the other endto the saidclip member, amember hav-.

ing lateral projections, 21 second pair of arms each connected at one extremity to the projections of the second said member and coni nected at the other ends'to the first-men- 5. I The combination with a bag, of a metal tioned pair of arms intermediateof the ends thereof, a pin in connection with the clip member, and a resilient strip connecte d, at

one end to the member having the lateral projections and having a. perforation at the free endthereof to engage the said pin,

whereby theframe will be locked in distended position;

ally connected in corresponding pairs to the frame elements and tothe said clips, rods; connecting clips 'on the same side of the:

frame elements, asleeve member slidable on each of said rods, a pair of arms each piv V otally connected at oneend to the sleeve r A collapsibleframe for the inside of bags and the like comprising rectangular frame elements, clip members, arms pivot-.

member and at the otherend to one of the arms of-l-a corresponding pair' intermediate the ends thereof, and a snap lock in con: nection with the sleeve member andthe uppermost clip member for releasably locking the arms in fixed relation with respect to each other, whereby the'frameelementslare spaced apart.

8. A: collapsible e a far bags waits like comprising rectangular frameelements,"

clip members, armspivotally connected in' corresponding pairs to the frame elements and to the'said clips-rods connecting clips.

on the same side of the iframeelements, a sleeve member slidable on each of said rods, a pair of arms each nivotally connected at one end to the sleeve member and at the other end to one" of the armsof' a corresponding pairintermediate the end thereof, a resilient strip'connected-at one end to the: sleeve member and curved outwardly and" perforated at the free extremity thereof,-

and a projecting pin in connection with the uppermost clipmember'adaptedlto be engaged in the perforation of the resilient" strip tolock the frame in extended position; 9.:A collapsible frame for bags and the like, comprising tubular rectangular 1 frame elements, arms pivotallv connected -at one end to the frame members 'in-..correspond-.

ing places, connecting members to which the other ends of corresponding arms are connected to join the frames, rodssecuredto the said connecting members'on each side of the frame, a sleeve member slidableon each rod, a pair of arms each pivotally connected to thesleeve member at one end on opposite sides thereof and to a corresponding arm intermediate of its ends at the other extremity thereof, "a" pinprojecting from the said connecting member on each sideof the frame, and a resilient locking member secured at one end to each ofthe said sleeves,

the free end extending inthe direction of.

the said connecting member and "provided:

with a-beiit -extremity,"'anda perforation adjacent the extremitytthe saidperforation being: adapted .to engage the pin to.

I of rectangular frame members removably disposed therein, a rod, arms connecting the rod with both of the members, and locking means in connection with the rod and arms to hold the frame members releasably spaced apart.

11. A removable collapsible frame for distending a bag comprising apair; of rec-* tangular frame members adapted to be disposed Within the bag, a rod, arms connecting the rod at its ends With both of the frame members, and a snap lock inconnection with the rod and some of the arms for holding the frame members releasably in spaced-apart position whereby the bag will be distended.

12. The combination with a bag, of a pair of rectangular frame members removably disposed therein, a pair of rods positioned between the frame members at each side thereof, arms pivotally connected to the frame members and to the rods at the ends thereof whereby the frames may be collapsed with the arms and rods parallel with the frames, and a locking device in connection with the arms and rods at the top end thereof automatically operable when the frames are moved apart to lock the arms and rod together to hold the frames spaced apart and releasable from within the bag at the top to collapse the frame. 7

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification, in the presence of two subscribing witnesses, on this 2d day of July, A. D. 1913.




copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. G.

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