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Publication numberUS1156833 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 12, 1915
Filing dateMar 3, 1915
Priority dateMar 3, 1915
Publication numberUS 1156833 A, US 1156833A, US-A-1156833, US1156833 A, US1156833A
InventorsAlfred M Bonhard
Original AssigneeAlfred M Bonhard
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US 1156833 A
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- BED.


1,156,833. Patented 001:. 12, 1915.

-. earlier. Beas-erm Osserva-AND, @1110# ATENE* reina BED. f

Applicatie-n sied July 5, 19182, serial Nq., masse. Renewed Marche, isis. serial no.` 11,876.

To all whom t may concern Be it known that I, ALFRED Boni-iam, a citizen of the United Siites. .0f AmerCa, residing at Cleveland, in the county of Cuyahoga and State of Ohio, have invented certain new. and useful Improvements in :.Beds;` and I hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and eXact description of the invention, such as will enable'others skilled in the art to which it pertains to make and use the same.

This invention relates to new and useful improvements in bedsteads.

The object of this invention is to provide a device for securing the side rails of a bed to the end members of the bed and at the same time provide means for supporting a mattress on the bed. p

A further object of my invention is to provide a device of this character which will be very strong, which can be readily applied and which will be cheap to manufacture.

lVith these objects in view and with the intention of securing other advantages which will hereinafter appear, my invention consists in the features of construction and combination of parts, described in the specification, pointed out inthe cla-im and illustrated in the accompanying drawings.

Referring to the accompanying drawings Figure 1 is a view `in perspective showing a portion of an end member of a bedstead with the side rail secured thereto by a device embodying my invention. Fig. 2 is a view in elevation of the saine. Fig. 8 vis a section on line 3--3, Fig. 2. Fig. 4 is a section on line 4-4, Fig; 2.

Byv referring to the drawings it will be seen that my improved device comprises two members, one of which is adapted to be secured tothe side post of the end of the bed and the other member is adapted to be secured to the end of the rail of the bed. Four of my devices are therefore necessary for a bed, but as they are all similar I have shown but one device in the drawing and the method of securing it in position.

In the drawings the side post of the end of the bed is indicated by 10 and the side rail of the bed is indicated by 11. The member of my device which is designed to be permanently secured to the sidepost of the end of the bed comprises a flat plate 14 and will be hereinafter referred toas the end-plate. This end-plate is provided with specification of Letters Patent. 067315. 12, 195. i

screw-holes 15throughwhichiscreWS 1.6 OI i the like are passed for securing the plate rigidly. to the front face of the post 1Q,` In one of the vertical edges of ySaid'end plate 14 and preferably the outer edge'thereof, with reference` to. its position-on said' post, are formed a pair of notches or recesses 18, and also in said plate are formed two screwthreaded openings 19, the purpose of which will appear later. 1 The member which is secured to the side rail of the bed comprises a plate 20 which will hereinafter be referred to as the rail-plate. The said plate is adapted to fit against the inner face of the side rail and is provided with a series of screwholes 21 through which screws or the like 22 are passed for rigidly securing said plate 20 to the side rail. Along the edge of said plate 20 is formed a vertical iange 24 which extends at a right angle therefrom and is arranged to abut against and overlap the face of the end plate 14. On the outer face of said flange 24 are formed a pair of lugs 25 and said lugs are so located and arranged thatthey will. register with and enter the notches 18 in the side edge of the plate 14.

Inl said flange 24 are also formed a pair ofl openings'26 which register with the screwthreaded openings 19v in the plate 14, and through these openings screws 27 are passed into the screw-holes 19 which thereby rigidly secure the said flange 24 to theplate 14.

At the top of the rail-plate 20 is formed a horizontally arranged flange 28 which forms a bracket for oneend of the spring or mattress when the same is placed on the bed.

The operation and use of my device -w'ill be readily understood. If the bedstead is already assembled and it is desired to take it down it is only necessary to remove the screws 27 and draw the side rail outwardly eol so as to disengage the lugs 25 from the recesses 18, and when it is desired to assemble the bed the rail is brought to the proper position and the lugs 25 are shoved inwardly into the recesses y18 which form a temporary support for the end of the rail and also aline the bolt-holes on the two members so that the screws can be readily inserted andthe two members be rigidly secured together.

What I claim is,-

In a device vof the character indicated, the combination of an end-plate adapted to be mounted on the side post of the end of a bed, said end-plate being provided with a railLplate adapted to be secured at one end 'of a side rail of a bed on the inner face thereof, said rail-platehaving a series of open# ings through which screws may be passed for securing saidV rail-plate to the rail, said rail-plate being provided at its upper end with a horizontally arranged flange and along one edge with a vertically arranged ange, said vertically arranged flange being provided on its outer surface With a lug adapted to enter the recess in the end plate 15 and also having a series of openings which register With the screw-threaded openings in said end-plate and screws passing through said openings in lsaid iange and into the screw-threaded openings in said endplate.

In testimony whereof, I sign the foregoing specification, in the presence of tvvo Witnesses. Y




Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents,

Washington, D. C.

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