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Publication numberUS1156845 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 12, 1915
Filing dateFeb 24, 1913
Priority dateFeb 24, 1913
Publication numberUS 1156845 A, US 1156845A, US-A-1156845, US1156845 A, US1156845A
InventorsRichard R James
Original AssigneeRichard R James
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US 1156845 A
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R. H, MMS,



Patented Oct. 12, HB5,

ports or openings 7.

'monash a.


Application filed Eebruary 24, 1918.

Y0 all whom 'it Imay Concern Be it known that l, Riemann li.. Janus, a citizen ot' the United States, residing in Brooklyn, in the county. of lilinfj4 and ltitate ot' New York, have invented certain new and useful lmproveinents in Burners, of which the iollowing is a t'ull and clear specitication.

This invention relates to gas and vapor burners and has for its n'iinary object to provide an improved construction, combina tion, and arrangement oi parts in a device of this character, by means of which the danger' ot bach tiring is positively and conipletely eliminated, and by means of which the air and gas or vapor arc thoroughly inter-mixed and commingled under various pressures and conditions of the or vapor supply. f

A further object is to provide an. improved construction contemplating a maximi'lni degree of simplicity, durability and economy.

@ther and more specific objects will appear in the specification and be pointed out in the appended claims, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, in which,

Figure l. is a vertical section of one einbodiment of my invention, parts being broken away and parts shown in elevation; Fig. :2 is a section on the line 'll-dl, l; Fig. 3 is an elevation of another einbodiuient of my invention, parts being broken away and parts shown in section; Fig. is a section on the line V-V, Fie. 3; Fig. 5 is an elevation of the modified forni ot baille or spieader detached, parts being broken away and parts shown in section; Fig. G is a side ele ration of the modified torni of cap detached.

Referring more particularly to the draw ings, and hrst to the embodiment shown in Figs. l and 2, the shell within which the mixing chamber 's formed, consists of a lower portion l and an YLipper portion 2'. Said lower portion oi' the shell comprises` a central neel( 3 which is tiarcd upwardly at d and flared downwardly at 5 into the cn largement at the lower end. 4of the mixing chamber .into which the gas or vapor passes through the inlet li and the air through the Adjacent the upper end of the lower portion l. said lower portion is yprovided with a flange S with oppo sitely disposed slots i'or the recel'ition o bolts il. whiizh serve to releasably sec the upper portion 2 ol tl e shell in position upon Specification of Letters 'Paten atented Unt. i2, 1915.

serial no. 750,335.

the lower portion 1. For this purpose said upper portion is provided adjacent its lower end with bifurcated lugs i() to adapt the bolts 9 to draw the cap of upper porti). down on to a gasket 1l which etlects a tigl t joint. Adjacent tl e upper end of the cap or upper portion 2, arranged a plurality of discharge orices l2, said oriiices being iniinediately below an overl'ianging flange or ledge 13 which shield the oritices from the moisture o1" condensation from the water tubes of water heaters with which the burner is well adapted to be used. The cap it is preferably slightly reduced in cross-section toward its lower end to iit snugly around a flange 1alon the upper end of portion 1i. Seated wi 'hin the flared passage lower portion l is a perforate screen ywhich is thus disposed interxnediately of the inner wall of the mixing chamber and baiiie vor spreader i6, which depends from the 'top wall of cap E. The screen 15 deflected inwardly and interloclrs w ih the batiie or spreader 1G. Said screen forms an annular passage around the baiiie or spreader i6, the contracted passage thus formed serving to direct the mixture ci air and gases or vapors, directly to the screen l5 and to an enlarged area of said' screen by which the air and gas or vapor is forced into more intimate mixture by a well lo. .'n principle. rThe discharge subchamber or passage on the outside of screen lo is an annular chamber of small volume through which the gas or yew por mixture flows in an uninterrupted cuin rent and rhould. the gas or vapor supply partially or wholly fail, the larger portion of the mixing chamber is separated 'from the flame without the burner, by a narrowed pf ssage leading from the screen, maliing it substantially impossible 'lor the screen i5 to become suiiiciently incandescent to tire the gaseous mixture within.

ln the. einbodinieiiit shown in Figs. 3, 4, 5 and (S, the lower portion 17 of the mixing shell is made eia'tively .long and surmounted by a cap i8 having a depending flange provided with discharge oriiices 19. Said depending flange constitutes a substantial continuation oi the lower portion l?. lit one end cap i8 is a depending lug 2G proY rido with a spur il,'wh1ch engages in- Yation in the outer wall lower portion 17. @n the other end, the capiti is provided with a depending lug witl in which is threaded ascrew 2.3 which is adapted to coof the' operate with the Spur 21 in holding the cap 18 in position. The baille or spreader' in this cnil'iodiinent. is constructed as a separate hollow casting il having a central supporting bolt which passes through a central aperti( in the cap 18 and is riveted above. The vfate screen 26 in this einbodinient is )oscd lower within the mixing," ,Qhainbeig thus ada pting the baille or spreader'to be set closer to the inner Wall of the mixing chainlier. The orifices 19 discharge horizontally and nadia "from beneath the overhangxing lan the ei bodiincnt shown in l and L, the top 'of the casting which lgales portion 2 ot' the shell, is beveled 'ardii' at 2S to correspond to the upiaicninpj orifices 12. In connection with lise embodiment shown in vFigs. 3, 4, 5 and if, in which the parts are made lgenerally oral ii: cross section as indicated in Fig. Il, 'ine wluincs of air and' gas or. Vapor are dcre nearly into a coninion plane ot' increasing the tendency toward ixture of the air and or vapor. claim is:

warner, mixing chamber pro- :lzarge oriiices, a baille extendf across said orifices to forni contracted es leading thereto, said baille being arto diverge fromthe inner Wall of "scharge chamber, and a. perforate screen substantially parallel to said baille and bet .en it and the inner wall of said burner provided with a mixing rlianiber and "with discl'iargc. orilioes adjacent the upper end oi said eliai'nber, a per 'lmate screen extending around the inner mail of said, chamber, said screen being spaceil therefrom to torni a discha chainbcr ifoianniiiiciiting with said orifices, and a. baille or spreader depending Iroin thc top nali of .said burner interincdiately oil said orifices and Within said screen, said baille :.0 or spreader being thus adapted to form a contracted passage between itself and said perifoi'ate screen.

8. ln a' burner, the combination with a shell, com,prisingr a lower portion adapted to lao comiected up with a gas supply pipe and an upper por tion, .said shell being provided h an e .anginga iange and a plurality circainierinitially arranged discharife -milicias below said tlaiige, olf a baille' or "reader depending from the upper portion of salid shell between said orifices to form a contracted passage leading to said. ori iccs, said shell portions being releasably connected7 and a perforate screen surrounding said baille or spreader.

4. ln a burner, the combination with a shell, comprising a lower portion adapted to be connected up with a gas supply pipe and an upper portion, said shell beingprovidcd with an overhanging flange and a plurality of circumferentially arranged discharge orifices below said flange, of a baille or spreader depending from the upper portion of said shell between said orifices to 'form a contracted passage leading. to said orifices, said shell port-ions being releasably connected, and ,a perlloratescreen surrounding said baille or Spreader, said screen being secured in position by means of said baille or spreader.

5. A burner provided with a mixing chamber having,l laterally discharging oril lices, a baille or spreader depending- Abetween said orifices and forming with` the inner wall of said chamber a passage leading to said orifices, and a `peri'orate Screen extending; through said passage between the inner Wall of vsaid chamber and said baille' or spreader.

6. In a. burner, a mixing chamber, provided with discharge outlets adjacent its upper end, a screen extending longitudinally oi said chamber, said Screen being spaced from the inner wall of said chamber and terminating adjacent said discharge outlets, and a baffle depending' from the top Wall of said chamber across said discharge outlet-s and into the space within said Screen.

7. In a burner, a mixing chamber provided with discharge outlets adj acent its upper end, a. screen extending` longitudinally of said chamber, said screen being spaced :from the inner Wall ot' said chamber and terininating' adjacent said discharge outlets, and a baille depending from the top Wall ot' said chamber across said discharge outlets and into the space within said screen, the portion oi" said baille which depends into the .spacey within said screen being spaced 'from said screen.

.ltlGl-ARB R. JAMES.

Witnesses z FRANK Buon, Finca W. Sanus.

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