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Publication numberUS1157580 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 19, 1915
Filing dateMay 4, 1915
Priority dateMay 4, 1915
Publication numberUS 1157580 A, US 1157580A, US-A-1157580, US1157580 A, US1157580A
InventorsDavid A Prows
Original AssigneeDavid A Prows
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US 1157580 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

. Castlegate, in the county' of Carbon and State of Utah, have invented certain new DAVID A. PROWS, E' CASTLEGATE, UTAH.


v Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented @ch t9, lmlu Application filed May 4i, 1915.V Serial No. 25,747.

and useful Improvements in Pencil Holders; and l do hereby decla-re the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the 40.1. ogf/t-h advantages ot the invention.

invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which itv appertains to make and use the same.

The invention relates to improvements in pencil holders. l

The object of the present invention .is to improve. the construction of pencil holders; andto provide a simple, inexpensive and ehcient pencil holder adapted to be readily applied toa pocket for holding'thepencils contained therein and capable of'being quickly attached to and readily removed from a pocket and of securely clam-ping a. pencil or plurality of pencils and of preventing the same from accidentally falling out ofthe pocket.

A further object 'of-the invention is to provide a pencil' holder of this character which willpresenta neat and attractiveappearance and which. will `not materially Wear the inner or `rear wall of the pocket.

With'these andiother .objects in view the invention .consists in` the construction and novel combination and arrangement of lparts hereinafter fully described, illus- -trated-in the accompanying drawings and pointed out in the claimshereto appended, it 'being understood that various changes in the form,(proportion and minor details of construction may be resorted to without departing from the spirit or sacrificing any ln the drawing vFig'gure i is a perspective view of a vpencil holder constructed in accordancewith this invention, Fig. v2 is a front elevation of the same. Fig'. 3' is a side elevation. Fig. iis alhorizontal vsectional view.

Like numerals of reierencedesignate corresponding parts in all the figures of the drawing. i y

ln the accompanying drawing 1n which'is illustrated the 'preferred embodiment of the invention, 1 -designates an approximately lll-shaped body portion constructed of erect metal 'or other suitable material and c'oln' a connectingtop portion or bend 4f. The outer portionor side 3 is preferably segmental but it may also be ornamente'd in any desired manner.

The device may be constructed of. sheet material or made of precious metal and thel body l is adapted to be hooked over vthe outer wall of a pocket with thebend 4 resting upon the upper edge thereof and the sldes 2 and 3 at the inner and outer faces inner side or wall 2 is provided at its lower edge. with spaced transversely alined eyes 5 winch receive pivots G'off a'clamping plate or lever' 7 consisting of a substantially seg-` mental body portion and teeth 8 extending from the body portion at right angles 'thereto adjacent to the plane of the pivots.v

The teeth 8 extend inwardly and are vadapted tobe swung downwardly to the -position illustrated in Fig. 3 of the drawing -to enable the device. to be readily placed over the outer wall of a pocketfand when the device is placed in .position-on the said.

wall of the pocket the body portion of the locking plate orlever is swung downwardly to substantially a vertical position which carries the teeth ory engagingv portions 8 up wardly into engagement with 'theouter wall of the pocket at the inner face thereof' and securely clampthe deviceto the pocket. By swinging the locking lever upwardly and downwardly the device may be readily asof the said outer wall ofthe pocket. The

tened and unfastenedand as the body por- Q0 sgtntially the same plane as the inner .Side o the body member of the device' it will be Isecurely held in engagement or in its engaging position by the pencils when the same are placed in the device. Also its engagement with the inner ace'of .the outer wall of the pocketwill operate to hold it in its locked position so that there is no liability of its becoming accidentally unfastened.

'at the inner side l2 with a narrow resilient pencil engaging strip 9 constructed of any vsuitable .material and extending across the side 2 in spaced relation therewith and having terminal' portions or arms 10 bent fortion of the locking lever. isz-located in sub-v wardlyA4 or .inwardly at substantially right angles and secured at their, ..ends 1 1 tothe inner side of'the U-'shapedbody llinfany suitable manner. .In F 1g.g4 of the drawing the term Vof the narrow resilient,l pencil engaging strips are extended through slots 12v of the'.

inner side 2 from the inner face thereof and are bent to form approximately hook- .shaped terminals which engage the outer face and. the inner side 2 of the body-1 andare securely held between the strip 9 and the side 2. The strip 9 through its resiliency is ada ted to accommodate itself to pencils of di erent sizes and in order to prevent the inner or rear wall oit-'the pocketfrom being worn the strip 9 is provided with a covering of suitable fabric such as plush, which in addition to preventing the lining of thepocket from being worn is adapted to fricticnally engage the pencils and assist in holding the same securely in the pocket.

yThe pencilsextending along the side 2 and the plate or lever 7 are'adapted to prevent the latter from swinging upwardly. Also the device will enable a pencil, fountain pen or the like to be readily introducedinto and v removed from it.

It will be seen that the pencil holder is -exceedingly .simple and inexpensive in conv struction, that it does not project from a pocket and presents a neat and attractive appearance. The device may be worn without inconvenience to the wearer and it may 4:0

and means carried by the said body forI holding pencils in the pocket.

2. A pencil holder including a substantially U-shaped body portion adapted to straddle the outer wall of a pocket, a lock.

ing lever pivotedV to the inner side ofthe body and having engaging means extending inwardly toward the other side of the body for engaging the pocket, and encil holding means carried by the inner side of the saidl body and arranged to hold a pencil against the said inner side and against the locking lever.

v3. A pencil holder including a substan tially U-shaped body adapted to straddlc the outer wall of a pocket, a locking lever pivotally connected with the inner wall at the lower edge thereof and arranged to engage the pocket and a pencil engaging spring extending across the said inner side of the body above the locking lever and connected with the said body, said spring being adapted to clamp pencils between it and the inner side of the body.

ln testimony whereof l ailix my signature in presence of two witnesses.

navin A. r'nows. Witnesses W. R. JoHNsoN, J. Emo'r'r.

U.S. Classification24/11.0CT
Cooperative ClassificationB43K23/001