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Publication numberUS1158030 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 26, 1915
Filing dateFeb 20, 1914
Priority dateFeb 20, 1914
Publication numberUS 1158030 A, US 1158030A, US-A-1158030, US1158030 A, US1158030A
InventorsHeinrich Dechamps
Original AssigneeGen Electric
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US 1158030 A
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Paante Oei". 26 H315.




. UNiTED sra'rns P. anni, oFFICE.


Application ied February 20, 1914.

To all /Umm it may Confirm Be it known that Llinixnien VDnonxvirs, a subject of the `King ot Prussia, residing at Charlottenburg, Germany, have invented certain new and useful linprovoments in (.'ompressors, ol whieh the l,` llo.ririg is a specification. i

My invention relates to Compressors of the piston type and partieularly to multiA sagre compressors in which the cooling Chamber and air rhaniber or Chambers are arranged to surround the, cylinders.

In Compressors of this type as heretofore constructed it has been customary to form the cylinder or cylinders and surrounding walls of integral castings.y suitable partitions being provided for forming the desired air receiving and storage chambers. Sueh an arrangement is desirable and ad vautageous since it affords a structure havingl a smooth s vinn'ietrieai exterior and one requiring a minimum amount o't material and oreupying a minimum amount ot space. 1Where the compressor has been designed to deliver Huid at a high pressure7 as, 'for example7 to furnish blast air for a high com pression internal combustion engine which requires a pressure ot about 1.000 pounds per square inch or more, this arrangemimt has necessitated that the entire casting be made ot' a material sueh as would aiiord the neressary strength for the chamber which was to eontain the highly rompressed Huid, thereby addingr materiali)v to the cost of construction. n

i One objeet of my present invention is to overcome this added vost and still retain the advantageous Vfeatures which result from the arrangement daseribed. and io this end l forni my cylinder or eylinders, cooling chamber `and lower pressure chambers in one main casting and of one material, and my high pressure Chamber as a separate member and oi' a dill'erent material`r the two parts being' so shaped as to permit of the high pressure eharnber being suitably at taehed to the main casting to preserve symmetriral outline desired. By this arrangement l @an use different materials` tor constructing the two part-s, the high pressure ehalnber beinev oonstrueted of a strong material sueh as is suitable to the pressure which it will be Called upon to hold. while the main rastiner may be eoi'isirueted from a nuuh less strong and a cheaper material.

Speemeatzen of Letters Patent.



Patented Het. 26, 1915. serial. N0. 819.938.

ln snel] compressors, the cooling chamber acts to eool, the piston and cylinder and also the rompressed Huid. and to this end the thud after compression is passed through rolls o1 pipe arranged in the cooling Chamber. These coils must from time. to time be reino-ved for inspection and repair, and also to permit of the inspection and repair of the interior of the castings and parts therein. l

A further feature ot my invention relates to the arrangement whereby 1 am enabled to readily detach and remove the coils of pipe and quickly reinsert the same.

Uther and further objects and features of my invention will be brought out in the eourse of the following specifications Wherein l have described a structure embodying the saine. i

ln the irauing. Figures l and 2 are vertical oentral sections on line -A and B-l respeftively of Fig. 3; Fig. 3ds a section on line of Fig. 1; Fig. 4 is a seetion ofi line D--DI of Fig. l.

The eompressor illustrated is ton type and has two stages.

he cylinders l and 2 of the first and s-A ond stages respectively are shown as being alineil and as inning integraily formed pistons and i. TheV first stage receives Vair through its surtion valve o by way ot' con duit (3 and rlisel'iarges the same through its disiharge valve T into the deli.'eiy "amber R. The surtir-n and 'discharge valves are shown as beingy in the form of .spring pressed annular disks. although any suitable i'orni may be used as desired.

Surrounding the cylinders l and 2 and rast integral therewith is a shell 9 suitably spaced from the Cylinders to define the cool* infr Chamber 5), s best shown in Fig. 1, this shell is provided with a partition 10 forming delivery ehamber 8 already mentionedA This partitiwi supports the rod 11 upon whieh are threaded the valve members 3 and T as shown. there being a chamber l2 defined by the wall 13, (Figs. l and 3l and f'losed in the laterally detachable eurer l-i. through whirl; the valves may be readily inserted and removed.

Between the outer shell and the high pressen-w) vlinder a further dividing wall i3 and 3i Vforming the, aii1 storane rhauiber 'io for the first or low of the pisber 1G is Spwf'f wm :fue Fylnder s@ :as to pmvd'e for HN cumahltiou of the. naming' medium, such wvm", amuruf moth the chamber 1G and h: :Hinder 'm :m ecent mannen Arranged, in iw miyng chamber S a coiled pipe. 17 Whic'h wm'ucs the from 'umh mnmu'ag me low and, h1,

are web pm wntro'ilefd o n-s Shown ut arranged in r. and


@Ording in (uw,

and threw {in} mmm' Side of the ms mgenngf; hrmi then Siflewed down upon Cnil nut sivim we pm from

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U.S. Classification417/243, 92/79, 417/268
Cooperative ClassificationF04B39/06