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Publication numberUS1159491 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 9, 1915
Filing dateJul 22, 1914
Priority dateJul 22, 1914
Publication numberUS 1159491 A, US 1159491A, US-A-1159491, US1159491 A, US1159491A
InventorsWilliam J Graham
Original AssigneeWilliam J Graham
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Container for receptacles.
US 1159491 A
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Patented Nov. 9, 1915.



conrnmnn rote nncnP'racLEs.

' To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, l/VILLIAM J. GRAHAM, citizen of the United States, residing at Brooklyn, in the county of Kings and State of New York, have invented new and useful Improvements in Containers for Receptacles, of which the following is a specification.

The general object of this invention is to automatically effect the covering of the open end of a can, ar, or similar receptacles upon placing the same upon a table or other support and to automatically effect the uncovering of the same when lifted from therefrom. And to these ends the invention consists of providing a container with a receptacle holding portion, and pivotally connected thereto a plurality of closures which are arranged to cover the holding portion when a container rests upon a support and to uncover the holding portion whent-he container is lifted from the support.

Other objects will appear and be better understood from that embodiment of my invention of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawings forming part hereof, in which Figure 1 is a. side elevational view of the device resting on a support and showing'the closures in dotted lines swung to their open position. Fig. 2 is a top plan view of the device in its open position and Fig. 8 is a detail elevational view of a yoke forming part of the device.

The device may be made of any suitable metal and formed in any shape desired and comprises the companion sections or closures a, and b, and the receptacle holding portion a.

The portion 0, is provided with the substantially parallel upright portions 55 and the cross or base piece 6, which is bent upwardly as shown. The cross piece is provided with the oppositely disposed ears 7 whereby the closures are hinged thereto as will be presently described. The upper ends of the uprights 5 are bent over and curved in the shape as shown, so as to provide suitable handles 8-8 for lifting or carrying the device when desired. Connecting the two parallel uprights 5-5 is an annular band or hoop 9 which may be secured to the inner Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Nov. 9, 1915.

Application filed July 22, 1914. Serial No.'852,456.

sides of the uprights by any suitable means such as by solder or the like; and is preferably of such diameter as to receive substantially snugly the usual sizes of condensed milk cans, jelly jars or the like articles.

The closures c and a are identical in structure and are provided with upright portions 10 and angular portions 11, by means of which angular portions, the sections are hingedly secured to the portions 0 by the pintles 12. The uprights of the closures are provided with the semi-circular caps 13 which are adapted to cooperate in forming a cover for the jar or can positioned within the device. The caps are provided with the curved side walls 14 as shown and are also provided with the lapping angular ribs 15; which thus cooperate in forming an effectual sealing of the can or ar before mentioned.

In practice a can of milk or other receptacle is positioned within the portion 0 and placed on the table or like support. Now, by virtue of hingedly securing the closures (4 and .7) to the receptacle receiving portion 0 at points outside of their respective centers of gravity, the said closures when the device is lifted from the table or the like support will gravitate outwardly to the positions shown in dotted lines in Fig. 1, and remain so while the device is suspended in space, and to prevent the sections from progressing beyond the desired position flexible keepers 16 are provided as shown. However upon the device being set down on a table or like support the angular portions 11 will contact with the said support; and by virtue of the hinged connections, the weight of the can or jar positioned within the device will act on an axial line and thus tend to close the caps by causing the sections to come together. Thus it will be seen that while the can or jar is not in use the same will be normally sealed, but when it is desired to partake of the contents of the can or jar it is necessary only to lift the container from the table or other support, whereupon the closures will separate by force of gravity and thus operate to uncover the can or jar located within the container.

It is obvious that those skilled in the art may vary the details of construction and arrangements of parts without departing when the frame is placed upon a support to 10 engage the support whereby the closure is held by the support disposediover the frame.

In testimony whereof I, atfix my signature in presence of tWo Witnesses.


from the spirit of my invention and therefore I do not Wish to be limited to any such features except as may be required by the claim.

What I claim as new is A container comprising a holding frame provided with means whereby it may be lifted, and a closure hingedly connected with the lower part-of the frame and adapted Witnesses:


Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. C.

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U.S. Classification220/737
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