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Publication numberUS115982 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 13, 1871
Publication numberUS 115982 A, US 115982A, US-A-115982, US115982 A, US115982A
InventorsJohh Poeteous
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Improvement in combined pressure and vacuum valves
US 115982 A
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Improvement in CombinedPressure and Vacuum Valves.

N ..115,982. Patented'June13,1871.


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IMPROVEMENT IN COMBINED PRESSURE AND VACUUM VALVES Specification forming part of Letters Patent No.7115,982, dated June 13, 1871.

I, J onN PoR'rEoUs, of Cincinnati, Hamilton county, State of- Ohio, have invented a new and useful Pressure and Vacuum Cock or Safety-Valve, of which the following is a specification:

Nature and Objeetsof the Invention.

The subject of this invention is a safety device or appendage for steam-generators, and especially for the form of them known as kitchen-boilers; and comprises an outlet-valve which is held to its seat by a spiral spring, ad-

General Description with Reference to the Drawing.

- Figure 1 is an axial section of a safety valve embodying my invention. Fig. 2 is a trans- 7 verse section at the line X X.

A is a hollow plug or barrel, adapted to be screwed into the vessel or generator at its screw-threaded portion'a. A suitable distance from its point of insertion the barrel A is enlarged interior-1y to form a seat, B, and chamber O, for an outlet or pressure valve, D, which valve is confined to its seat with any desired force by means of a spiral spring, E, whose stress is increased or diminished by the screwing inward or outward of a tubularfollower, F, confined by a cap, G, which screws onto the outside of the barrel. A ring or gland, H, and the cap Gr constitute a stuffing-box. A.

nozzle, I, which opens from the side of the barrel, permits the escape of steam or water, as the case may be. Wings J serve to guide the valve D to an atrial path in opening and closing. The valve D is hollow, and terminates below in a flaring opening to form a seat for an inlet or vacuum valve, K, that is held to its closed position by a small spring, L, that bears against the interior extremity of the valve D at one end, and at the other end bears against a nut or follower, M, that is screwed down upon the valve-stem 70 until the desired stress of spring is obtained. Orifices d in the side of the valvestem d permit the free passage of air to the interior of said stem.


I claim herein as new and of my inventionf

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Cooperative ClassificationF16K17/196