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Publication numberUS1160832 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 16, 1915
Filing dateFeb 6, 1915
Priority dateFeb 6, 1915
Publication numberUS 1160832 A, US 1160832A, US-A-1160832, US1160832 A, US1160832A
InventorsAnthony Borsella
Original AssigneeAnthony Borsella
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US 1160832 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

o Subieot of the I inof Itoly, ond o reSidentof the city of New ork, Long ISlond (ity.. bofough of QneenS, county of QueenS, 21d Stnfe of Nev 1 ork, hove invented o nevv and In1 roved I enholder, of vvhich the folloving iS o fl111, oleor, on(1 oxoot de ori tion.

ThiS invention re1atoS to iInPZ'oveInentS in en holders, ond hoS fof' on ob ect to rovide on iIn Toved orrongeInent vhioh v i11 guido the hnnd iI1 roperly holdin the en.

1notheI' obioot of t11e invention iS to provido o pen holdeI' vith o plufality of guid ing lugS ogoinSt Whioh the thumb ond oertoin fingerS reSS When the ho1(ler iS in use,

t11e SoIne ooHSing tho pen to be propeI'ly gfoSPed ond hold of o Proper angle.

II1 the oocom onying droWingSigure 1 iS o Side vieW of o pen holder embodying Iny invention, o hand being shOWn in ootted lineS in oonneotion t11erevvith Fig. 2 iS o to plon vievv of the gfi ing portion of the holde1Shovn in Eig. 1 Fig, 3 iS o longitndino1 vertica1 Section thfough the Structure ShovVn in Eig. 2 Fig. 4 iS o perS eotive vieW of o Slightly Inodifio(1 fonn of tllo invention in vvhioh o tHbnlor InoT11)er is pro vided odo ted to feoeivo o hond1e of any deSired ldnd.

Beferring to the ooomn anying drowingS by numorols, 1 indiooteS the hand1e of the I)en holderembodying the invention, and 2 the gIip ing portion. Hondle 1 iS Pro vided vith o ooInPorotively vide I)oftion 3 hoving on edge 4 ond o )oint 5, the Split p or tion ond oSSooioted ports ooting oS o Paper olltteI'. The hond1o 1 ond ri ing ortion. 2 t 1 e referobly n1o(1e froln the Snnle Ino terial, IS f01' instonoo rbber. 111-f()rlning o griT) ing poftion 2 1nroHty of lngS 6, 7 ond 8 ore ooSt or forInedintegrol With the gri ing ortion.

- S1ig tly oup on theiI' outer sorface So os fo I'eoeive oertoin of tho fingerS of t11e hond, os foI' inStonoo the 0rst tWo fingerS ond the thumb. ho logs 6 ond 8 ore Hrmnged Sub stontiolly on oppoSite Sides whi1e lng 7 is or ranged of on intefInediote )oint, the o1'- rangenlent being Snch oS to oSitively conSe the hond of tho v riter to oSSInle the oorrect I)oSitioI1, or rothef to oonSo tlle hond of the vvriter to groSP tho pen holder oorreofly ond hold the soIne oorfeotly dnring tho l1Se of the devioe. hen tho pen holder iS forIned of TheSe 1ugS preforobly o Single ieoe, oS foI' instonce out of 1'ubbof,

the oonStruotion interiorly Inoy be Solid, 01'

tin1es one v1'iter WiH inoline or 1'()11 tho holder to g1 eoter extent ol o leSS extont thon onotheI' vvfite1', ond by the conStruotion iuSt deSoribed the pen nmy be odiusted to ogfee vith f11e 1)olticuh1 1)oSition of f11e holder.

In ig. 1 vi11 be seon o S1iglltly Ino(1ified fol'In of the invention in Whioh o gripping IneInber 2 iS rovided vhic11-iS tb1nr, ond xvhioh is odapted to teleSooPioo11y fit oVer the ond of o hondlo of ony (1oSiI'o(1 kin(1 so thot diffofent vofitieS of hondle Inoy be l1Se(1, oS foI' inSto noe an ex enSive 01' o oheo vo- I'iety. 1 feferobly tho gri ing InoInbeI' 2 ond oSSooioted ortS oS WeH oS gri ing IneInber 2 ore forIned fro 1 cHSt 01' In01(1e(1 1TlateI'iol, oS f()I'- instHnoe 1'Hbbo1 o othor InoteriolS moy be nSed withont de ofting fron1 tho S irit of tho invontion, thot iS, tho devioe n1ay be fonned of Ineto1, oe11loi(1,

cork oI' in foot any Inaterio1 thnt vi11 )ro vvhat I oloiln iS A Pen holder, oom riSing o hondle fonne(l With InoonS foI' reoe1ving o pen, oI1(1 o griI) )ing poftion, Soid gri ing ortion 11L ing en1oI genentS foI' feooiving ol giding the mmb and fil st two HngerS of the hnnd, Snid enlorgeInont overhonging tho body of tho4 ANTHoNY BoBSEITA.


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U.S. Classification15/443, 401/88, 401/6
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