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Publication numberUS1160974 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 16, 1915
Filing dateMay 20, 1914
Priority dateMay 20, 1914
Publication numberUS 1160974 A, US 1160974A, US-A-1160974, US1160974 A, US1160974A
InventorsRobert G Clyne
Original AssigneeRobert G Clyne
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US 1160974 A
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' Patented Nov. 16, 1915.

tion. j J

My.inventioni-elatesto improvements in. I g p I v p I t I (shot receptacles, the. improyedjreceptacle Thepape'r tubeflorsh ll 1., i f mbl or container being adapted for the safe and con 'enient-putting writers, *1

, To aZ Z whO m it may concern:

manufacture, and e'flicientin use. I

' out inthe appended claims.


Be it known that I, Bonner CriYNn, a

' subject'oi the King of.Great Britaim residing at Alton, in the county of Madison and State oi. Illinois, have invented j certain new and useful, Improvements in fihot-Beceptacles, of whichithe following is'a specificaparticularlyjdesi gned and inn-shipment, and, use of air. rifle shot for air rifles. H a

. The improved receptacleorcontainer is adapted not only for use as' anloriginalpaekage by the manufacturer o1 such air rifie shot but is designed for use bythe merchant or retailer in storing andhandling, aswell as for use by the users inconveniently carrying and dispensing such shot in conven ent quantities as needed forQuse .in loading or filling the air rifle. 2

Theprimaryob ect otthe invention is to provide a generally improved receptacle; for

the purposes mentioned which will e2;- ceedingly simple 111 construction,

,With the above mentioned, andotherends in View, the invention consists in the novel construction, arrangement, and combination of parts, hereinafter described, illustrated in someoi' its embodiments in the accompanying drawings, and particularly pointed Referring to the drawings, forming a part of this specification, Figure 1 is a side elevation of the improved shot receptacle. Fig. 2, an end-xview of r the cap or delivery- .end

thereof, the rotatably mounted cap beingin its open position for the convenient delivery of a single shot. Fig. 8, asimilar view, the cap being shown in a further open position for theconvenient delivery of two or more shot. Fig. 4, a centrallongitudinal sectional view of the same delivery cap being in its full open position for the delivery of a supply of shot as in filling the air rifle magazine. Fig. 5, an end view of the cap or delivery end of the same. Fig. 6, a'similar view of a slightly modified form. Fig. 7, alongitudinal sectional view of a further modified -form of delivery cap. Fig. 8, an end View of the same in a partially open position. Fig.9, an end View of the inner cap de tached. 1

cheap of 1 snornn'cisrTAoLE.

Specification of :Lettersiiate'nt. -P tQht i N 1 1 15 ,iAppI ic ation fiIed ma 20,1914.- Serial No. ssaees;

throughout all the figures of the an ordinary paper shot shell and of sun-I cient strength to withstand the weight of such material 'as'airrifieshot or pellets.

"slightly e'zi'panded near oneend asat 1 to form an inner annular seat 1- for a circular or disk shaped bottom 2, which member 2,

maylikewise be formed of paper or card board of suflicient thickness and strength to Withstand the weight of the interior contents, and asa convenient means for securing said disk 2, the adjacent end oi the tu bularbody or shell 1, may be crimped'inw'arclly as at 1, to rest against the bottom 2,

and securely fasten thesame as shown in Fi'gl'4of the drawings. The improved delivery top or cap 'for the improved receptacle comprises 1 a double-.

walled or two-part cap consistingin an inner 'fianged'cap 3, and a similarly shaped or flanged outer cap 4.

As a means of securing or clainpingthe caps 8,.and 4, upon the end of the tubular body o'rshell 1, the outer periphery oft-he inner cap 3, is formed slightly larger in di- Lameter than the; inside diameter of the shell 1, and is provided with an inwardly beveled or flanged :portion .39, so that when 'the inner cap 3,'is'i:'orced into theopen end .of the body or shell 1, said end will. be

slightly; expanded as at 1 ,.forming a correspondingly beveled'or inclined shoulder 1, surrounding the inner cap 3, and. the in- .clined or flanged portions 3, and as a means of rotatably mounting the outer cc p 4, upon the inner cap 3, as well as arranging the same in cooperative clamping relation to the expanded or shoulder portion Z, of the shell, said outer cap is provided with an inwardly extending or flanged portion 4 said outer cap being so attached as to permit of its cir-' cumferential' movement or rotation through the medium of the milled or knurled rim portion shown most clearly in Fig. 1 of the drawings.

As a means for conveniently delivering spectively; are provided with it delivery slot openings 3?, and 4, respecof the drawings, said inner and outer tively, said openings being ofcorresponding dimensions and being adapted to register with each other when the'outer cap iS lIl itsfully opened position as shown in Fig.

caps being also provided with oppositely arranged inset-or depressed portions 3, and

4; respectively, corresponding in dimensions to the delivery openings3"; and 4 said inset portions being adapted to registera'iid interposition.

lock with'each other whenthe" 'outercap is jtion et the outer eap' 'beingadaptedfio register and'interlo'ck with the correspond:

inglyformed delivery slotj ope'ning 3 in the fully open as shown in 4L and 5 o f'the drawings and saidjins'et or depressed porinnerioap when the outer'eapis'movedfto its fully closed sition. desired, however, the curved inset or depressedlportiohs 8 andl, need not necessarily correspond in "width'to the delivery slots. 3," and "'el fbiit, 'may simply correspond in length thereto and be of narrow Construction as illustrated in'Fig. 6 of the drawings.

l In the form shown in Figs. 7, 8 and 91 of the drawings the curved interlo'eking depressed'portions fl and 4:, areelimina'ted,

the outer eap being adapted to'be' held in its c respective positions'by merefriCtionalcontactwith the expanded end l of the tubular body, and as a 7 means of "furtherfseeuring.

the [inner cap the inwardly extending ila'n g'ecl' portion S fthereOf' may provided I with a series or plurality of outwar dlyexft ending struck-out anchor proj'eetions 3 as shown most "clearly in Fig. 9 of the drawings,' said anchor projeoti'ons being adapted to extend into itheadjacent end of thetuc bular shell as shown in 7 'ofthe draw- "ings' ,c [From theforego ng description; takenin connection with the accompanying drawi'ngs', the operation a and advantages bf my invention Will be readily understood.

epies of this fiatnt may-be ob t aiiied for v thiis fdescribed some of the embodiments ofj myinvention, what I claim "and desire to "'se'ou're by. Letters Patent, *is',

1. In. a slot receptacle, a tubular shaped papefbody, and inwardly extending flanged caps taking over the inner and outer mar-' ginal edges thereof and provided with similarly shaped delivery openings, said outer flanged cap being rotatablv mounted and having an inset portion adapted to ride upon saidinner cap andito -fitwithinthe"delivery opening'th'ereef when moved to' its closed Ashbt' receptacle, "com n in a shell,

a disk member crimp'ed'therein, and innerand outer caps "provided with similarly formed inwardly extending flanged portions "taking over-the opposite-end or said-paper shell and interlocking therewith; said caps having similarly shaped delivery slot op'enings,"and saidou'ter cap being rotatably mounted and pr'ovi'ded with anin'set portion adapted'to snap into engagement with the delivery opening insa'id inner "cap when said outer cap has i been moved to its "closed position.

' In a shot receptacle, Cylindrical being provided with, curved delivery fsl'ot of registry with-each -Otherand also prov ded wlth' mea-nsfo'r securing the' rii'nmed portions thereof in engagement with said "shell. I a V V In" testimony'whe'reof I have affixedf my I signature iirp'rsence of two "witnesses;




five "cents each, byad'drssingthe floinmi ssi oner'of Patents, "wasl i'ingtomilicfi

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