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Publication numberUS1161984 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 30, 1915
Filing dateMar 6, 1915
Priority dateMar 6, 1915
Publication numberUS 1161984 A, US 1161984A, US-A-1161984, US1161984 A, US1161984A
InventorsJohn Robert Scott
Original AssigneeJohn Robert Scott
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US 1161984 A
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1,161,984. Patented Nov. 30, 1915.


@hn R.Sc0ZZ Quorum:

W-Ltmemo J. R. SCOTT.



1 1 61,984. Patented Nov. 30, 1915.





To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JOHN R. Scor'r, citizen of the United States, residing at Tracy. in the county of San Joaquin and State of California, have invented new and useful Improvements in Games, of which the following is a specification.

The primary purpose of this invention is to amuse and at the same time educate a person in finance particularly in the operation of the markets of commercial centers in the barter of securities and commodities.

The invention provides a chart embodying tabulations which represent various transactions upon the markets of the stock exchange and grain and cotton centers, specific transactions being determined by means of a dial and pointer and the valuation being determined on reference to the tabulatransactions as they occur in practice upon the chief markets such as dealings upon the stock exchange or in the markets for grain and cotton. the various results of the different deals being indicated upon tables forming a part of the apparatus.

The invention consists of the novel features, details of construction and combination of parts, which hereinafter will be more particularly set forth, illustrated and claimed.

In the drawings hereto attached :-Figure 1 is a plan view of a dial and pointer embodying the invention showing cooperating indicating means. Fig. 2 shows a detail view of the several tables containing the results arising from specific indications of the dial.

In accordance with this invention a card or like base is provided with a dial 1 and an indicating caption which is subdivided generally to designate the chief markets such as the Stock Exchange of New York, the grain market of Chicago. and the cotton market of New Orleans. The division representing the New York Stock Exchange is subdivided and each subdivision represents a particular listed stock, which in the present instance is designated under the various headings of Canadian Pacific, United States Steel, Northern Pacific, Union Pacific, Philadelphia & Reading, Pennsylvania Railroad, Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe, American Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed March 6, 1915 Patented Nov. 30, 1915.

Serial No. 12.588.

Smelters, and Southern Pacific. The grain market is subdivided and the several subdivisions are designated under the headings of May wheat May corn. and av oats. Thedivision representing the cotton market is divided and the several sululivisions appear under the following headings: Oct ber cotton, November cotton, and December cotton. At each end of the line bearing the names of the securities and commodities appears the word ame," calling attention to the title of the trade to be conducted. Below each of the words Name appears matter designating the opening, the high, the low, and the closing sale for a given period and under each heading appears the respective numerals corresponding with the opening, high, low, and closing sales. The closing sales are used as the basis for each and every transaction, the purchase or selling price of any of the noted securities or commodities corresponding with the closing sale, and the selling or buying price being designated upon the dial 1 by means of a pointer 2 which is spun, the column designated by the pointer when coming to rest designating the sale or buying price and the difference between such selling and the purchase price representing the profit or loss, which is readily ascertained upon reference to the proper table appearing on Sheet 2 of the accompanying drawings. It is to be noted that the caption designates nine of the stocks listed on the New York Exchange. three of the grain products dealt in on the Chicago Exchange, and three periods of cotton dealt in on the Cotton Exchange of New Orleans, making a total of fifteen listed securities. The dial 1 contains fifteen concentric circles, one each of such circles corresponding with a security noted in caption. Each of the concentric circles is subdivided and the subdivisions bear numbers corresponding with sales. The subdivisions of the circles are arranged in radial lines corresponding with columns and each of such columns is provided with a designating number. The numbers properly appear in circular and lateral columns. In the event of a player selecting a number of securities, one spin of the pointer 2 designates the sale or purchase price of each of such securities, such sale or purchase price being found in the lateral column of figures designated by the pointer when coming to rest. The difference between the indicated sale price and {he purchase price represents the profit or oss.

The upper two tables appearing on Sheet 2 designate the value in dollars and cents of the difference in points between the purchase and sale values of the securities. The uppermost table refers more particularly to the value of stocks and grain in number of I shares and bushels. The table second in order refers to the value of the points between the purchase and the selling price of cotton in bales. The remaining two tables indicate. the points corresponding with the lateral columns of the dial 1, hence the tables provide for ascertaining readily both the value and pointsbetween the purchase and selling price of any Security.

The following indicates three trades, one in cotton, one in stock, and one in grain: Bought 10 bales Dec. cotton on close at 9.57. Bought 10 shares Sou. Pac. on close at 82%;. Bought 2000 bu. May wheat on close at 94%;. The pointer 2 is spun and comes to rest upon the lateral column of numbers designated by the number 10. This shows that December cotton is closed at $9.49 or at a loss of eight points equaling $4.00. Southern Pacific is closed at 80% or 1% points loss equaling May wheat is closed at 95% or 1%; points profit, less commission of equals $30.00 less $2.50 or $27.50 net profit.

From the foregoing description, taken in connection Withthe accompanying drawings, the advantages of the construction and of the method of operation will be readily apparent to those skilled in the art to which the invention appertains, and while I have described the principle of operation of the invention, together with the device which 'I. now consider to be the best embodiment thereof, I desire to have it understood that the device shown is merely illustrative, and that such changes may be made when desired as are within the scope of the invention as claimed. I

Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as new is:

A game of the character specified comprising a dial embodying a plurality of concentric and lateral columns of numbers, each of the lateral columns having a designating character, a caption comprising vertical columns corresponding in number with the number of concentric circles, each of such vertical columns having a heading corresponding with a security and numbers corresponding with sale values, and a reference table embodying horizontal and vertical columns which are provided with names corresponding to the designating characters of the aforesaid caption and numbers corresponding'to value and points between the purchase price of a security and the sale price as indicated by the dial, and a pointer .mounted upon the base and adapted to be spun over the dial and pivoted thereto.

In testimony whereof I ailix my signature 'in presence of two witnesses.



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