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Publication numberUS1164024 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 14, 1915
Filing dateNov 29, 1913
Priority dateNov 29, 1913
Publication numberUS 1164024 A, US 1164024A, US-A-1164024, US1164024 A, US1164024A
InventorsJoseph Martin, Frank E Smith
Original AssigneeJoseph Martin, Frank E Smith
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Combined bookcase, desk, and mantel.
US 1164024 A
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\ Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Dec. lll, 1915)..

Application filed November 29, 1913. Serial No. 803,725.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that we, FRANK E. SMITH and Josnrn MAR'rIN, citizens of the United States, residing at Delphos, in the county of Allen and State ofOhio, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Combined Bookcases, Desks, and Mantels, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to a combination bookcase, desk and portable mantel, the device embodying all of these features in one article of furniture, capable of being moved from house to house or room to room, or being shifted from one position in the room to another.

So far as we know mantelpieces have always heretofore been permanently installed in buildings, being attached to a particular wall space and not being movable without defacing the wall.

This invention consists of the novel fea tures of construction hereinafter described, pointed out in the claim and shown in the accompanying drawings, in which,

Figure 1 is a front view of the device, in closed position. Fig. 2 is a similar view, parts being shown in open position.

In constructing the device, we employ a suitable back 1, to which is secured the various parts which go "to make up the complete device.

Across the upper portion'of the back extends a shelf 2, which formsthe mantel. U on the sides are thebook cases 3 provided with suitable shelves 4. The book-cases terminate short of the base and in advance of the same are placed lower sections 5 of front columns 6, the upper sections of these columns being carried by the front faces of doors '7, which close the book-cases. tween" the lower portions of the book-cases is arranged any ornamental design 8 in imitation of tiling and a closed fire place.

In the upper portion and beneath the mantel 2 is arranged a compartment 9 provided with suitable partitions and shelves and having a downwardly and outwardly swinging cover 10 which when in open position is supported by chains 11, and forms a writing desk.

Any ornamental features desired may be incorporated with the construction above described, and the entire device can be readily moved from place to place as can any other piece of furniture.

What we claim is The combination with a mantelpiece having a shelf, a base having column sections thereupon, compartments arran ed below said shelf, hinged doors for sai compartments, and column sections carried b the outer faces of said doors, the last mentioned column sections registering with the col- FRANK E. SMITH. JOSEPH h a "TIN.

WitIlCGSSPB S! J- MARSH CATHERINE umns of the base sections when the doors are

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U.S. Classification312/204, 312/194, D23/345, 52/36.3, 5/1, 312/237, 312/316
Cooperative ClassificationF24B1/198
European ClassificationF24B1/198