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Publication numberUS1164848 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 21, 1915
Filing dateFeb 9, 1914
Priority dateFeb 9, 1914
Publication numberUS 1164848 A, US 1164848A, US-A-1164848, US1164848 A, US1164848A
InventorsPeter Neukirchen
Original AssigneePeter Neukirchen
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US 1164848 A
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1,164,848. Ptenteab@ 21A, 1915. l

Tan eTaTus raTnrrT naaien.



To all #may concern.'

Be it known that I, PETER-NEUKIRCHEN,

I a citizen of the United States, and a. resident Illinois, haveinvented certain new and use- Chicago, county of Codo/and State of ful Improvements in Mucilage- Spreaders,

lof which the following is declared to be a full, clear, and exact description.

This invention relates to mucilage spreaders and designs to provide a bottle or container for mucilage or other liquid paste and having a stopper provided with a valve controlled discharge aperture which 'is opened'by pressure against the valve or a protruding portion thereof.

' One oi' the principal objects ofthi's invconstruction.

With all of these objects and advantages in view, the invention consists in the several novel features hereinafter fully set forth in the following specification and more definitely pointed. out in the claim.

The invention is clearly illustrated inthe drawing furnished herewith in which Figure l is a longitudinal section through a mucilage spreader embodying the preferred form of the invention; Fig. 2 is av plan or Atop view thereof;l Fig. 3 is a side view of the mucilage spreading tongue and one member o t the stopper; Fig. l is a perlspective view of said mucilage spreading tongue and memher of the stopper; Fig. 5 is a side view of the valve and a fragment of' its valve stern; Fig. 6 is a longitudinal section of a modified for-'rn of the invention showing the same in an inverted position with the valve open to permit of the discharge of a quantity of the mucilage, and

Fig. 7 is a section through a modi-fied form of support for the spring. i In the embodiment of the invention illustrated in the drawing and particularly 1n Specic-ation of Letters Patent.

Patented Dee. 21, i915.

applicati-on led February 9, 1914. Serial No. 817,393.

Figs. 1 to 5, inclusive, 10, designates a bottle or container which may be constructed of glass orany other suitable material as is desired, said container having an open neck 11, at its upper end. The bottle may be of any suitablesize and shape which may be conveniently handled. The open neck-of the bottle is closed by a stopper 12, which may comprise an 4annular cork portion 13, yfitting in the open neck of the bottle and a hollow dome shaped member 14, secured 1n the central opening of the cork. Said dome shaped member of the stopper has a central aperture 15, at its extreme upper end which is closed by a valve 16, carried by a valve stern 1'?, which projects down into the bottle and terminates near its lower end. A coiled` compression spring 18, is

secured to the lower end of the valve stem and bears against the bottom of the bottle,

which may .be providedwith a central up- Wardly projecting lug 19, for holding the spring against lateral displacement on thebottom of the bottle. The valve stem may comprisea wire rod. of suiiicient length to extendffiom the valve to a. point near the bottom of the ybottle and may be struck up to provide flattenedvshoulders 20, for the spring 18, to bear against. The'valve 16, is arranged to seat against the inner face of the dome 14, and has a rounded end portion 21, which projects out through the aperture 15. Pressure upon the end portion of the valve unseats the valve and permits the escape of mucilage whenever the bottle is `inverted.

Secured tothe stopper is` a mucilage spreading tongue 22, which is shown as comprising a piece of light gage sheet metal, one part of which rests on the cork and is formed with an opening surrounded by a down turned iiange 23;' the dome shaped member extends through said openingand is formed with an annular bead 24, which bears upon theupper -face of that portion l of the mucilage spreading tonguewhich rests upon the cork. That portion of the tongue which is employed in spreading the mucilage is bent downward from the other portion as is clearly indicated at 22a in .Figs 1 and 4.

Inthe modified form illustrated in Fig.' 6, the valve stein 17 is shown as guided in a stirrup like 'strip of metal 19t In this case, the spring 18I is confined between the end portion 19d/of the stirrup and the shouldered portion 2Oa of the valve stem. Said stirrup like structure is secured in the stopper either by friction or by any other suitable means as is found desirable.

' In place of forming thev lug 19, on the bottom of the bottle, the lug maybe formed on a strip of metal 10a, which may be placed on the bottom. This arrangement isillustrated in Fig. 7`; its length shouldbe approximately equal to the diameter of the bottom,-Whereby it may be kept in place by Contact with the side wall of the bottle.

In use, the bottle is filled, or partially filled, With Inucilage or any other liquid paste 25, and to apply mucilage to a surface,

the bottle is inverted and thel protruding portion21, of the valve pressed down upon the surface Which is to receive thev mucilage, thus unseating the Valve and permitting a quantity of mucilage, to iiow out through the aperture 15. Thereafter, themucilage may be spread ,evenly over the surface by rubbing the mucilage spreading tongue over the mueilage. The tongue being flexible, it

messes acts somewhat in the manner of a brush. Whenused in spreading the mucilage.

Mordor less variation of the details of construction is possible without departing from the spirit of this invention, land I desire, therefore, not to limit myself to the exact 4forms of construction shown and described, but intend .inthe following claim' to point out all'of the invention ldisclosed herein. `v A I claim 4as new` and desire to .secure by Lettersv Patent: i

An attachment for mucilage bottles com prisin'g a cap `for thej bottle having an exit port, ya spreader tongue carried by said cap', a valve to normally `close saidporta valve

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U.S. Classification401/264, 401/266
Cooperative ClassificationB43K5/1845