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Publication numberUS116562 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 4, 1871
Publication numberUS 116562 A, US 116562A, US-A-116562, US116562 A, US116562A
InventorsWillard C. Collins
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Improvement in medicated voltaic plasters
US 116562 A
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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 116,562, dated July 4, 187]..

To all whom 'it may coll-cera:

Be it knmvn that l, WrnLAm) C. CoLLiNs, of Bueksport, inv the eounty of lilanroek and State of Maine, have invented anew and useful or Improved ll/ledieated Voltaie Strengthening-Plaster, of Whieh the 't'ollo\\\'ing is a speeiiieation:

rlhis invention. relates to improvements in plas ters, composed of gums or other medieal eompounds, Whieh are externally applied to the ha man body; and the invention eonsists in the Combination of yoltaie plates with a medicated plaster, as is hereinafter more fully described.

The figures in the aeeoml)anyingl drawing represent some of the mmlilieations of the forms ot' plates employed in this invention.

Sinlilar letters otret'erenee indieate corresponding` parts in the ser eral iignres.

Inprar-,tieing this invention the )laster may be of any desired l'orm or size as the part of the body to which it is to be applied may render necessary. Any hind of eonqmund used in spreading plasters may be eniployml as the disease to be treated may require. The voltaie plates may be of any required form, as eolwenienee may dictate, and their disposal upon vthe area of the eoating material is governed by the same rule. For the purpose of' produc/ing' voltaie aetion I usually employ plates of zine and copper; but any other metals maybe employed which will produee the intended e'eet.

In the aeeolnpanying dull-Wing', A represents the baek of the plaster, Whieh may be of cloth, leather, or other suitable nraterial. B is the medieated coating, whieh, as before stated, may be ol" any desired niztterial toproduee the intended result. This coating` is spread upon Ybaek A in the usual manner, and While in the plastic state the alternating plates oi zine, marked C, and the eopper plates, marked D, are embedded in the ena-ting, in Contact with each other, so that when the plaster is applied to the body the galvanie aetion of the plates shall be excited, which, in eonjunetion with the medieated coating, shall produee the intended elt'eet upon the patient.

y .I do not elaim any speeilie kind of medicated plaster; nor do I elaim, in the abstract, the emplyment of galvanie plates or piles in the treatment of diseases, as. various so-ealled armorplates, soles, Ste., have been used 5 but That l do elaim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is'- The combination of voltaie plates with mediiated plasters, substantiallf as deseribed and shown.



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Cooperative ClassificationA61N1/0448