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Publication numberUS1165840 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 28, 1915
Filing dateMay 22, 1915
Priority dateMay 22, 1915
Publication numberUS 1165840 A, US 1165840A, US-A-1165840, US1165840 A, US1165840A
InventorsLeo Brutus
Original AssigneeLeo Brutus
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Milk-bottle holder.
US 1165840 A
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Specification of Letters Patent.

Application led May 9.2, l91 5.

'o all whom t ymay con/:ern:

Be it known that l, Lno BRUTUS, :1 citizen of the United States, resident of Burlington, in the county ot' Des Moines end State of lows, have inode n certain new and useful invention in Milloottle Holders; and l declare the tollowing to"hc n full, clear, :1nd exact description of the saine, such as will enable others skilled in the nrt to which it uppertnins to ineke und use the invention, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to letters or iigures of referencel marked thereon, which form a part of this specification.

Figure l. is n perspective view of the invention, with the bottle in place. Fig. 2 is a central, longitudinal section ot' the in vention with the. bottle in pince and showing a modification for n second bottle, shown partly broken aiwuy. Fig. 3 is e detail trugincntnry side View of the hase cup and holder for the lower bottle.

The invention has relation to bottle holders, having Yfor its object the provision of an improved holder 'for milk bottles as delivered to the consumer, to protect the contents from insects, cuts, dogs und the like,

The invention consists in the novel construct-ion sind combinations ol parts, us hereinafter forth.

ln the accompanying drawings, illustrating the invention, the numeral 2 designates en upright erin of flut metal, l'inring :i hori- Zontfilly bent bot-toni portion 3, cni'ryinf:f zt hase cup el, wherein the bottle is designed to be plzrcee, suid arm having at its upper end an. arcuate, reversely bent spring portion 5, terminating over the center' of the bese cup and having attached thereto the upper end of e coiled spring (i, said spring at its lower end cnrrying :L reversed top cup 7, centered over the bese cup und desigrned to engage the 'top ot the bottle.

ln use, the bottle is first engaged et its top with the ripper cup, tilting ond pressing the said cnp upwardly toward the termination of the spring erin and compressing the coiled spring until the bottom of the bottle has cleared the side wall of the baise cup, when the. betteln ot the bottle is Patented Dec.. Z8, MM5.

serial n. esteso.

brought inward sind centered with relation to the base cup, the bottle, now in vertical position, being brought downward to rest in the hase cup, the tensioned coiled spring and the top cup following the bottle` and assuming normal position engaged with the top of the hottie.

lt is essentiel that the side wall otq the hase cup be of :i height less than the space between the top cup and the termination of the spring erm, or than the length of the coiled spring. The reversely bent nrcnnte upper portion of the upright arm, being of spring character, `will yield when necessary, to facilitnte engagement ot the bottle with the holder.

The upright arm is usually secured to e post or tree, but the buse cup may rest upon und be secured to nillhelf or support, if desired. j, V

in ll'iiree and 3 or' the drawings u Inediticzrtim is shown, wherein the buse cup is provided with n holder 8 for u. second bottie 9, suid holder consisting of n cross bnr secured in place by .1 bolt or the like l0, and havin its ends turned downwardly and inwertlly nt l1 to form guides wherein the top bend 12 of n bottle muy be slid to uphold the bottle. The upper and lower bottles will he in this way held in line.

l/Vhat l claim is:

A milk bottle holder comprising an upright erm hnving :t horizontally extending lower portion :ind n reversely curved outwardly extending upper spring portion, fr hase cup resting upon and secured to said lower portion ot' the holder, un nnconined coiled spring connected to seid upper spring, portion, und u reversed upwardly tiltable top cup connected to the lower end of seid coiled spring, the of the base cup being of n height less than the length oi' seid coiled sprino'.

ln testimony whereoia l niiix niy signature in presence oli' two witnesses.


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U.S. Classification248/313, 211/74, 222/143, 222/180, 232/41.00R, D07/620
Cooperative ClassificationA62C13/78