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Publication numberUS1166345 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 28, 1915
Filing dateMay 24, 1915
Priority dateMay 24, 1915
Publication numberUS 1166345 A, US 1166345A, US-A-1166345, US1166345 A, US1166345A
InventorsFrederic P Gates
Original AssigneeArrow Electric Co
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US 1166345 A
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APPLICATION FILED MAY 24. |915. jjugjn Paened Dac. 28, MN5.



APPLICATION FILED MAY24,19|5 y LM/@Z Ptented Dee. 28, 19h).


ww mace gg Miva/w to@ In order toasseinble the handle and rule, the bearing washer 29, spring 3() locking rule 27 ferand plate i90 are mounted on 'tl1e iterand the locking plate pushed down the ferrule toward the bearing washer 2Q rectangular' pocket lll ot the well, the parts are locked against relative rotary displacement, while at the same time permitting limited relative endwisc displacement of the ferrule through the locking plate and against the action of the spring 30. The

stem 140 ot' the errnle is adapted for threaded engagement with the switch spindle, as before.

ln the modication shown in Figs. l() and 11, a construction embodying the same conception is illustrated.. ln this case the well 101 has a rectangular pocket 111. oi' reduced diameter at its inner end opening from the body of the well which is of generally cylindrical shape although provided with threads 36 molded into its inner periphery and evtendine`- to the month of the Well. The 'tei-rule is of rectangular shape and its head 3l is spaced from the body oi the ferrule by a. reduced neck portion 33 in which the bearing washer 3i is engaged. The spring` 3S abnts at its inner end against 'this washer, while at its outer end it bears against the locking plate B7. The latter, in the present modification, is -formed as an intnrned flange on the screw thimble 35. adapted to be threaded into the well on the internal helix 36 molded therein. A rectangular perforation 370 in the flange plate 37 engages the *errnle and prevents relative rotation-ot the parts. Consequently in order to assemble the `terrule and handle., it is necessary. as in the modification just described, to draw the head 3l down within or toward the screw shell 35 while the Alatter (and the ferrule therewith) is being screwed into the Well in the handle7 whereupon the ferrule is released and the expanding slningn 38. forces the head 3l into its rectangular pocket 111, thus holding the errnle. handle and locking plate against relative rotary displacement.

The thimble 3G may be spun fromA sheet metal in the manner commonly employed in the formation t screw shells for lamp sockets, attachmght plugs, etc. The switch spindle is attached in this instance by ,ideas/ia screwing' the end thcreoiI into an internally threaded socket lll the tei-rule.

`arious further modi lications of construction will readily suggest themselves which do not d part from what claim as my in- 70' body of the handle and secured in said well by a rotary (.lisplacen'ient of said member with relation to the handle. 2. A switch handle comprising an insulating bodyrecessed from its lower face to forni a well, a. switch spindle element engaged against relative rotary displacement in said Well, a bayonet-slot recessin the body of the handle and communicating with said well at the open end `ot' the latterhto form an oifset ledge, in combination with a retaining member entering said Weil and having a portion adapted to enter said bayonetslot recess and rest against sa. l ledge on the rotation of said retaining member with relation to the handle. f A switch handle comprising an insnlating body recessed from its lower lace to form a well, a switch spindle element engaged against relative rotary displacement insaid well, a bayonet-slot recess coinmnni rating with said well at Vthe open end of the latter and forming an offsetlcdge, in combination with a retaining'member entering said well and having a portion adapted to enter said bayonet-slot recess and rest against said ledge on the rotation of said retaining member with relation to the handle, together with a'lng' on said retaining membe' adapted to lock said retaining member in position on said ledge.

switch handle comprising an insulating body recessed from its lower face to forni a well, switch spindle element engaged against relative rotary displacement in said well, and means to prevent endwisc separation of said parts. said means comy piising a retaining member for the spindle element secured in said well by'a rotary displacement oii said member with relation' to the handle and a, lng on said retaining member adapted to loch' the samefin .said well. i

5. A switch handle comprising' an insulatine` body recessed from its lowcr face to form a well. a spindle elcment engaged against relative rotary displacement in 'said well, a bayonetslot recess comn'lunicating vith said well at the open cnd ot' the well to form an offset ledge in combination with a reta-inigwasher having; aange agapted to In testimony Wh/elreof I hay@ signed my Y enter Said bayonet slot*J and be rotabed to name to this. speflcstion, in the presence position on said ofset ledge, togelher with of two subscribing wlfmsses.`

k@L lug m1 said Washer engaging the-side of FREDERIC P. GATES. the bayonet Slot in the assembled position W'tnesses: 0f the parts to lock said Washer against A. L. I-Lmsllw'g accidental escape from said mmm B HEYMANN

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Cooperative ClassificationY10S411/965, H01H3/08