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Publication numberUS116934 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 11, 1871
Publication numberUS 116934 A, US 116934A, US-A-116934, US116934 A, US116934A
InventorsBichakd H. Cutter
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Improvement in chairs for boats
US 116934 A
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BOAT cHAln Bamm) JUL7111371 limit-Chair, of which th "Jar vicw, .with the hack va side elcvaioln UNITED STATES? PATENT OFFICE.


IMPR'ovEMEnT m cHAiRs'FoR Bca/irs.

Specification forming part of Letters-Patent No. 116,934, dated July 11, 1871.

To all whom z't may concern:

Bc it known that l', RICHARD II.' CUTTER, of Clcvcland, in the countyof (hlyahog. and Stato of Ohio, have invent(y a' newv and Improved cation:

The nat-ure, ofthis inrenfion rclat'cs to a chair constructed to he artnr-.hid to thc thwarts of all sail or row-hoatsJiywhich a person niaysiteonn brtah'ly and hayc almekfo lean against; or, if

desired, thc hac-k muy-hc thro'wn'down and thc gronndsas lidi/ as inlplcasnreinmts.

in thc drawing','Figaro l is a. pe-rspectircview ol' ihc nl 'orcsaid ehairns it appears in position -l'or dsc when zltzlehedio :i heheh. A thrown down. Fig'. 3 is lfig. lisa View of they iron :une.

A in thc scveral lignres represents alriron franlc consisting ol lla( hars ol' iron. ThifrontI cnds ot' said bars are hem nndcr in thc l'orni oi' sqnarc hooks and arel provided with tlnnnh-scrcws @by which the framc may hc scoured to a hoard hcnch ol" the t-hwm'ts of u boat. The. roar ends oi thc following is a specliside.hars are tnrncd up, and haA'e hin god or jointcdto theln a li:iel{fiaiiie li. At the sidesof'ihe frame. A and hack-frame [i are. secured eyes c c, to which are attached straps (11 for supporting' Vtheli:n1k-t'1ann. lhc straps arc provided with buckles e c, by which the)v may be. adjusted tosnit. thc slant of thc back. A suitahlc cushion, 1", lics over the l'rainc A and upon the hoard or hench fo which thc chair may heatfached, thc real-side of The, cushioh being,r attachc/dto the. frainchy cords' 'lhe hack-frame B also has an upholstered har, y, or cushion attached toihc fop cross-bar oisaid lnlck-frzune. This chair makes a. very convenient and comtortahlc seat, which may be easily transported and readily a-thnshedpto thc thwarts of small

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Cooperative ClassificationA47C1/16