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Publication numberUS1170096 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 1, 1916
Filing dateMay 26, 1915
Priority dateMay 26, 1915
Publication numberUS 1170096 A, US 1170096A, US-A-1170096, US1170096 A, US1170096A
InventorsJames M Nicholson
Original AssigneeJames M Nicholson
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US 1170096 A
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APPLICATION FILED MAY 26. 1915. 1,170,096. Patented Feb. 1, 1915.

'Il z :lll ///I//// /1 r, l l/ l [L11: ,"l 1 /l/ THE COLUMBIA PLANOGRAPr-I c0.. wAsHINaroN. u. c.

' r ras time.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Feb. i, ieie.

Application filed May 26, 1915. Serial No. 30,623.

' To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, JAMES M. NIoHoLsoN, a citizen of the United States, residing at Chicago, in the county of Cook, State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Tripods; and I do hereby declare the following to` be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

This invention relates to supporting brackets or tripods for cameras.

It is my purpose to provide a supporting bracket for tripod particularly adapted for use in connection with cameras of the folding or vest pocket type and through the instrumentality of which such camera can be readily supported upon some convenient object, such as a tree for the purpose of gaining the required steadiness in the operation of the camera, especially in cases where it is desired to indulge in a time exposure.

It is my further purpose to provide a device of the character named which can be folded into a compact space to enable same to be carried in the ordinary camera case.

N ith the above and other purposes in view the invention consists in the details of construction and in the arrangement and combination of parts to be hereinafter more fully described and particularly pointed out in the appended claims.

In describing the invention in detail referencev will be had to the accompanying drawings wherein like characters of reference denote corresponding parts in the several views, and in which- Figure 1 is a perspective view showing a camera supported upon a tree through the medium of my improved bracket or tripod; Fig. 2. a view in elevation of the tripod detached; Fig. 3. a section on the line 3 3 of Fig. 2, and Fig. 4. a fragment of what is shown in Fig. 2 partly in section.

Referring to the drawings my improved tripod is shown as comprising a central arm A and terminal arms B and C. One end of the arm A is screw threaded as at 10 while the other end thereof is provided with a transverse opening 11. Formed on the arm A are alined lateral extensions 12 and 13, same being disposed relatively near the end of said arm provided with the opening 1l.

The outer ends of the extensions 12 and 13 are provided respectively with sockets 14 for a. purpose that will presently appear.

:Each of the arms B and C is formed of sections 15 and 16. Each section 15 comprises an interiorly threaded tubular portion 17 and a solid portion 18 ydisposed at right angles to the tubular portion 17 and provided on its outer end with a ball 19 operatively engaged in a related socket 14. Each section 16 has one end threaded in the related portion 17 and its other end pointed as at 20. By this construction it will be obvious that the arms A, B and C can be adjusted relatively to each other throughout a wide range.

The tripod further embodies an arm 21 having one end provided with a reduced threaded portion 22 and its other end bifurcated to form arms 23 and 24. These arms have formed therein respectively alined openings 25 and 26, the latter being threaded. The arms 23 and 24 embrace the arm A in such manner that the openings 25 and 26 are disposed in line with the opening 11 and a thumb screw 27 is passed through these alined openings and engaged with the threads of the opening 26 whereby the arm 21 may be clamped in any desired angular relation with respect to the arm A. The threaded portion 22 of the arm A is adapted to be detachably secured in a threaded opening 28 formed in the camera body, such camera being indicated at D.

In the use of the tripod the arm 21 is iirst detached from the arm A and threaded in the opening 28. The arm A is then screwed into the supporting member a desired distance and the arms B and C engaged in the support beneath the arm A. The arm 21 is then secured to the arm A in the desired angular relation and the tripod will then support the camera as clearly shown in Fig. 1.

l/Vhat is claimed is 1. A tripod comprising a central arm having one end screw threaded, alined lateral extensions on said arm adjacent the other end thereof, said extensions being provided in their outer ends with sockets, terminal arms on each side of the central arm and having angular extensions on corresponding ends thereof provided with balls operatively engaged in said sockets respectively, and an,

ing one end screw threadedfterininalarms" disposed respectively on opposite sides of the central arm and having a ball and socket" connection With the latter at one end, vthe end of the Central' arm adj a'oent the ball and socket member being provided Withianopenl. ing, an arm having one end bifuroated and ernbr'aein'ggthelcentialE arm and havingK open-1y ings in theffureatifon alining-'With the open#v ing 1n the#centrall arm; ea thumb fsC-revv' f`en- Y gaged" througlil said"l ali'ne'd.Vl openings and threaded inJ the 'opening in one ofsaidflfm-- eations'-1wherfeby said-armi may-be secured 1nA adesireid-angular 'relatioir with! respeot'l Sto the central arm, and means on the other end ofsaid A.arm for securing the Camera.V

3. Atripod comprising a central arm havingL means at one end for engaging a supporting part, opposite integral alined lateral extensions on said arm adjacent the other end thereof, terminal arms on each side of theoentral arm having a pivotal Connection Witli'one of said extensions, and an arm adjustablypivotedqon the end of the central arm adjacent said extensions and having means for oonneotingfsame-to a camera.

Intestimony whereof?, I 'aflixfmy signatre; in the presence of` two witnesses.


Witnesses: v Y Y W." WV. PAISLEY, f `AYE.. JONES.'

Cepipgfofsthis ptent maybe -obtained5fow1iv cents each; by addressing-the Commissioner -of- Patents,

i l Wahixigtonfn; Ggf

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U.S. Classification248/126, 248/166, 248/217.1, 248/217.2
Cooperative ClassificationF16M13/02