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Publication numberUS1170282 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 1, 1916
Filing dateJul 2, 1915
Priority dateJul 2, 1915
Publication numberUS 1170282 A, US 1170282A, US-A-1170282, US1170282 A, US1170282A
InventorsDaniel Kops
Original AssigneeDaniel Kops
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US 1170282 A
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Patented Feb. 1, 1916.




4 Patented Feb. 1, 1916.

INVE/VT R 8 w W W :uunun 7 21% Be it known that I, DANIEL UNITED STATES PATENT- OFFICE.

' DANIEL xors, ormiw YORK, N. Y.


Specificationot Letters Patent.

Application ma m a, 1915. Serial No. 37.040.

lower front portion of each corset body,

half, there is employed a suitably adjustable tension strap, as well as an overlying and adjustable self-reducing strap, to which latter there are preferably connected suitable hose supporters. I am aware that heretofore garments of this general nature have been constructed. For example, in Letters Patent No. 1,044,191, granted to me November 12, 1912, there is shown and described an apparel corset in which in the lower front portion of each corset body half there is employed a tension strap secured along one edge to the corset body adjacent the hip section, adapted to extend over the lower front portion of the corset body half and be adjustably attached thereto adjacent the" front steel. In this garment, there is also a self-reducing strap secured alongv one edge to the corset body distant from the front steel and adjustable to one of a num-:

ber of positions by attachment to the front portion of a corset body adjacent the front steel and appreciably above the adjustable point of attachment of the said} tension strap, and the self-reducing strap, as shown in this instance, may be a two-part structure. Also as shown and described in Letters Patent No. 1,127,024, granted to me February 2, 1915, apparel corsets have been made in which the tension straps are divided and adjustably connected, one 'end of which is attached along the line adjacent the lower front portion of the corset body and the opposite end along a line adjacent the hip section of the garment, portions of these tension straps overlying parts of the lower front portion of the corset body and lying between the same and the adjacent parts of the depending over-hanging skirts. In the use of the garment shown and described in Letters Patent, No. 1,027,024, it is possible by extreme adjustments to cause the overlying skirt section at the front to wrinkle to an objectionable extent particularly when the garment is worn with a thin or light gown, in which case, the wrinkles are observable through the gown and in order to overcome this objectionable feature and at the same time to obtain the advan tages of thetension straps simultaneously ad ustable both upwardly and inwardly and to combine the same with the advantages resulting from the use of the self-reducing straps as shown in Letters Patent No; 1,044,- 191, which also, as it will be understood, prevents the adjustment of the tension straps A Patented Feb. 1,1916.

from causing wrinkles in the lower front portlon of the garment, the corset made in accordance with my present invention is constructed as hereinafter more particularly described.

In the drawin Figure 1 is a front elevation of an appare corset comprising my present invention. Fig. 2 is an enlarged elevation of the lower front portion of an apparel corset made in accordance with the form shown in Fig. 1, with one of the selfreducing straps turned back to show the more clearly the construction of the adjustable tension straps of the corset. Fig. 3 is an elevationv of the lower front portion of the corset body half, showing another form of the invention, and Figs. 4 and 5 are similar views showing still other forms of the invention.

Referring to the drawing, and particularly to Figs. 1 and 2, the apparel corset made in accordance. with this invention, comprises the usual corset body halvesindicated at 10 and 11. Thesev as is also customary, are provided along their front edges with steels 12 and 13, having hooks or cla'sps .14, by which the parts along these edges are connected, and as'is furthermore customary, the corset body halves along their rear edges are provided with eyeletsv 15, by which along these edges the parts are connected by laces 16. Each corset body half is provided with a depending skirt 17 and inasmuch as the corset body halves are similarly constructed in rights and lefts, but one of them will be .hereinafter specifically described. Each corset body half, adjacent the lower front portion thereof, is fitted with a 'selfreducingstrap 19 secured along one edge thereof, to the corset body half at a distance from its front edge, by a suitable line of stitches indicatedat 20. This self-reducing strap. extends below the lower front edge of the corset body roper and'at its lower end. indicated at 21, is secured to the lower front a stud 30 also fixed to the lower portion of edge of the skirt extension 22, to both of which and depending therefrom is a hose supporter 23. At its upper forward free edge, the self-reducing strap is provided 7 withseries of eyelets24, each adapted to engage with a stud 25 secured in the lower front portion of the corset steel" and by which, as will be understood, this member may be readily adjustedto position at the lower front portion of the corset body. I also employ an adjustable tension strap 26. At one end thistension strap is permanently secured at its lower edge to the lower front portion of the corset bod adjacent the front edge thereof and below the lower ends of the steel, by the eyelets or rivets 27, to which is also connected one part of a clasp 28. At its upper forward edge the tension strap is also provided'with series of eyelets 29, any one of which may be caused to engage with the corset. steel. This adjustable tension strap extends rearwardly and the inner por-- tion of the same is preferably elastic and at its inner end, adjacent the edge thereof, is provided with series of eyelets 31. By a suitable lace 32, this'end ofthe adjustable tension strap is connected to an auxiliary strap or anchor member 33, in the outer edge of which there is a series of eyelets 34, corresponding to a series of eyelets 31, the opposite-edge of the auxiliary strap. or anchor 33 being connected to the corset body by the same line of stitches, by which the selfreducing strap 19 is connected thereto.

As will be apparent from the foregoing description, the self-reducing strap is adjustable to position along its upper edge, as is also the tension strap 26, which furthermore is adjustable by the laces 32 to further determine the position of the tension strap in order to create the desired pressure both inwardly and upwardly against the abdomen of the wearer to properly support the same.

By reference to Fig. 3, it will be seen that in addition to the parts hereinbefore described in the form of the invention shown in Figs. 1 and 2, I may employ an auxiliary self-reducing strap 35 connected along its upper edge to the main self-reducing strap along the line of stitches indicated at 36.

I time This auxiliary self-reducing strap extends downwardly over the front portion of the adjustable tension strap and may have secured to its lowest extremity, the hose supporter 37. In this form of the invention, the adjustable tension strap lies between the self-reducing straps in the lower front portion of the corset body pro er.

Referring to Fig. 4, in w ich the 'parts are the same as those hereinbefore described in the form of the invention shown in Fig. 3, with the exception that-the auxiliary selfreducing strap 35 is attached to the lower front ortion of the corset body proper 'alon t e line of stitches indicated .at 38, in-

ste'a of being connected to the main selfreducing strap. Furthermore by reference to Fig. 5, it will be seen that the auxiliary self-reducing strap 35 may be connected to the lower front portion of the corset body proper, the same as is the case with the construction shown in Fig. 4, but unlike that shown in Fi .4, the auxiliary tension strap as shown in ig. 5, is so placed as to lie between the main and auxiliary self-reducing straps, instead of between the self-reducing stra son the lower front portion of the cor- .set ody proper, as in the other forms of the inventlon.

I claim as my invention:

In an apparel corset and in each corset body half, a-self reducing strap permanently secured to the corset body half only on a line distant from the front steel so as to be detachably' and adjustably connected to the -.corset body halfvat the front portion'thereof with the upper and lower edges of said selfreducing strap free from the corset body, means for adjustably connecting said selfreducing strap to the front of the corset body half, and an uplifting tension strap located under the self-reducing strap and secured at one end to the lower front portion of the corset body. half extending rearwardly and adjustably connected to the corset body half adjacent the line of attachment thereto of the said self-reducing strap so as to be simultaneously adjusted to position both upwardly and inwardly.

Signed by me this 29th day of May, 1915.


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