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Publication numberUS1171083 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 8, 1916
Filing dateJun 9, 1915
Priority dateJun 9, 1915
Publication numberUS 1171083 A, US 1171083A, US-A-1171083, US1171083 A, US1171083A
InventorsBenjamin F Bailey
Original AssigneeLizzie A Cree, Benjamin F Bailey
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US 1171083 A
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'8. F. BAILEY.. EGG BOX- y APPLICATION FILED )UNEKQ |915- v e i 1,171,083. l n Peeented Feb. 8,1916.




Patented Fa. 8, 1916.


Je a

M/YEJJE 77.01.97/7



Specification of Letters Patent.

ratentedreb. e, 191e,

Application filed June 9, 1915l SerialfNo. 33,055. Y

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that l, BENJAMIN F. BAILEY, a citizen of the United States, and resident of Minneapolis, in the county of Hennepin and State of Minnesota, vhavevinvented certain new and useful Improvements in Egg- Boxes, of which the following is a specification.

VThe object of-my invention is to provide a' folding box in which any suitable number of eggs can be packed for safe transportation from place to place. Y

A further object is to provide a box which, when folded, will be` of rigidconstruction to resist external pressure and is ladapted 7 Thispanel 1s composed preferably'of straw'- for convenient inspection of theeggs, such as subjecting them to the candling operation. j

OtherA objects of the invention will appear from the following detailed description. f

The invention consists generally in anv egg i' box substantially as described, and pointed out in the claims. s

, In the accompanying drawings forming part of this speciiication, Figure 1 is a plan view of a blank cut and scored in accordance Vwith my invention, Fig. 2 `is a perspective view showing the blank half folded, Fig, .fc3 is a similar view showing the blank folded ready to receive .the eggs, Fig. 4 is a perspective view showing the blank completely folded and the folds lockedV together, Fig. is atransverse sectional view through the box, Fig, .6 is a detail View lookingat one corner of the folded box. l

In the drawing, the blank isshown rectangular, substantially, in form, and provided with parallel Scored lines 2, 3, 4, 5`

and 6, dividing the blank into panels 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. The panels-7 and 12, or the outer ones at the ends of the blank are provided with triangular flaps 13 having tongues 14 and 15 on the sides of the triangle and separated therefrom `by the score lines 16. These panels 7 and 12 also have a plurality of openings 17 therein with V- shaped tongues 18 formed around the edges of the openings and projecting into the openings. I have shown'six of these openings in each panel to adapt the box for the insertion of half a dozen eggs therein, but this number may be increased or decreased as conditions may warrant or seem suitable.

The outer, longitudinal edges of the panels 7 and 12 also have tongues 19 thereon,

i and at the inner longitudinal edgesof these panels, locking tongues 20 are provided in staggered relation to one another and oppositeeach of these tongues on the panels S and 11 respectively are diagonally arranged slits 21 adapted toy receive the hooked or notched-ends of the tongue 2O Vwhen the box fis' folded. Between the panels 9 and l0 and central with respect tothe score line 4, I prefer to provide a lslot 22 and upon each sidey of this slot in the panels 9 and 1.0 vI providea pair of slits 23 substantially L- shaped,`1nto which the ends of the tongues 19 are `inserted in the final step of folding and vlocking the panels of the box together.

ready fortheini'tial 'folding and the insertion of the 'eggstherein z The rst step in the :folding operation is to bend'thepanel Aon the scored line 2 until `the three panels 7 8 and 9. form a V-shaped receptacle, the tongue 19being inserted through the slot'22 as indicated in Fig. 2. When this has been done the panel 12 is foldedl in Va similarfmanner and the longitudinal tongue of this ,panel is also thrust through the slot 22 and the ends of the tongues inserted in the ends lof 7the slits 23 and locked therein.` yThebox will then vassume the position shown in Fig. V3, and the eggs may be inserted into the fopenings 17, V the tongues 18 yielding under the pressure of the eggs and forming a cushion therefor. For these tongues, howeverhI make no clann in this application, as l am aware that thewr have been illustrated and generally used prior to my invention.

When the panels 7, 8 andi9are"folded,the

vtriangular flaps 13 are turned outwardly 'the pockets therefor, one V-shaped receptacle is folded over on the central score line 4 until the holes therein register with the corresponding holes in the other pockets and the eggs will lie in these pockets substantially half in one and'half in the other,

as shown in Fig. 5, and be held' by the pockets and the tongues out of direct contact With the Walls of the pockets and therefore be supported so that lany external'blow or pressure on the Walls of the box Will not be transmitted directly to the fragile shells of the eggs.

`When the final fold in the box' has been v` made the tongues 20 Will project from the inner longitudinal edges of the panels 7 and l2 and their hooked ends may be inserted into the opposite slits 2l, and the V-shaped 'sections-of the boxes thereby be locked to- -at intervals along the scored lines 3 and '5,

so that When the blank is folded to form the box these notches LWill be opposite one another at each end of the eggs, and a person `by holding up the box and looking through these notches toward a light can easily candie the eggs or determine Whether they are fresh or not. lf the box is likely to be subvinitted to extreme rough handling it may b'e thrust into an outer ycasing of' su'fcient size to receive a plurality of the boxes. A suitable wrapper may then be placed on the casing and it can be safely shipped by parcel post, express or by any other delivering means to any desired distance.

The blank` may, of course,. be made in various sizes and the details of the locking of the panels together may be modii'ied in various ways and still be Within the scope of my invention;

l claim as my invention: Y

l. An egg box comprising a blank of flexible material divided by parallel score lines into a series of panels, the outer panels at the Vends of the blank'having a plurality of openings therein and being folded initially along their score lines over the adjacent panels to form egg pockets triangular, substantially, in cross section, said pockets being folded finally upon one another when the eggs` have been inserted therein, and said blank having tongues and slots for locking said pockets in opposing relation to one another.

)anels beine' inserted into said )'ockets for Y closing and bracing the open ends thereof.

[in egg box comprising a blank divided by parallel score lines into a plurality of panels, the outer panels having openings therein and tongues formed on their outer longitudinal edges, said blank having a slot at the center thereof along the middle score line, said outer panels being folded initially along their score lines over upon the adjacent panels to form egg pockets triangular, substantially, in cross section, the tongues'of said outer panels being inserted thro-ugh the slot in said blank and interlocked vwith slits provided in the panels on opposite sides of said slot.

il. in egg box comprising a blank divided by transverse score lines into a plurality of panels, the outer panels having `openings therein, the next adjacent panels having tongues and slits formed therein in lstaggered relation, .aid outer panels being folded initially over upon tue adjacent panels to forni egg pockets and also folded finally against one another with their openings in opposing relation, and said tongues being positioned after the final folding operation to enter the opposite slit for locking said egg pockets together..

5. An egg box comprising a blank scored to form a series of panels,the outer panels being folded along their score lines to form egg pockets, triangular in cross section, said Dockets having on )osino Aooenine's therein to :n l D l a Copies of this patent may b'e obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of latents, Washington, D. C.

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