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Publication numberUS1171186 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 8, 1916
Filing dateAug 18, 1915
Priority dateAug 18, 1915
Publication numberUS 1171186 A, US 1171186A, US-A-1171186, US1171186 A, US1171186A
InventorsJoseph Frackman
Original AssigneeJoseph Frackman
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Setting for precious stones.
US 1171186 A
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1,171,186 Patented Feb. 8,191

WIT/V588 7 Wm eff. chm By /4; Arron/m Q-JW'ET D era JOSEPH raacxm n, or unit x'ion x," iz'.


To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, JOSEPHFRAQKM a citizen of the United 'States,--anda resident of the city of New York, in the county of New York and State of New York,have

invented certain new and useful Improvemerits in Settings for Precious Stones, of

which the following is a specification.

The present invention relates to a setting for precious stones. p s

In the manufacture of jewelry, it is customary to mount a number of small stones 1 in. a cluster to resemble a single stone of the size of the cluster. It has also been customary to attach to the plate or "disk, in which the small stones are set, a framework to resemble the facets of the pavilion of the single large stone to be imitated. This frame-work is either produced by a plurality of wires, which are secured to the disk and extend downward and meet in the 7 portion construction within the scope .of the apaxis of the disk, or the said facets are formed of a plurality of metal plates. Both of these constructions have been found to be detrimental to the brilliancy and beauty.

of the small stones forming the cluster, for

ducing a simple and inexpensive structure,

in which all stones of the, cluster retain their original brilliancyand beauty.

With these and other. objects in view, which will more fully appear as the nature of the invention 1s better understood, the

same consists in the combination, arrangement and construction of parts hereinafter fully described, pointed out in theappended claims and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, it being understood that many changes may be made in the size and proof the several parts and vdetails of without departing from the pended claims advantages spirit or sacrificing any ofthe I .of the invention; '1

One 'of the many possible embodiments of the invention is illustrated in the 5 5 panying drawings, in which accom- Figural is a side elevation of a and a frame-work I a ring with; the improved settingyFig. ,2'is aplan View 'i'snr'rms FOR Famo mites] if; 3 3 I SpecificationnfLetters Patents Application filed August 18,1915. Seria1No.46,129. i v 5 of the setting, the stones, being removed more'fclearly-show the'construction; Fig.

; is a -bot to'm plan View of the settingyand Flg. 4: 1s a sectlonj taken on linedief Fig.3. In the drawings,"the numerallO indicates avmetallic circular disk, which is slightly 1 raised toward its center, and providedwith a plurality of aperturesll, one of the same being formed in the center of the disk and;

r the others grouped around thesame. Into these apertures. are set the small precious" stones 12. To cause the structure to reseme ble a single stone, a frame-work 13 is attached to the underface of the disk 10, said I frame-work being made of wire and being star-like. The .pointsl l of the radiating arms of the star like structure are suitably fastened, for instance, by solder to the perlphery of the disk 10, its radiating arms 15 extending from there downward in inclined positions toward theraxis of the disk,

but stopping'short of such axis. Thevcen tral stone forms thus the table of the single stone to be imitated, the periphery of the disk the girdle thereof, and the radiating arms of the frame 13 the edges of the facets of the pavilion of such stone. The

frame 13 is'preferably made of a single piece of wire, properly bent and shaped.

It is to be observed that the radiating arms of the frame 13 are disposed in relation to the apertures 11 in such a manner that access of light to such apertures from below is in no way obstructed. ,On the otherhand,

attention is called to the fact that; inasmuch as the radiating arms stop short of the axis of the disk 10', the central aperture is notv obstructed. The radiating arms of the frame 7 stop short of the axis of the disk for another reason also,to wit: to form the collet of the stoneh 3 The setting now-described may be mounted, for instance in 'avring 16, as shown in Fig. 1 of-the drawings, brooches, etc.

or in earrings, pins,

=What I claim,is: I

, 1. A setting for a-cluster of small stones,

comprising adiskrprovided with a plurality. of apertures into which the stones are fitted, attached to said disk, said frame-work being made in the form of a star-like structure'having'the. points of' its radiating arms secured to the periphery of said disk, said armsvbein Y out of aline- H ment with-said aperturesan 'extendinglin inclined positions downward toward the aXis of said disk, but stopping short of said axis.

2. A setting for a cluster of small stones, comprising a disk provided with a plurality of apertures into which the stones are fitted and a framework attached to said disk, said frame-work being made of a. single piece of wire in the form of a stardike structurehaving the points of its radiating arms secured to the periphery of said disk, said arms being out of alinement with said apertures and extending in inclined positions downward toward the axis of said disk but stopping short of said axis.

Signed at New York, in the county of New York and State of New York this 16th dayof Aug. -A, D. 1915.


Gopies'oi this patent may be obtained forjive cents each; by addressing the Gommissioner of Patents,

Washington, D. C.

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