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Publication numberUS1171973 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 15, 1916
Filing dateOct 26, 1914
Priority dateOct 26, 1914
Publication numberUS 1171973 A, US 1171973A, US-A-1171973, US1171973 A, US1171973A
InventorsJohn W Patterson
Original AssigneeJohn W Patterson
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Sanitary appliance.
US 1171973 A
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Patented Feb. 15,1916.


' fiector which fits below the mouth.

"JOHN w. PATTERSQN, orivnw iron c; iv. Y.

.To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JOHN IV. PATTERSON, a citizen of the United States, andlresident of the city of New York, in the county of New York and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Sanitary Appliances, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to appliances or devices that are conducive to sanitary protection.

People of certain occupations, such as doctors, barbers, dentists, etc., find it objectionable and unsanitary to have their breath directed against the face of the patient or person upon whom they operate, and the principal object of my invent on is to provide. improved means for remedying this objection.

In carrying out the invention, a device is provided which is worn by the operator, and comprises an upper breath deflector which fits below the nose of the wearer along the upper lip, and a lower breathsdeci a1 deflectors have configurations that direct the breath from the nose and mouth of the wearer to the sides of his faceand away from the face of the person operated upon. The deflectors are hingedly held and can be thereby adjusted angularly, and links connecting the upper and lower deflectors enableadjustment of the deflectors laterally with relation to each other, wherebythey may be set to fit the wearer and to deflect the breath exactly as desired. Suitable adjustable strapping devices extend from said deflectors for properly securing them in place.

This appliance may be also used by chemists, and others engaged in similar work, to avoid breathing the fumes which issue from the various substances involved in certain processes.

Other objects and advantages will hereinafter appear.

In the, accompanying drawings,-Figure 1 is a general perspective view of the sanitary appliance. Fig. 2 is a view showing the appliance as it appears when worn by the operator. Fig. 3 is an enlarged view showing a preferred means for adjusting the length of the holding straps.

An upper breath deflector 1 has its lower edge 2 formed so that it fits along the upper Specification of Letters Patent. Application an October 26, 1914. Serial No. 858,566.


Patented Feb. 15 1916.

lip ofthe wearer,Fig. 2, and extends therefrom upwardly and obliquely in a suitable eonfiguration whereby the breath issuing.

from the nose is directed toward the sides of the wearers face and away from the person operated upon, As the extremities 3' of said deflector, are fixed straps l, swivelly held thereto at 5, and straps fi adjustably fastened to straps 4i and forming a continuation thereof terminate in the form of hooks 7, which'fit behind the ears of the wearer, and in this way secure the deflector 1 in place. Auxiliary holding straps 8 are pivota-lly fixed to straps 6 and 9, and extend therefrom over the head of the wearer and have their ends suitably fastened.

Downwardly extending links 10 have their extremities 11 fixed pivotally. to the pivot-' deflector 14, which is similar in general to theupper deflector 1. Thelower' edge 15 of deflector 14 is formed to fit below the QFF T lower lip of the wearer and said deflector extends therefrom ina suitable configura-. tion whereby the breath from'the wearers mouth is directed similarly as alfected'by the upper breath deflector 1. The hinging of deflector 1 and link 10 at 5, and of deflector lt at 13 is tight, so that said deflectors may be disposed in any angular position and their exact adjustment. according to the requirements of the wearer thereby affected. l/Vhen desired, the deflector 1 and particularly the deflector 14: may be swung downwardly out of the way and thus main-' tained temporarily inoperative or out of use for permitting the wearer to speak freely or expectorate, or for other such purposes.

. To fit the particular user, adjustment of the straps 4,6, and 8, which are of metal orother suitable material, may be done by,

means of'boltslfi on the end of one of the straps passing through a slot 17 provided on the end ofthe cooperating strap, andnuts 18 threading over said bolts to tighten the straps where adjusted.

As a preferred means for adjusting said I straps, the end of one ofthe straps is provided with a toothed portion 19, Fig.3, and a metal band 20, within which the extremity of the cooperating strap is fixed, has asp'ring-detent 21 which engages with any one of the teeth 19 and the pressure of said detent holds the straps. by forcing th m pressingly against an extension 22 forming part of the band 20.' To adjust the straps,

the operator grasps the knob 23 forming part of the band 20, and draws the extremity of the cooperating strap: away from said knob, whereupon the straps remain held where adjusted. t

The deflectors 1 and 14 may be made of celluloid or other suitable -1naterial, and preferably of such material that will impart to *the deflectors a :certain degree of flexibility, whereby the configuration of'the deflectors may be somewhat modified, if desiredfto varyithe direction of the deflection of the wearers breath. Whenflexible materialis used a reinforcement wire 24, ig. 1,-may be fixed along the'upper edges 25 of. the deflectors to malntain the curvature thereatconstant.

It will'be evident that by means of all" the aforesaid adjustments the deflectors may be set to the exact ,position desired and fthe breath of the wearer thus properly diverted Copies of this patenbmay be obtained for five cents eachfbyadiires'siing ?tlie 2. A sanitary appliance having the com. bination of a breath deflector for the nose, a breath deflector for the vmouth,

necting said deflectors, said deflectors being .pivotally niounted with said links for angu:

lar adjustment, and means for securingsaid deflectors tothewearer.

3. A sanitary appliance having the combination of a breath deflector for the nose,

breath deflector for the mouth, said deflectors being configurated "to direct the-breath 5 of the wearer to the sides of the wearers face and away from the person operated upon, means for secur ng said deflectors to the wearer, links holding one of said deflectorsconnected to said securing means, and said latter deflector being pi'votal"ly mounted for angular adjustment.

LA sanitary appliance having the combination'of abreathdflectdr for the nose, a breath deflector for the mouth, said deflectors being con'figi'u'ated *to' direct the breath of the wearer 'tothe sides of the wearers face, and away from the person operated upon,-

straps for securingflsaid deflectors extending ,j therefrom, and said deflectors being gp1vot fally mounted for angular adj ustment;

Signed at theo -city of N ew York, in the county of New York, and State of "New York thisQdth'dayfofOctober, A. ,1). 1914.1


Clrnts. XV. I'LA RUE, B. ROMAN. 7

commissioner of Patents,

Washingtomb. I01

links con+ l

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