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Publication numberUS1172483 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 22, 1916
Filing dateFeb 29, 1912
Priority dateFeb 29, 1912
Publication numberUS 1172483 A, US 1172483A, US-A-1172483, US1172483 A, US1172483A
InventorsBerton I Rike, John R Klin
Original AssigneeGermless Paper Cup Company
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Folding paper vessel.
US 1172483 A
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. z. BIKE 5L 1. R. KUN.


iPatnted Feb. 22, N16:

`'Joins R. KLIN, citizens of "the United i im TED sTATEs PATENT oEEioE.



normmernrnn vEssEL.


Patented-Feb. ee, 1916.

Application led February 29,1912. i Serial No. 680,738.

To all vwhom t may concern.' i Be it known that we, BEnToN I. Rina and States, residing at Dayton, in the county of Montgomery and State of Ohio, have invented certain new and usefulv Improvements in Folding Paper- Vessels, of which the following is a. specification.

Our invention relates to improvements in folding paper vessels of the kind known as sanitary drinking cups, and particularly of the type which are folded to a. cone-shape.

The object of our invention is to provide a cup of the `character'.referred to, which will be simple in construction, eilective in use and require the minimum amount of material to enable it to be manufactured cheaply.

In the accompanying drawings: Figure l is a view of the blank from which the cup is formed. Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the cup in folded open position.` Fig. 3 is a plan view of the cup in'folded collapsed position. Fig.' e vis -an enlarged section through the blank on the line 1 -4 of Fig. 1.

Like parts are represented by similar characters of reference in the several views.

The' blank from -which the cup is formed is substantially semi-circular in shape, and is scored on the lines 4 and 5 to form quadrant-shaped sections 1 and 2 and. a small rectangular section 8 in the natureof a flap secured .to the section 1. The sections" 1 Vand 2 are also provided withfscoife lines 6 and 7 extending transversely'across the same near their apexeshsofas' to form triangularlyshaped rsections 9 a1id 10 The rectangular-'shapedsection 3 is also-formed with an singularly-arranged score lineg, Yso

as to forni a small triangular seciiililIl, whose apex 1s at the same point-as ftheje apexes of the sections 9 and l0.

v In forming the cup, the sections 1. and 2n 4are folded together and the section 3 folded over upon the lsection 2 and'secured thereto by any suitable form of cement, of a sanitary nature. When the cup is thus folded, it will be seen that' the small triangular sections 9,`10 and 11 will be folded `upon each other so., as to bring the respective score lines 6.7 and 8 in line with each other,

these sco're lines extending in a direction at right angles tothe vertical axis ofthe cup,

Aso that when .the cup is sprung tothe open position shown in Fig. 2, the apex will break upon these auxiliary score lines, permitting the small triangular sections to lie close together to form a closed water bottom and also prevent breakage of the lcup at this point.

tight v In order to strengthen and stiifen the cup thus formed, the blank is formed of a series of circular score lines, three score hnes 12,'

13 and 14, being shown in the present case;

`these more lines forming on the outside of lthe completed cup a series of circumferential ribs, l5, 16 and 17. v v Having thus-described our invention we claim y l. A folding paper vessel consisting of a semi-circular blank scored on'a central line so as to Vform equal-sized quadrant-shaped sections, a flap ,extending from one of said sections, said sections bein folded upon K themselves so thattheir out ineswill'register, and the 'liep being folded over and se-l cured by .pasting to one of said sections.

2. A' folding vpaper vesselconsisting of a semi-circular blank scored on a central line so as to form yequal-sized quadrant-shaped sections, vone of vsaid sections being provided with a flap, said sections and flap being provided with auxiliary score lines-6, 7 8 vto form ,auxiliary triangular-Shaped sec'- tions' which overlap at the point of the cone when folded, said sections being folded upon themselves along' the central score line and so that the outlines of said sections will coincide, said flap being vfolded vel` the 'opposite sectionand'pasted thereto.l

semi-circular blank scored on a central line so as to provide two equal-sized quadrantshaped-sections, a ap extending from one of said sections, said sections being folded upon themselves on the central score line flap being folded over the opposite and the section and pasted thereto, and one or more circular scores on sald blank to form one Vor more circumferential ribs on said vessel OSCAR C. OLT.

3. A folding paper vessel consisting of a'

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U.S. Classification229/400, 383/119
Cooperative ClassificationB31B3/00, B65D3/06, B31C7/02, B31F1/08
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