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Publication numberUS1174897 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 7, 1916
Filing dateApr 20, 1915
Priority dateApr 20, 1915
Publication numberUS 1174897 A, US 1174897A, US-A-1174897, US1174897 A, US1174897A
InventorsRobert N Preston
Original AssigneeRobert N Preston
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Auxiliary air-valve for internal-combustion engines.
US 1174897 A
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www. Patented Mar. 7,1916.




Specification of Letters Estonia.

Patented Mar i, 191% Application filed. 1911120, 1915. Serial No. 22,686,

To all whom is may ooncem:

Be it known that 1, ROBERT N. PsEsToN, a citizen of the United States, residing at Goldwater, in the county of Branch and State of Michigan, have invented new and useful Improvements in Auxiliary Air- Valves for Internal-Combustion Engines, of which the following is a specification This invention relates to auxiliary sir valves for internal combustion engines, the object in view being to provide an air inlet valve located between the carburetor and engire and controlled by the throttle valve of the carburetor in accordance With tie position of said throttle valve, the degree of opening of the throttle valve eutornatrcally regulating the volume of air fidll'llil" ted through said arixilisry valve into the mixture after leaving the carbureteix A further object of the invention is to provide a valve of the class to which by reason of its construction is adapted "to be easily ssociated with the intake pipe of an internal combustion eugins in an expeditious manner and Without threading said intake pipe or modifying the some further than to drill through the in take pipe. I

With the above and other objects in view, the invention consists in the novel construction, combination and arrangement of par ts, as herein described illustrated and claimed.

In the accompanying drawings: Figure 1 is a side elevation conventionally showing an internal combustion engine. carbureter intake pipe and manifold, illustrating the auxiliary air valve of this invention epplied to the intake pipe and controlled by the throttle valve of the cerbureien 2 is an enlarged section taken diametrically of the auxiliary air, valve and also showing a portion of the intake pipe in section Referring to the drawings A. genersll" designates an internal combustion the intake pipe there-oi the ccrbizrete 3 designates the throttle valve lever by means of which the usual throttle valve of the earbureter is opened and to an extent commensurate with the speed required of the engine in carrying out the present invention, intake pipe i. is drilled or bored to provide oppositely arranged holes 4 and 5 through which the auxilier sir valve of this invention, and which is designated genersllv I .1 at B is introduced as shown in Fm. 2., lbs 7 v a valve comprises an outer tube or casing/5 and an inner partially rotatable tube l litting within the outer tube 6 and provided at one end with a flange 8 which engages the corresponding extremity of the outer tube 6 thereby preventing the accidental withdrawal of {he tube 7 from the tube 6.

The outer tube or casing 6 is threaded at 9 to receive on internally threaded cap 10 which screws upon the end of the casing 6 end has its inner end shaped to conform to the curvature of the intake pipe 1 in order to form an air tight joint therewith. The casing 6 is also threaded at its opposite end as shown at 11 to receive a lock out 12 which screws against the side of the intake pipe 1 opposite the cap 10, thereby locking the outer casing 6 in fixed and air tight reletion to the intake pipe 1. The casing 6 is provided with. 13 end the inner corresponding series of adapted, to register with the holes 13 more or less as the inner tube T is slowly re volved. Adjustably secured to t e projeoting extremity of the inner tube 7 is on tube '7 is provided with s plurality of air inlet holcs' air inlet holes is.

operating arm or lever 15 having et one end as collar 16 which encircles the tube"? and carries a binding screw 1'? by means of which the proper adjustment of the inner tube 7 be efiected in relation to the position of the throttle valve of. the carburote-r.

18 designates a connecting rod attached at one end to the lever 15 and at the other end to the throttle valve lever 3 so that as the throt is is gradually opened or closed, the tube 7 is correspondingly turned in one direction or the other to admit sir in proper proportion to the degree of opening of the throttle valve and accordance with the deiiisnds of the engine under varying Pis ton speed. I

5 means the invention above dcseri ced only iieeessar v to bore a hole diametrithrough opposite Walls of the intake and then insert the inner and outer s o the valve look the outer by means of the members l0 and The rod 18 is then connected to the throttle valve 3 and by mean-s of the binding so. 11'", the tube 7 is adjusted to bring the holes 14 thereof into the proper relation to the holes 13 of the casing 6 Under low engine speed, the auxiliary sir valve 3 is practically closed so as not to admit any air thus producing a rich mixture particularly adapted for starting the engine and maintaining the same when turning at a comparatively low rate of speed As the throttle valve is gradually opened to increase the speed of the engine, the auxiliary a1r valve is simultaneously opened;

against the intake pipe, a nut threaded on said outer casing and bearing against the opposite side .of the intake pipe, an inner tubular member mounted to turn within said outer casing, said tubular member and outer casing being formed with holes adapted to be moved into and out of register, an operating arm for said inside tubular member, a connection between said lever and the throttle lever of the carbureter, and means for adjusting said inner I tubular member in relation to said outer casing.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature in presence of two Witnesses.


Witnesses: I


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Cooperative ClassificationF16K3/08