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Publication numberUS1175652 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 14, 1916
Filing dateApr 1, 1915
Priority dateApr 1, 1915
Publication numberUS 1175652 A, US 1175652A, US-A-1175652, US1175652 A, US1175652A
InventorsCharles O Marquette
Original AssigneeCharles O Marquette
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US 1175652 A
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Patented Mar. 14:, 1916.



Patented Mar. 14, 1916.


1; FIG. 6

/V//// 64% W22 "T WlTNESSES i so 1 venienceandvdisadvantages of theuse of 1 T a llgtvk om it mag looacern:

j Be,vit.knovvn that BI, CHARLES 0. MAR- U qpnrrn a citizenof the' United States, and

resident {of Philadelphia, in the county of Philadelphia; and; State of Pennsylvania,

ahavelinventeda1new and useful Improvej ment inaHoteleRegisters';and I do hereby declarethe following to be a full, clear, and exact description thereof.

My inventionx relates to a device for holding -s'o-called IQQsedeaf records, such for eX- ample, a as hotel register sheets, dramatic parts, commercial recording sheets, legal ient and rapidlfihandling,

the properorder porta-nce.

i I briefs,sermons, addresses and numerous like 3 ".15

documents or papers, of which the, convenand preserving offlthe same is of prime 1m- {While thefl'invention may be adapted to any or an ofthepses mentioned, it is of'spe cial'value \vhenaisejd asa loose-leaf register for hotels, and jforthat reason will be particularly vand.specifically described in con- .nectionuvithsuch use; though itis to be v in no way so limited, and,1n fact, modified understood that'lthe use of the device "is forms ofthedeviceareshoivn and described 1 1n theaceompanying drawing and specificationywhich are particularly useful for other tha'nj hote'l:purposes. The defects, inconthe ordinaryj bound or book hotel register is-wellknown tolall' familiar with the hotel 1 business.

flvhen adguest registers, it is highly; mportant andnecessary that all data lIlQllldlIlglllt-E name, address. t1rneofreg1sthe desk of the ientirewboundor book regis desiresfto consult the registerto ascertain tdanyQof the officials above mentioned until the ai'ty*'consu lti'ng it has come j pleted; his investigation. The consequence is thatlworkl of fthejentire oliice and other l l operative-frame ofthe'hote'l isheld up' and .theseaoilicials; muststand about absoliitely p idle so far as securing immediate record of the last registration is concerned, until the Specification of Letters Patent. Pat t d from the 3 usedasa loose-leaf holder for papers;

uments for other purposes; for example. an artist when rehearsing his part for a pla y E STATES PATENT OFF E o ARLEs o. MARUETTE, or PHILAD LPHIA,rEIvNsYLvANI HOTELBEGISTER.

the data recorded thereon. Moreover, the

constant handling of the bound sheets of a.

book register soils the'pages and renders the same untidy and unpleasant to consult.

One of the chief objects'of this invent-ion, therefore, iswto so arrange and mountthe leaves of a hotel register that as soon as a Mar. 14, 1916. ,xApplication filed Aprill, 1915. Serial No. 18,558. a a

register is again available for transcribing them. As soon as one sheet or page is filled and removed from the holder, the next sheet a 1 or blank .page is available for registration purposes, and the Work of the office and other operative force of-the hotel maycon tinue uninterruptedly injtakingthe data sheet just removed; while, simultaneously, the new, sheet or page is available for registration purposes. Moreover,

as "soon as all of the data from one sheet has been transcribed, said sheet may beimme dlately transferred-tea separate holder or hinder on the hotel desl; Where it may be the presence and time of arrival-of friends or relatives atthe hotel. Moreover, by such :a device and arrangement,; old records or prior pages of the register come obsolete so far public is concerned, permanent record and are not subjected to the constant handling :due to being bound up with the morerecent sheets or pages of a permanently bound register. these prior; or older. sheets or pages having which have beecome a-matter of record in several of the.

other departments of the hotel ofi'ice, the presenceof a party who has been a guest at the hotel for several days may he ran (1 i ascertained 'without reference to the former --pa ''es cfthe register. i thenrrivalf offfriends, *saidregi'ster is'not- I Q available Furthermore. the device or holder or dochas occasion to go over the pages of his portant passages therein bec me obliterated as consultation by the may be filed away for j may be i consulted 'by parties desiring to ascertain The data of."

-- -view of the device shown in Fig. 1, illus-.

pages of thepart may be neatly arranged,

readily removedand preserr-edfrom mutilat1on and disfigurement. The same will also be true when the device'is used as a holder for legal'briefs, sermons, addresses and the like. I

lVith the above and other objects in view, as \i-ilLappear from the following-description',""the' invention contemplates the employment of a. holder or frame for maintaining the documents inreadily readable position,

said frame being of a size and shape convenient for. handling and adapted to the particular-kind ofde'cuments or sheets it is intended'1'-'-to hold. Within this frame is held a removable pad orcarrier for the sheets so constructed and arranged that any desired number of sheets may be held there- 'in, and the pad slipped within or removed from the holding frame without mutilation or disturbance ofthe remaining sheets, and, so constructed that separate sheets may be readily and quickly removed exposing thefrom; "Fig. 3 is a reverse perspective plan view showing'the back ofthe holder and illustrating certain features which facilitate ,the' removal of the carrier from the frame and removal ofthe sheets fro-m the carrier; Fig.4 is a similar view of the pad or carrier in which the loose sheets are mounted for ready insertion .and removal 'from the mainholder; Fig. 5'i's a transverse sectional trating more clearly the construction and relative arrangement of the holder and carrier when assembled; and Fig. 6 1s a sectional view similar to'Fig.-5, showing a modified fornrof the device including a celluloid or other-transparent protecting member adapted to overlie the sheets in the holder to preserve the'same from soil ng or mutilation.

Referring to Figs. 1 to"5 inclusive, 1 indi-,

cates a holder. or frame which may be of suitablebody material, such as leather, pa

pier-mache', or the'like, and .mav' be suitably :.cov ered with: a binding 2 "of leatherv to pre-' sent an attractive appearance; *Thisholder or ,frame is 1 h undercut recesses3 at three sides thereof,

andhaving its fourth-side opening out to the side-pf ftheframe or holder at 4 for the four sides.

)rovided with'an opening having reception-of a pad 5 adapted to contain a pluralityof record sheets, such as looseleaves of a hotel register, for example, although, as above stated, these loose sheets or leaves may be used for any desired purpose. This pad is illustrated in detail in Fig. 4:

where it is shown to consist-of a back board 6 and a raised rim 7 extending around the vided an overlying corner holder 8 for retaming they loose leaves snugly within the pad. From an inspection of Fig. 5, it will be seen-that these corner pieces are somewhat deprefssed between the rim portions in order to hold the sheets below the level of the top of the rim in order that the'top of the sheets may not be mutilated or disturbed when the pad is slipped within the frame or holder. This raised rim is-espec'ially desirable at the rear edge of the pad, so that when such edge slips beneath the rear edge At each of the corners is proof the frame or holder,'the sheets will not be disturbed or mutilated as they would be if the pad were not provided with this protectmg rim at its rear edge.

In order to facilitate the withdrawal of -the pad from the holder, said pad is provided at its forward edge with an aperture 9 and the under portion or back of the holder or frame is provided with a finger recess 10, which, when the parts are assembled, lies opposite the pad aperture 9, as

shown in Fig. 3. Thus the pad may be readily removed by merely slipping the fin- I ger within the aperture 9. This'construction has the further advantage that when 1 it is desired to'remove the top sheet from those contained 1n the pad, a slight further projection of the forefinger within the pad aperture 9, as indicated in Fig. 2, will serve to springthe corners of the top sheet from beneath the corner pieces 8 of the pad whereupon said top sheet may be easily removed *by slipping the thumb between it and the rest of the' sheets,.as'also indicated in Fig. 2. Thereupon the top sheet may be removed by thumb and finger, and the pad with the remaining sheets slipped back into the holder. j

F mm the above described construction and manner of manipulation, it will be seen that the device is particularly well adapted for use as a holder for the loose leaves of a hotel register, for as soon as the top sheet is filled with guests names and addresses, said. sheet. may be removed and turned overto other members of the oflice force whose duty it is'to make records therefrom. This segregation of the sheets permits the. con:

,tinuation'of the functicns of the oflice force of the hotel without interruption common to the use of ,a bound register, asabove set forth; V w i Inqorder to turn the register about easily :on the counter-when itistobe consulted or used alternately by a guest or a member 'of the office force,' the bottom of the frame 4 or holder is slightly dished as indicated inv Fig. 5, so that the entire device may be easily swung around somewhat as on. a


In the modified form of the. invention, as

indicated in Rig. 6, the frame or holder may be providedwlth a-transparent protecting sheet 11 of celluloid or the like which may be suitably. attached to the under side of the upper portionsof the frame member 5.

Thus the sheets within the pad are pre-. served from soiling or mutilation by hanthe reception of loose'record sheets, said pad member being constructed-and arranged to he slipped within the recess in said holder.

2. A record holderccmprising a frame orholder member proper, provided with a recessin one face having undercut sides, one side opening out at the edge of theeholder and a pad member adapted to holda plurality of loose record sheets and adapted to he slipped Within the recess of said frame: through the open side of said recess 3. A record holder comprising a body proper having a recess extending in from a side thereof, said recess being opened at one face of the holder and a pad member adapted to hold a plurality of loose; record sheets adapted to he slipped Within said recess from the side of the holder, sald holder having a finger recess at the edge adjacent the opening to the pad receiving recess, and said pad having a finger opening adaptedto register \vithsaid finger recess when, the parts are assembled tofacihtate the Withdrawal of the pad frcm said holder.

4. A record holder comprising a body proper having a recess extending in from a sidethereof, said recess being opened at one face of the "holder and pad member adapted to hold a plurality of locse record sheets adapted to he slipped within said recess from the side of the holder, said holder having a finger recess at the edge adjacent sheet out of said the opening to the pad receiving recess and said pad having a finger opening adapted to register with said finger recess when the partsare assembled to facilitate the withdrawal of the pad from said holder, said pad also having means to retain the loose sheets therein, and said finger opening in said pad afi'ording means to spring the top of said sheet.

5 -A record holder comprising in c0mbi- 'natlon a frame or holder having a back and a' raised rim having flanges spaced away pad to facilitate removal from the back and forming. an undercut re-acess 'in the f-acenof said holder, said recess openin out to one side of the holder, and a pad adapted to hold a plurality of loose record sheets andconsisting of a back and a raised rim extending around its perimeter, said back and rim forming a receptacle for a plurality of 'loose sheets, said padhaving corner pieces overlying said recess and adapted to overlie the corners of the loose sheets carried in said pad, whereby said sheets may be preserved from mutilationwhen the padis slipped within the recess of said holder. I

6. A record-holder comprising. in combination, a frame or holder having a back and a raised rim having flanges spaced away from the back and forming the undercut recess inthe face of said holder, said recess opening out to one side of the holder and a pad adapted to hold a plurality of loose record sheets and consistingof a back and a' raised IlIIl extendmg around its perimeter,

said back and rim forming a. receptacle for a plurality of loose sheets, said pad having corner pieces overlying said recess and adapted to overlie the corners of the loose sheets carried in said pad, whereby said' sheets may be preserved from mutilation when the pad is slipped within the recess of said holder, the back (if said holder having a finger recess and the back of said pad having a finger opening adapted to register with said holder recess when the parts are .asembled to facilitate removal of the pad from said holder, and also to facilitate removal of the sheets from said pad.

In testimony whereof I, the said CHARLES O. MARQUETTE, have hereunto set my hand.




Copies 91 this patent may 'be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents,

, Washington, D. 0.

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