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Publication numberUS1175691 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 14, 1916
Filing dateApr 19, 1915
Priority dateApr 19, 1915
Publication numberUS 1175691 A, US 1175691A, US-A-1175691, US1175691 A, US1175691A
InventorsJohn W F Blizard
Original AssigneeJohn W F Blizard
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US 1175691 A
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Patented Mr. 14,1916.

a raw.. u

ZI-IC?.- M




Application led April 19, 1915,

To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, JOHN V?. F. BLIZARD, of Philadelphia, in the county of Philadelphia and State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Filing-Covers, whereof the following is a speciiication, reference being had to the accompanying drawings. l

rlhe invention relates to tiling covers for letters, papers and the like, and more particularly to that class of filing cover which consists of an expansible pocket with an opening at the top or sides for inserting or removing the contents. l-leretofore such covers have been made having front and back portions, connected at the bottom but only for half the distance on both sides, leaving the upper half of the 'liront free and adapted to be folded down against the lower half, thereby exposing half of the face of the papers within. Such liling covers are ordinarily made of greater width than height, and adapted to have the papers placed on their side when tiled, so that the letter head or anything printed or Written on the paper will run transversely of the cover. The result of this is that when the upper half of the front is turned down only one-halt of the letter-head and only onehalt of each line is exposed to view, and in order to see the entire letter-head or read the whole or" any one line, it is necessary to remove the paper almost entirely from the tile cover.

It is the object of my invention to remedy this detect and to provide a tiling cover which, when opened, will expose the entire letter-head and the whole or at least some of the lines to view. To this end l connect the front and back ont my filing cover at the bottom and throughout the entire extent ot one side, but leave the other side entirely free and disconnected, except for, a small distance near the bottom, just suflicient to engage the ends of any papers placed within the cover, and prevent them from falling out. The free corner of the cover is then bent back on a. line running diagonally across the liront, substantially from the bottom of the open side to the top of the closed side. By opening the cover in this way, it

will be seen that practically the entire width y of one end of the inclosed papers is exposed to View, so that it the papers are rightly put in, it is possible to read the whole of the Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Mar. ad, ist@ semaine. 22,291.

letter-head and first few lines, which is usually all that is necessary for identifica.- tion. My construction, therefore, enables anyone to run through the papers, without removing any of them from the cover.

Referring to the accompanying drawings, Figure l, is a perspective view of a ling cover conveniently illustrating my invention. Fig. ll, is a view similar to Fig. l, showing the front cover folded down to. permit the ready inspection of the contents without necessitating removal. Fig. lll, is an end view of the cover on an enlarged scale. Fig. lV, is a central vertical cross sectional View.

The front portion l, and the back portion 2, are connected by the bellows told 5, which extends along the entire bottom 3, and for the whole length of the side l. The side 6, however, is left entirely tree and open, cept for the small portion 7, of the bellows fold which extends upwardly a slight dis* t-ance from the bottom. rlhe front portion is then creased along the diagonal line 10, which runs substantially from the top of bellows 7, to the top of side e, thereby dividing the front into two parts, foldably connected along this line. The upper part forms the triangular flap 11, and is adapted to be folded back on the fixed lower part l2, as shown in 1Eig. Il, thereby exposing` part of the contents to view. Obviously, the greater the height of the piece 7, the smaller the proportion of the contents which will be visible. The height should, therefore, be just sullicient to enable it to .act as a guard, to engage one corner of the papers and pre vent them from falling out of the opening, and to take the strain ofi the bottom bellows fold when the cover is opened, but no higher. By making the height of this piece such that it is approximately equal to the average margin on the ordinary typewritten business letter, l provide a sufficient stop to prevent the paper from falling out, and yet allow the whole of the first few lines to be exposed to view when the `tlap is turned down. The back 2, is slightly higher than the front l, and furnishes a projecting portion 13, upon which reference numerals or other descriptive matter may be placed, so as to be readable from the front.

rlhe entire cover may be made of cardboard 0r heavy paper, preferably manila, or rope, or other suitable material. l also lows pie-ce on the side il, is supported andl protected against tearing by reinforcing strip 9, made of cloth or other similar material, and also inserted between the two thicknesses of cardboard. Another similar strip reinforces the bellows strip 7.

Having thus described my invention, I claim:

l. A filing' cover for correspondence and the like, comprising` front and back porv tions, connected by a bellows fold at the bottom, and on the sides, said bellows fold extending, higher up on one side than on the other. f

2. A iilinp; cover for correspondence and the like, comprising); front and back portions connected by a bellows fold at the .bottom and on the sides, said bellows fold extending` higher up on one side than on the other, the free part of the front forming a triangular flap adapt-ed to fold back against the fixed portion.

3. A filing' cover for correspondence and the like comprising front and back portions united by bellows folds at the bottom and on one side, said bellows folds extending upwardly on the other side for a distance just suflicient to engage the lower end of the contents and preventtheir falling out.

Il. A filing Ycover for correspondence and the like, comprising front and back portions united by bellows folds at theV bottom'and on one side, said bellows fold extending upwardly on the other side for a distance just sufficient to engage the lower end of the contents and prevent their falling out and the free part of the front being; adapted to fold back against the fixed part on a line running diagonally across the front from the top of the bellows connection on one side to the top of the bellows connection on the other.

In testimony whereof, l have hereunto signed my name at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this fifteenth day of April, 1915.


Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents,

' Washington, D. C.

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