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Publication numberUS1176032 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 21, 1916
Filing dateFeb 6, 1915
Priority dateFeb 6, 1915
Publication numberUS 1176032 A, US 1176032A, US-A-1176032, US1176032 A, US1176032A
InventorsFrank M Cole
Original AssigneeFrank M Cole
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Turfing implement.
US 1176032 A
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Patented Mar. 21, 1916:

7 To all whom-it may concern i I PATENT OFFICE.

- 'mmm con or SENECA FALLS, NEW YORK.


Beit knownuthut I, FRANK SeneceFsll's, inf-the county of Seneca and k stete of- New York, have invented certain new and usefultl mprovements in Turfing of suitable fthread'aor aya'mmaisedJupon t e surface of the silk. on other fabric. 4 Therinventionw-has foijwits primary, object to provides hand.operatedgimplementfor the #above purpose, embodying a hollow needlexthroughi which the thread on yarn is longitudinally threaded, and: means: for adjustingxsaid needle :toregulete thezlength of thetloopforif ed thereby. r

Iheenventiomhas ion on 1. additional object to provide 1a turfingtdmplenient which is of.

such {simplicity in its construotion, that. the

needle :point, is at: uil lvftimes :siisible, vso :xthflt tangles; kn'o'ts, 'or anther vd'efects inethe; yarn or thread rxmny i be; zinstxrntly detected, and

such impediment. toatheuproper :feedof the threadxremoved Zheiorewprocaeding with the operation.

It is am-addition elobjectof the invention and stoppa ge or qchokin'gi ofithe feedlot .ithe

thread g thus. avoided.-

' The linvmtmnmhus: zf'or zenothereobject to provide -.a .::"d'ev.i.c:e @formthe ebove. purpose,

' p which ishighlyasemiiceableezconvenientgiind "vention, v

" thereof; aFig. F31

oftheseparabletaperingpoint of. the needle f" holderorutubefiF gA ismsimilarsview of,

" ".iEigure :1 us we de implement mbod glxonefifonnl 1o 0..itudinalsectionm emeient tin actuzilwopemtion, vendlscepeble of r mnnufn ctureatrlatiivelyismall cost.

Withttheabovetandsotherrohjectsziil iview,

myiinventi'on'sconsists :in -Lthe :novel g feetures.

. nnaug rment 'dfxpe-rts to the; herinefterzmore :Zfully described-, cl-eirnedr,;.-endl illu stnete'd' in gthe; accompanyingadmwing,

o'frcenstmiction,rcombination,Eend1 V tails; perspective c -view yan integreltube-construction end Fig.3 5 is v COLE, a c tizenof-the 'Unitedag States, residing. at

e a turlingiimplement "wherein the V .wvill -he hel'd rout. ofkell possibility; of. interference by'ethe' ifingersm'f-"zthe operator,

I Specification '01 Letters Patent. v Patented Mar, 21, 1916,, Application n ecrebmu a, 1015/ Serial No. 6,566.

detail. perspective View of the device used forfthreading the needle.

Referring in detail to the drawing, 5

designates the cylindrical. body of the tube on holder, which is provided with e longi tudinolly bored detachable tapering point 6. At the-lurger endof this detachable point of thej tube, thesame is-formed lwith ereduced longitudinal extension 7" for telescopic eneasement in the endofthe tubebody and frictional contact with the walls thereof. The taper or-conicelsha-ped point of the tube istruncated at itstsmeller end' to produce an: annular; shoulder 8 .the'reon, the purpose oflwhich will he hereinefter made apparent.

A ring'or annulus 9 is looselydisposed Withinthe tube body 5 an d is provided with fla -transverse threaded opening 10. The wall of the-{tube body 5 is also-provided with an opening. 11 through which the shank of a set .screxv mis adapted to be inserted, said screw being threaded into the opening in the eolhirQ.

--l3,des1gnatesthe hollow needle which is tolhave asnug sliding fit within the bore .of the detachable point 6 of .the holderor tube, .and the bore of the collar onann-ulus .9.

In'the OPEItItIQII of the implem'ent, the

needle 13 is first -adj11 sted within the holder or :body ofthe device, to space its tapering :pbjint "11d .from the shoulde1v8 of the detach. 'nblg teperingpointfi ofthe body,'in accordence with the lengthofthe' IoOpwhich it is desireditoiformin the thread or yarn. After the parts have been properly assembled, as shown in the drawing, ,thelhollow needle is :thlieudedbymeansof the wirethreader, in -dica ted et '15 in Fig. 5 of the drawing. ,{Fhisgthreeding.device consists of a length of ,ductile wire which is bent upon itself intermediate of its ends, end has its extremi- .'yties secnrediogether, preferably in a suit qzable handle element 16. The-looped end of ,thiswire rthreztder is inserted into the. point of lithe" needleg1 3 and extended therethrou gh mnduthrough thebody-fi. The end .of the xthread islthen engeged in thelloop of the threedingfldevice {and said device withdrawn I i-rom.;the:hollow needle The-thread is thus obviouslv ulso drawnwith the wire :threadingidevice, throughseid needle. The hollowneedle is now adjusted longitudinally in the body of the device, to dispose its point 14 at the desired distance from the shoulder 8,.iand such needle securely held in such ad the. removable 1, contact with the material hate l Q f thread will be, of precisely,

'fei;en ee thereby. i he -accidentally lentz pgled; 'n th frorn x-v hiqll the-thread issues, I t'ioii',-so that 'the operator on I observe the condition of the -"Tl' i1s,-ln'enks or knotsjin the vide iljwith the Thls lntogml construe-mom is actual lp z etice, altlf oiig 1 will be \md ;;g,, stood that; by the prov i1 ofeitlieuletache t rerlJlYOi'k rendergd entire ftmm. i I t, In-

m'y impr ieatu L W l .be e edi et e.threadsa v and and out; of


eedle body .ifili'n eglintone of the needlel 3', es

v the material bei v ered, a succession of loops the;threadl andraisedi upon the su-rfacof" the material; The shoulder 8 on the endgot sever point section "of thetube,' b

will be formedfl in I i gii't" all it" nes Held aboyfejithe oper l ig. 4.oif -t he.(lrnwing,l lizi ye shownjt'he;

, t P 9 3 integral ,tz pernl ahlepoint section optin holder bore. through this point section. he dulir sioi'n by frequentatljustlne it ow neeq lo, such detmzhahle point-section etkin, insign fi' nbre erlpe n, a;t t ll tirn threg d; or yarn.

preferable ;in

F t; m pier.

gp ni Whe the comes un;

it 1 th there v, H modifi ions Llfn ordeifto varythe lengthoftheloopyitis, i

only} necessary; to lengthen or, ,shorten f protriiding portion I I e lie-readily,understood; 1 Should theho needle "becomefbroken' or lost, wee 'q i wdi-reP C within seid riI -g through, m c n h ring gain ssible interthe Thus, the thread; 'jcannot;

bore, sald section, at; me ting in'an an 'a dle, snug m l r e$lfi xy n- Q ORiW-SJid be instantly deteetedfiund the emloroid-v wring; remomhly en re utndyunfi Lat-In testimony where signature 1n the preseneetof two witnesses;

adjusted, and minut length offv the? loops, necessary, produced. 'ztppa'rent that-needles be'employed', in w tureg above referre ale lemee of ble of considera proportion,

a, hollow:-


g; thus fully; described t I desire; t n aima ent-is; I 1. A 'tur'fing implement e bya .new low body, r ng remoy-ablywengaged Within said,;.bod needle-sun forelongitudinztl and a set ::screwt t gage seid needle. 1 extending." i l id inglbe ng pr threaded, openin ha ingmat th openi 'esini id threaded into the o J binding; engagement thesgimeeigainstJon ovicle g, the .iv pen-in g .ther

ry easil and secure b my invention,

y Letters e gly fittingmoiv'ement hr'eaded in gedf with the bodytoa hold ,1 no'xzement'- witl1/ respect reto, end-t0 also secure the needle? against l ngitudina vmove e t h ug ir gfin.g-,'i-mplement-iincluding :az hol- K y-openat both ends, it detachable g ]section;;,telescopiezillyt-engngdyine one,end of,th bodyliaeingva longitl dinal itssmiillen, end, .terniirrshoulder aih'ollow n'eefittingwithimithe'. bore got: said movement therethrough, ,withi n; .said lpod y, through saidmring, dz-with: transverse t ll-of said body: also ein; itoi 'egisfier-wvith w ng, and :1" set. screw peningin the ring for with the needle to hold gitiidinal-movernen-t and meet ofltheirinig hig injifilmexit wherein y' and quickly e; differences in the which are sometimes, It will, of course, be of various sizes ma hich 'the j adjusta bl e feais embodied. The device arealso susble'modification in form an'ds l therefore, reseri/e the r e pr v legeyof, resortinggto, alllisu'ch legitimate ,as,-'.ma'y bejifauirlyi embodied within the spiritiand} soop'egofttheinvention 7 i l fe I v llow; what t e, a tagm nt Q ly unm

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