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Publication numberUS1176482 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 21, 1916
Filing dateMay 13, 1910
Priority dateMay 13, 1910
Publication numberUS 1176482 A, US 1176482A, US-A-1176482, US1176482 A, US1176482A
InventorsGeorge Henry Orme
Original AssigneeAlbert Lynn Lawrence
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Neckscarf or muffler.
US 1176482 A
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Patented Mar. 21, 1916.



. of the town of Dunnville,

-Haldimand, in the Province of Ontario,



To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, GEORGE HENRY ORME, in the county of Canada, have invented certain new and use ful Improvements in Neck-scarfs or Muffiers, of which the following is the specification.

My invention relates to improvements in mufflers, and the object of the invention is to devise a simple and handsome form of knitted muiiier, which may be knitted throughout with. an equal number .of needles, that is without changing the number of needles in use knitting the mufller throughout, so asv to form a turndown collar,

which will be narrower than the aprons ofthe muffler, and thereby fit the neck comfortably and smoothly. In order to provide a collar-like doublethickness about the neck of the wearer both for added protection and improved appearance, my muffler is knitted of sufficient width in the neck portion, so that it may be doubled back upon itself, in the .semblance of "a collar. 7 V

' A further object is to make the muffler full fashioned and such that when placed in posi-' tion no tucking inof the muffler around the neck is necessary as required in mufllers at present in use. 7

My invention consists of a muffler having the aprons formed in the usual manner, and the central portion deflected to one side when being knitted in diagonal or inclined fashion with the edges parallel and the central portion correspondingly knitted to the aprons and having the edges parallel to the edges of the aprons, the one projecting side being folded back from the line where it projects beyond the muffler on to the central portion, therebv forming a narrow neck as hereinafter explained.

Figure 1, is a plan view of my muffler as knitted. Fig. 2, is a plan view when formed up in the shape readv for use. Fig. 8, is a perspective view of the muffler as it would appear when placed in position around the neck and o er the waist of the wearer.

In the drawings like letters of reference ind cate corresponding parts in each figure.

The method of knitting my muffler is to knit the apron portion A in the form known as the square open or honey-comb knit or rack stitch, and then to change the stitch at the portions A into what is known as the Specification of Letters Patent. P te t 2 Application filed May 13,1910. Serial at; 561,220.

one in one stitch, the edges of the portion A being arranged'parallelly and diagonally, so as to deflect or throw the form of the muffler to the inclined position or project beyond one side of the apron. The central portion A is knitted similarly to the end portions A. It will now be seen that the central portion is in the shape of a U, and the one portion projects beyond the edge of the aprons. This portion I designate A and such portion is folded on the dotted lines 2 3, so that the central portion lies parallel to the opposite edge, and thereby forms a turn-over collar (see Fig. 2).

The usual fastener B B is provided in the muffler beyond the ends of the folded portion A forming the collar.

In placing my muffler in position on the body the recessed central portion from 4 to 5 fits around the neck and over the shoulders, and. therefore, as it does not project appreciably below the wearers collar there is practically ,no tucking necessary. The central portion is narrow and the collar A fits around the collar of the coat or the like.

By constructing the neck portion of the muffler as herein shown and described, the added protection, in the form ofan overfolded collar. is obtainable for the wearers neck, although the article is integrally knitted of relatively light material. Of course, said neck portion intermediate of the diagonal sections must be knitted of sufficient width to admit of folding the same back upon itself, while the diagonal portions may be relatively short in order to provide merely the desired offset for forming the collar. I lay no claim, however, to such offset neck portion, but

Mv said invention resides in combination, to wit:

1. In an integrally knitted muffler, the combination with two end-portions, of an intermediate neck portion adapted to encircle the wearers neck, comprising two relatively short offset sections, and an intermediate relatively wide rectangular necli section of even width folded back upon itself to form a double thickness or collar portion for encircling the .neck onlv, whereby the appearance and protective effect of said muffler are enhanced, substantially as set forth.

2. A muffler of knitted fabric having its the following end portions in approximate alinementand edge of the end portions from Which the a collar projects, substantially as set forth.

3. A muffler of knitted fabric of approximatelv the same width throughout having straight end portions in alinement with each 'otheriand a central neck portion offset from theend portions and connected therewith by fio'pies'of this patent maybe obtained for oblique connecting portions to form aprojection at the middle ofthe muflier, said projection being adapted to be folded along the line of the edges of the end portions toform a collar, and fastening means along the edges of the end portions from Which the "collar projects, substantially as set forth.



J. A. NEvnNs,f W. D.. SWAYZE.

five cents each, by addressing the"commissioner of ra tem s ington, D. 0.) V v

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U.S. Classification2/91, D02/500
Cooperative ClassificationA41D23/00