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Publication numberUS1176870 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 28, 1916
Filing dateAug 7, 1915
Priority dateAug 7, 1915
Publication numberUS 1176870 A, US 1176870A, US-A-1176870, US1176870 A, US1176870A
InventorsGeorge W Stenhouse
Original AssigneeGeorge W Stenhouse
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US 1176870 A
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u'nels,` of which `thlelftollimita: is; apecif he invention relates`tdh\u'x1e1's. and more torburners` torus@` with hoilei'a` amlffur- `'Ihefprimaryohjeclof "the `intention js *thejproviio offan` oil `huifui; of` (his, vhai'- af tier wherein the Saute p'll opexate ellva- )uslvahdifeliahly for theflmi'uipgolirude with the ulil'iiinaton ot giiiokel and `which e ntemplates"infits"constructiouf to pt-riait l edoffcolle heieinaftei Afully desmfibed, villustrated -in lairh hereunto" appended.`

i of

thi'eaded nut 8 into which is tapped a tuhe nozzle, will deliver steam or *air under pres articular-1y lto the classV off hydrocarbon in:`

#ists` in, the Constluietiirur;` com?4 T langenient of partaas will,"

luparijfingydrawing,anddpointedfoutl, y i saulluufner is espeeially adaptable for use aracters indicata cor- K "(leady for? uae with a maximum llame cfapac "ity` -themipply of steam and ail alid also the fsupply of! f' From thi: the-foregoing deseription, taken Viui. 1uu`ct1on with the accompanylug draw H 'hatingengagedtherein a steam o r' an' nozzle il. the latter being adapted to he com njeqted with a Steam or air supplv pipe leading from any suitable souri-e so that the presently desvi'ihed.

Tapped in the upper side of the union intermediate the ends thereof is an elbow` lll whivh has -onncfiou with `a suitable oil supply pipe leading from an oil container which ,is positioned at an elevationlor at an)r suitable. point. remote from the huruerso that crude oil will he deliveredftherefrom into lluuniou 5 wheije it eruuingle's with the' aiiyor Steamunder pressure. and undeth.Y action of `the` latter is diseharued through f fthe nozzle within the! union 5 to assurethe S to afford perfeetavorking ofthe hurner and the elimination ofsm'oke@ Y Formed on the inner 'end 0f the tube 8' is a-spi'ezulev plate I1 which is disposed at a slight 'angle within the union and this platefserves to Spread the air or steam and `also the oil entering' the said union. the

plate llheiugri-eadilv adjustable hv the tube IS" whehis threaded in one. end of the mit,

alu thi plate Serveato-Qassurothe 0of `uuu-.llingr ol the steam or air .and oil prior Wto the hsvhaijro of the/fuel through the mouth 7 o1" theouter nozzle 6 of the harper, 95 and thl'ehy 'forms-the. fue] into a spray u'heh -is plfojvi-tml with considerable force for*`a"l'elat.ivvly great, distariee. So. that the iu uouueetipnnvith boilers and ful-naves. and 100 ,awsules theA llame. reat'hmg for a' considerable thatance'overthe surface of the holler or within the` furnace. It wlll be apparent that ".thipossihility of" the nozzle heeoming` l clogged With-hydrocarlmn deposit is minimixed and that4 the burner at al1. `timesA is l V oil being regulated in any Suitfahle ihalmer.

ing, the construction and munnerof operationof the device will be clearly understood, and `therefore a more extended explanation has been omitted.

What is claimed is A burner of the class described comprising a three-way union, an outer nozzle engaged in-one way of the union and havinga 'n elongated mouth,`an internally threaded nut adjustably engaged in the other way in the union opposite the way receiving the 'sid nozzle, a. tube engaged in said nut und havin a spreader extension, ninner nozzle tappe within said tubefor delivering fluid into the path ofthe said spreader extension,'

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U.S. Classification239/432, 261/76
Cooperative ClassificationB05B7/0483