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Publication numberUS1176932 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 28, 1916
Filing dateJul 28, 1915
Priority dateJul 28, 1915
Publication numberUS 1176932 A, US 1176932A, US-A-1176932, US1176932 A, US1176932A
InventorsWilliam J Smith
Original AssigneeWilliam J Smith
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Combined container and carrier for ice-cream cones.
US 1176932 A
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W. 1. SMITH.



1,176,932. Patentd Mar. 28,1916.

William (2' fiizzzfi,

m yf/vrom To all whom it may concern m: grams PATENT onnron.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Mar. 2a 1916.

' Application filed July 28, 1915. Serial No. 42,344.

Be it lmown that I, WILLIAM J. SMITH, a citizen of the United States, residing in Hudson township, in the county of Laporte and State of Indiana, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Combined Containers and Carriers for Ice-Cream Cones, of which the following is a specification.

"invention relates to a carton or box for packing cake cones, more commonly known as ice cream-cones, and which are used for dispensing ice cream in small quantities at refreshment stands.

The primary object of the invention resides in the provision of a cartonor box in which a quantity of ice cream cones may be packed for shipment and handling in a sanitary manner, and at the same time form the carton in a' manner so that the same may be utilized as a carrier for easily and conveniently handling a number of filled cones without danger of spilling the contents. As

' a filled icecream cone Wlll not remain upright unless carried in the hand or otherwise supported, and as there is more or less difii- \culty in properly carrying a number of the cones with the hands at one time, the

resent invention contemplates the use 0 the carton in which the cones are packed by the producer as a carrier for the cones .when filled, and this withoufiadding tothe cost of the carton.

The invention in the preferred form of details will be described in the following specification, reference being had particularly to the accompanying drawings, in which Figurel is a. plan view of the carton blank before being folded. Fig. 2 is a perspective view sh'owin the blank folded. Fig. 3 is a side elevation partly in section, showing the application of the invention. Fig. 4; is a fragmentary perspective view of a box structure showing a modified form of the invention. I

Referring now particularly to the several views of the drawing, 1 designates a foldable blank of card-boardbr other suitable material, which is scored in the manner indicated by dotted lines 2, to facilitate folding thereof to provide a carton or""box.,for

the u,s,e of the manufacturer of the well. kno cones for dispensing'ice cream, and

handling, and kept in a sanitary condition as well.

My invention is applicable to any particular form and style of carton, and the manner of forming the carton blank is immaterial, a conventional form being illustrated merely for the purpose of showing the application of the invention Without necessitating the use of additional material, or reguirlng the carton structure to be altered 111 any manner.

In the manufacture of the cartons, the blanks out of which same are formed are out to form and scored by dies ina manner well known in the art, and in forming the blanks I provide a series of relatively spaced slitted portions 3 on that part of the'blankwhich will form one of the sides of the carton, as plainly shown in Fig. 2. Each slitted portion 3 consists of a plurality of radially disposed slits, forming a plurality of flaps '4, which are bent inwardly in the act of forcingv the small end of a cone through such-slitted portion, and, owing to the resistance 'of the flaps to bend out of normal position, provide a tight fit and grip between the cone and the flaps, so that with the end of the cone resting upon the bottom side of the carton, the cone will be tightly held in fixed relation with respect to the carton, so that a considerable number of filled cones may be carried with the aid of the carton, and without danger of spilling the contents thereof.

As the flaps are not broken or bent down until used as a carrier, as in the manner I above described, the slitted wall of the caremployed as a container for cones are discarded as soon as emptied of the cones, whereas my form of carton serves the additional function of serving as a carrier for filled cones, and this without adding to the cost of manufacturing the cartons.

Referring to Fig. 4 which illustrates a modified form of the invention, it is seen that inStQad of providing the box with a number of slits, circular or other formed openings 5 may be provided for receiving "the end of the cone, but such is of practical use only where the cones used are all of a size, and the cones, which are top heavy when filled, are not so firmly held as with the preferred form of structure first herein referred to.

While the foregoing is the preferred form of my invention, I desire it to be understood that I do not limit myself to the precise structure shown and described, as it is obvious that the same may be variously modified without departing from the spirit of the illvention.

What is claimed is 1. A combined container and carrier comprising. an enveloping carton to protect the cones against breakage and contamination, one of the walls of the carton being weakened at a plurality of points whereby the pointed ends of filled cones may be readily nserted into the carton through said weakened parts of the wall and supported in up right position by said wall to facilitate the carrymg of the cones.

2. A combined container and carrier comprising an enveloping carton in which the' cones are packed and protected against breakage, one of the walls of the carton having a formation permitting the pointed ends of cones to be inserted through said wall into the container and supported thereby in an upright position.

3. A combined container and carrier comprising an enveloping carton to protect the cones against breakage and contamination, one of the walls ofthe carton having sets of grouped radial slits to weaken said wall at a plurality of points whereby the pointed ends of filled cones may be readily inserted into the carton through said weakened points and supported in upright position by said wall to facilitate the carrying of the cones.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature in presence of two witnesses.

Witnesses: LELA W. Coon,

Gnome J. OLTSCH.


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