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Publication numberUS1177388 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 28, 1916
Filing dateJul 22, 1915
Priority dateJul 22, 1915
Publication numberUS 1177388 A, US 1177388A, US-A-1177388, US1177388 A, US1177388A
InventorsHenry L Crane
Original AssigneeHenry L Crane
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Massage apparatus.
US 1177388 A
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1,177,388. Patented Mar. 28,1916.





1.1: mess.

To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, HENRY L. CRANE, a

citizen of the United States, anda resident of the city of New York, borough of Manhattan, in the county and State of New York, have invented a new and-Improved Massage Apparatus, of which the following is a full, clear,,and exactdescription.

This invention relates to a device for mas-.

saging the face and body, and the general object of the invention is the provision of a massage device which is intended for self treatment and is in theform of a hollow body havinga concave surface used for mask saging thetissues by the body being rubbed over the surface of thepart orparts to be treated, the body being hollow so as to contain a heating or-lcooling medium so as to I have any desired efl ect on the tissues.

A more specificobject of the invention is the provision ofa hand-operated massage device of comparatively simple, durable and inexpensive construction which embodies a.

handle through which the massaging body is charged with-a heating or cooling me dium, which latter may benair, water or other fluid confined or kept in circulation, the advantages of the device being that cold cream or salve may "beefi'ectively worked into the tissues without using the fingers; the applying or massaging surface of the device being concave causes a vacuum as the device is moved over the surface, whereby the tissues are brought intointimate contact with the device, so'that rubber or other mechanical means will not be required to produce a massaging action; the body of the device being hollow can contain a heating medium for stimulating circulation through the tissues, opening the pores and allowing salve or grease to come into deeper contact with the skin, or the device can contain a cold medium for contracting the pores of the skin after the application of the heat, whereby colds and irritation are prevented; and furthermore, the device may be used for ironing out wrinkles from the skin, reducing double chins, and can be used wherever heat or cold applications are required for medical purposes in treating small surfaces.

For a more complete understanding of the invention reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings which illustrate cer- Specification ef Letters Patent. 1 Patented 1 1916; Application illed..Tu1y22,1915.v seria111vo.41,2s4. t

tain embodimentsand wherein similar char-' actersof reference indicate corresponding parts 111 all the views, 1n which? Figure 1 is alongitudinal sectionofone 1 form of the devicein which a heating or cooling medium can be kept circulating therethrough; Fig. 2 is alongitudinal sec Jtional view of f another ,form in which the heating or cooling medium may be confined therein; and Fig.3 is a similar view of stilli another form in whichthe heating element isahotrod.

Referring to the drawing, the device com prises essentially abody A whichhas a mas-a sagingsurface 1 that is preferably concave andofany desired diameter. This surfacemay besmoothly concave, as shown in :Fig. 1, or it may have corrugations 2, as shown in Fig. 3,'so asto increase the massaging action as the surface is rubbed over theipart to be treated. The body A may be made ofglass, as shown in Figs. 1 and 3, or it may be made to be understood that other materials may be employed. The body A is preferably hollow in order thatit may; contain ahot or cold fluid. For conveniently holdingfthe device during use the body has a tubular handle extension 3 which is hollowi and communicateswith the chamber 4t of the-body A. This handle may be inclosed in a metal or other shell 5 suitably fastened'to the handle. If desired, a lining of insulating ma- .75 of-metal, as shown in Fig. 2, although .it is terial 6 may be interposed'between the han- ;dle extension 3 and the metallic shell, as.

shown in Figs. 1 and 3. p v

In Fig. 1 provision is made for the circulation of hot or cold water through the device. The handle 3-has. an opening 7 in which is a stopper 8, and mounted in this stopper are inlet and outlet tubes 9 and 10, the former tube terminating adjacent the massaging surface 1 so that the incoming water will maintain such surface at the desired temperature. These tubes may be connected by flexible conduits 11 and 12 re spectively, for conducting the water to and draining it from the device, the tube being flexible so as to provide freedom of movement during the massaging operation.

is at an angle to the axis of the handle so It will be noted that the massaging surface 1' in contact With the parts being massaged While thehhand is held in a comfontablelposie tio-n; passed more smoothly back and forth during the rubbing action. c i

In. Fig. 2 the handle extension"? is "surrounded by a hollow grip-piece l3 rof wood orany other non-conducting materiah'and through this tubular handle extension 1 .the

Water can be'introduced into the body A.

A screw plug 14 or equivalentimeans closes the tubular handle. If desired, the heat can be derived 1 :from i a metal 0r equiva-lent rod- 15, as. shown. in Fig. .3, which-is inserted into the device and iheld-in place by anv asbestos or ,equivalentistopper 16, such rod having,.

it desired, a handle 17 of non-conducting material.

gether withVthe-apparatus which I now c0I1- sider to the the :best embodiment thereof, I

desire to have it :1understood that the "ap-- 'paratus shown is merelyuillustrative and that such changes may :be: made when clesired as. fall Within the scope :of ithe appended claims.

Having thus described my zinvention, I

'claim as new and desire :to secure by Letters Patent: V

1. A' massage devicei comprIsmga-hollowv approximately sphericalibody havingsa'concave or depressed portion. forming a mas- .saging surface adapteds'to be .r-ubbed over 40.1

the.=part to be treated,the edgecofitheade pressed iportioni being; ,a circular lineand lying in asingle plane," anda lianidle'extend-t ing; from the body at eazpoint 'oppositeifrom the i depression, and the axis f .thezhandle passing through thede'pression and disposed 45 f atiamangle to the PIZIIIQOftSElid,Ci'ICllifiT:H116.i d"urthermore,1ithe device smayv'beI 2. i-A massa' getdeyicecc omprising a'lhollow approximately spherlcal body havmgacon 1 ing from the body at apoint opp'ositefronr J the depression, the axis of f the handle i passing-through the depression and'disposed at an angleto thegplane ofrsaid clrcul-anl1ne,-'-sa1d depressed portion having 'concena plane 30f theasaid circular line.

3. A massage device: comprisinga -;h0llow body j'formedtat oneside with aconcaved depression forming -the a massaging sunface" adapted to be rubbedove'rthe pa rtwtoabew treated, the-edge ofthe-concaved depression lyingmm" common yplane -a hollow handle 7 connected with the body and through which thebody X is charged with :a heating or icool lg ing' medlum, and ajclosu're for theq saidz,

4. tmassagedevice comprising 1 a hollow body hZWIIIg a massaging fsurface of con:-

' ducting material, a tube ri gidzwith the body I and extending outWa-rdl-ytherefromfor per the body,-

non con'ducting ha'ndle sun mitting a t-hermalmedium to:be supplieditoflfi l rounding thetube, and a astopper for z the v tube, said tube havin g 5 its -a'xis passia'i'gg through the said' massaging snrfacwand ex= Z V tending :at an acute angleipthereto.

In testimony "Whereofi I have esigned -I'nyi name "to 2 this specification" in: the 'PI6S3I1C6 1 "of two-subscribing witnesses.

i ZIJJYGRANELL i WVitnes'ses: r

,BRADWAY; D..Rom:rmrrs:

Copies of this patent rmeyl be obtained for five cents? eachyiby addressing; Oommisstoneri. Ohilfflltln 1 I -Washing"ton, Dt.C;, 7 r

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