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Publication numberUS1177748 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 4, 1916
Filing dateDec 15, 1915
Priority dateDec 15, 1915
Publication numberUS 1177748 A, US 1177748A, US-A-1177748, US1177748 A, US1177748A
InventorsJohn E Webster
Original AssigneeJohn E Webster
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Muzzle-controlling device for firearms.
US 1177748 A
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1., 177 748. Patentegl pr f1, 1916.]

mumdgg JOHN E. WEBSTER larly to a device of this general character;

Joan E. wnnsrnn, or rAL'LscHUJacm-"Vr-RGINIA,

MUZZLE-CONTROLLING DEVICE ron s Specification of Letters Patent.

application meaneeemuer 15,1915. Serial No. 86,979. a

To all whom it may concern: 7 a g Be itknownthat I, JOHN E. Wnns'mn, ,a'cltlzen of thehUnited States, residing at Falls Church, in the county .of Fairfax'and.

State of Virginia, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Muzzle-Com trolling Devices for Firearms, of which the following is a specification, reference being- 3. By thls arrangement it will'be seen that had to the accompanying drawings.

This inventlon .ha's relation 'more particuespecially designed and adapted foruse in 5 connection. .with pistolszand it is an object of the nvention'to providea novel and im- PijOVed I general; character which isengageable with the barrel of the fire arm at. a point in ad'- vance of the trigger and adaptedto be en- 'ment of my invention,

gaged by the hand grasping the pistolso that. the muzzle is prevented from kick ng upwardly and whereby increase the steadiness of the aim. v

The invention consists in the details of construction and in the comblnatlon and arrangement of the several parts of my 1m-f proved muzzle controlling device for fire arms whereby certain important advantages simpler,- less'expensive and otherw se more advantageous for use, allare attained and the-device is rendered convenient and as will be hereinafter more fully set forth.

The novel features In order that my invention may Tbetter understood, Iw 1ll now procee dto d ribe the samewith reference to the acesc hasi been particu larly set forthwith refer- -coInpanying-; drawing, wherein- Figure 1 s 'a view-in s1de elevation illus- 'trating a pistol provided with .an. embod1-- a ooactmg hand bemg and Fig. 2' is an:-

=engaged'by dotted lines; fragmentary view in. elevation lllustratmg td a modified form of'my invention.

As disclosed in- Fig. 1, B denotes the barrel of the-pistol and P the pistol butt or grip, both of which are-of any ordinary or preferred constructionyalthough it is preferredthat the fbuttjor grip P be of such a size as to permit the little. finger of thehandgrasped by the hand..

device 'ofthis type which serves-toprevent the muzzle of 'a'pistolfrom kicking upwardly and thus materially interfere with the effectiveness the entire forearm is employed in the maintenance of the-p stol p -,in its proper position in order to materially of .the invention will be carefully defined in theappended claims. be the;

' below the barrel of the user to be free when the Patented A r; 4, 1916.

pistol As is particularl illustrated in Fig. 1,

the barred B adjacent the muzzle thereof is "provided with the depending perforate ear 1 with WhlCll 1s operatively engaged the flexible member 2 capable of being length-- ened or shortened as desired, as indicated at the flexible member 2 is substantially permanently attached to the barrel of the pistol. As any means may be employed for scription' thereof 'is closed, the flexible member 2'passes through a ring 4 engaged with the ear 1, although it "will be understood that if desired the flexible iQ' y be disposed directly through the ear 1. r

The outer or free end of the flexible member 2 has suitably secured thereto the annular member or ring 5through which one of v the digits, preferably the'little finger, of the hand ofthe user is adapted to be disposed,"

and wherebythejmuzzle end of the barrel is v revente'd from kicking up. It. has also been fully demonstrated in practice that with the use of the flexible member 2 increased steadinessis afforded in aiming the fire arm as the same is supported substantially by the entire forearm of the user. The. annular member or ring 5 also serves to facilitate the insettion of a digit 'therethrough after the butt or griph'a's been graspedby the 'hand'as it will be readily perceived that it is only necessary to elevate the barrel-B to cause the I ring 5 and the flexible member 2 to, swing inwardlye In Fig. 2' r the drawingsl illustrate an arrangementwhereby my. invention may be employed in -connec'tion with barrels which are' not provided with a dependingfear as.

ence toFig. land as illustrated in Fig. 2,

the-rib 6 at the top ofithe barrel B adj acent. the-muzzle'thereof' is provided with a. trans-Y yersely disposed opening 7 through which is I directed theannular emember or clip 8 embracing the barrel B and provided at a point with the eye 9 with which so i or ring 5 for a purpose similar to that set forth relative to the ring-er annularmember 5 shown in Fig. 1.

From the foregoing description, it 1s thought to be obvious that a muzzle controlllng device for fire arms constructed n accordance wlth my lnventlon is of an ex.-

tremely simple and comparatively inexpensive nature and is particularly Well adapted for use by reason of the convenience and arm, a flexible member permanently secured adjacent the muzzle end of the barrel of the fire arm, and of such a length as to terminate in close proximity to the free end of the grip of'the fire arm, and an annular member secured .to-the free end of thefiexible member through which a digit of the hand grasping the grip of the fire arm is adapted to be passed, said annular member serving to cause the flexible member to swing toward the grip r of the firearm upon elevation of the muzzle end of the barrel. v

2. In combination with member permanently secured to'said perforate member and of such a length as to terminate in close proximitycto the free end of the grip of the pistol, and an annular member secured to the free end of the flexible member through which-the little fingerof the hand grasping the grip of the pistol is adapted to be passed, said annular member serving to cause the flexible member to swing toward the grip of the pistol upon elevation of the muzzle end of the barre In testimony whereof]: hereuntoaifix my signature in the presence of two witnesses.

' JC'HN E. WEBSTER. Witnesses:

XV. E. Lawson, GEO. J. WEBER.

the-barrel of a pistol provided adjacent the muzzle end of the barrel with a perforate member, a flexible

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