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Publication numberUS1177884 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 4, 1916
Filing dateOct 1, 1915
Priority dateOct 1, 1915
Publication numberUS 1177884 A, US 1177884A, US-A-1177884, US1177884 A, US1177884A
InventorsDwight S Cole
Original AssigneeFrank Molesta, Jacob M Molesta
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Spray-nozzle and mounting therefor.
US 1177884 A
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1 177,884. Patented Apr. 4, 1916.





Patenten Api?. a, raie.

Application led October 1, 1915. Serial No. 54,699..

To all whom i may concern.'

Be it [known that we, FRANK MoLEs'rA, Jaco M. MoLns'rA, and DWIGHT S. Conn, citizens ot' the United States, residing, respectively, in laris township, in the county of Kent and State of Michigan, in Paris township, in the county of Kent and State of Michigan, and in the city of Grand Rapids, in the county of Kent and State of Michigan, haveinvented a new and useful Improvement in ySpray-Nozzles and Mountings Therefor, set V.darth in this specification and illustrated by the accompanying drawing, forming a part hereof.

Our invention relates to an improved spray nozzle and mountingt'herefor and more particularly to that type of such devices as are employed in connection with revoluble lines of pipes forming part of a showering systemfor use in greenhouses, gardens, etc.

The objects of our invention are toipro.

vide a spray nozzle and mounting therefor which may be easily and securely applied to a line of pipe; rende s the repeated removal and replacement of t ie nozzles for cleaning or change of size easy and practical; enables nozzles of the deiector type to be easily-and accurately set with respect to the direction of their discharge; provides simple, durable and tight joints that are not liable t'o get out of order, and accomplishes these objects with parts that are simple and easily produced. These and. other objects of our invention will more fully appear from the following description.

Our invention consists essentially of the various novel features of construction, combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter more fully described, and particularly pointed out in the appended claims, and the accompanying drawing illustrates severalv variations in the forms which the parts may have without departing from the essential common principles of the invention.

A spray nozzle and mounting constructed in accordancerfwith our invention comprises in combination a pipe having a screwthreadedl orifice in the wall thereof; a` bushing having a screwfhreaded portion adapted to screw into the said orifice inthe pipe and make a tightjoint,therebetween; a head on said bushing whereby the bushing may be turned by a suitable tool to screw the bushing into or remove it from the pipe; a socket in the bore of said bushing, and a nozzle having a stem portion adapted to pass through the bore of said bushing and provided with suitable 'surfaces t engage the said socket and be secured therein by the frictional contact of the engaging surfacesthe contact of said engaging surfacesl forming a tight joint between the socket and stem of the nozzle. v

An additional feature of our improved spray nozzle and mounting consists in making the head portion of the nozzle larger in diameter than the, stem which passes through the bushing and-'to have the bottom face of the head portion somewhat spaced apart from the top face of the bushing so that 1asuitable tool may be applied in thefreces's thus formed to lift and free the nozzle from tight engagement in the socket when it is desired to remove the nozzle from the bushlng.

Referring now to the drawingz Figure l is a side elevation of a piece of pipe having our improved bushing, and a nozzle therein, secured in the wall thereof; Fig. 2 is a transverse section on line ABof Fig. l.; Fig. 3 is an exterior side viewofthe nozzle shown in section in Fig. 2; Fig. l is a central sectional elevation yof a collar, similarlyV shown inthe assembly in Fig. 2, whichis employed in this Jform of our improved mounting; Fig. 5 is a central sectional elevation of the bushing employed in this form o .our i-m- `proved mounting, showing the Aform of socket therein; Fig. 6 is a top view f Fig. 7; Fig'. 7 is a central sectional elevation of a bushing and nozzle therein of a second form of our improved mounting; Fig. 8 is an exterior side View of the nozzle shown in section in Fig. 7 Fig. 9 i-s a central sectional elevation of the bushing employed in the -second form of our improved mounting,

the third improved mounting; 'i4 .en exterior side View of the noezle shown in seoion ie Fig. 13, Fig. i is a central Seeiouai eleved tion of the bushing employed in time ourh form of our improved mounting, showing j the fox-m of socket tlieie' Fig. i6 is am.

' 4top of the socket thereof.

Like numbers refer to. Jelle' seme throughout the seveml views.

Referring o the @sawing it will be ob seij'ved that the' sevei'al figures 'show out one orm'or the exteie of the loushing, :mel essentially equivalent devices for seeming elle nozzle inthe bushing. The seveel iig ureealso show -variances'iri the shape of eiecto' genefelly employed Wiel@ zype o'epay nozzle, which. featue is iiiusireteel eind described to assise in diem" how om improved. 'mounting piovides for the very imperium metier of beixg ebie to fece all of the'i'ozziee on a'pipe in any desire direeiogij n seome them equally tight ieoonditione'me noi! eaised by' .the direct eorewing of heeem of the nozzle into the orifice' eifall'e pipe as hes been the common pmoie'hereloore.

iis-closed by '`igs...., '2, 3, i and 5, in which is a piece of pipe laeviug a fappefl ori'fiee in tlexwaii thereof; 3 is a bushing aig'litiy 'seou'ed, in orifice oy a iepered screw hfee 4 liereou; 5 an annular head, pref l Leyaloiy imm'ied, on bushing 3 '0 which tool may be applied o tum the hashing in ingle mio or iemovm 1t imm the pipe;

.' @iis the bore of .the bushing@ having au enlarged portion et its uppei end and en annular shoulde 8 at elle oof'ztom of tile eu- .lmgecl portlon 7; 9 1s e. ring, preferably of leed or other soft metal, adapted ato fit into the portion 7 of the. bore 5 and have iis fece 5 10 Contact with shoulder 8; il is the spray Sinozzle adapted to oe used m ilus form of ou!1 improved mounting; l2 is elle siem of the nozzle which passes freely tliough the bore of the bushing and ring l is elle main portion of the hoyo of elle stem l2; 14 is the hroeof fue nozzle; l5 the conical section o' the bore of elle 'nozzle connecting portions i3 and lelhei'eo; l@ is the body poiio o ihe nozzle; i7 ie en enla'gecl portion between eeiio l2 ami boely ing, seiowfo i8 's the annuler shoulder between p01 eue?. loofijg i6; i9 isf the annular e beween poiton 1'? and stem l2., sai. suouloer being uelepted lio Contact Wili he op aee Q0 of the ring; 9; 3i is the ileevoo in body 1G of the nozzle, and 22 is z top suface of body l5.

.m tlv second *form of our improved mounting, shown by Figs. i', 8 and 9, ille of lle bushing has e cylindrical part 23%, und, u conical part 2, forming a soelee feoeive the contado pozion 25, in the orm oi alie zone of e splie'fe, on the Stem o' iiozzle. l

ln the third 'forni of oui' impiovecl mountM ing, shown by i0, 1l and '12, the bore oi' the bushing ig oylieiicn its emire length enel filet porion 26 of the Seem of the nozzle oailjoluing; iis heed is mamie elighly eonieal for a short length, es shown il.

in the fourth om of our improved mountinff shown by Figs. 13, ifi and 15, che looe of the bushing is made slightly conical for a.

eoneidemlile poriiou of is leng'h, 'forming'- a soekee 27,.:mol the siem of elle nozzle has a 'poumon 28 mede conical to accurately lit mio the conical Sockel, es shown by Fig, 13. Y

oi the owning" is eylindrieei is enie lengll e raised annular is pro- 'vieleei et ,top the looe. shown by 20, ig-aimee which elioule 30 on the nozzle impingee, as shown in 17.

in showering systems of lie zfevolubie pipe type as liereoee eonevruoted the nozzles commonly employeel have been of fue single piece .deectoz' time having vilreeflecl Steine 'screwing dieetljf me tapped orifices in the well of elle pipe. The stem of Such a nozzle uns geueinliy about three sixeenhs of an inch in ousicle iliameter ami, when the aree of he hole in the stem was cleduoefi 'from the :iees-eeceion the 1emeining meel was too weak to withstand elle sieee ami fsfequenl.7 broke, leaving' a by F l?, i9 20, the bore.

genion iu iae oriiee in elle pipe, when being serewed into lle pipe. Snell oye-liege was .greely inereasefi by the ezrra s-rees, be-

youd making a leak Eight seie'wecl joint, necessarily upplie. eo many of the nozzles to force them eouml eo a position Where their faces were in common alinemeut. which is a necessay oomlion of such a showering system, lvioreovei', lii, has been ou'ncl necessary in. 'practice to remove and 'eplnce nozzles in ordei1 izo clear out obsrueions iom their v passages, and in Such cases many nozzles lieve heeofore been broken ofi? because the meacled gom: had set so firmly as to re- The losses and troubles: due tobi'eakage om ab-m'eemmleraed causes leve been so great as to render that type of mounting the nozzles very unsatisfactory. To overbushing, which provision enables the nozzles to be set facing any desireddirection; suite able contacting surfaces on the stem of the nozzle to engage suitable surfaces of the bushing to enable suiiicient friction to be,

set up between the said contacting surfaces as to hold the rozzle securely in place by friction alone against its expulsion by the pressure of the water in the pipe, and this friction grip provides for the'repeated easy removal and perfect and easy replacement of the nozzle in the socket of the bushing when conditions so require, thus perfectly satisfying that requirement of service.

The parts of our improved mounting are shown full size, for the designated service, by the drawing and an inspection of the drawing will show that the parts are simple in Vform and capable of being easily and cheaply made.

In practice, the bushing of our improved mounting is screwed into the tapped orice in the wall of the pipe, until a. leak-v tight joint is made therebetween, then the nozzle is placed in position /with its face in the desired direction and a light rap or blow on y(top 22 of the nozzle drives the contacting surfaces together so tightly as to setl up sufiicicnt friction therebetween to clamp the stem of the nozzle securely and thus hold the nozzle in place against such pressures as are ordinarily used in this service. l

ln the form of our improved mounting shown by Figs. 1, 2, 3, d and 5, the soft metal ring 9 is compressed between shoulders S and 19, when the force of the blow on head acts to drive the said shoulders together, and `this swaging action causes the soft metal of the ring to How laterally and its side surfaces to thus make intimate contact `with the respective surfaces to which they are opposed, thus sealing the stem of the nozzle in the bushing leak-tight and secu-re by the friction set up betweeithe lateral contacting surfaces of the mounting. The soft metal of ring 9 will readily hold to permit of withdrawing the stem of the nozzle repeatedly therethrough and as readily yield to swagings to repeatedly close the joint as securely as at first.

In all of the forms of mountings shown by the drawing the stem 12 of the nozzle makes a close yet free fit in the lower part of the bore fi'of the bushing, which provision assists in making all forms of the mounting eifective.

In the form of contacting surfaces shown in Figs. 7, 8 and 9 the zone-shaped surface 25 makes linear annular contact with the surface of the slightly conical socket 24; and a rap on the head or top of thev nozzle forces the contacting surfaces together so intimately as to produce a leak-tight and suiiiciently secure joint therebetween.

The form of contacting surfaces shown by Figs. 10, 11 and 12 produces annular contact between the annular edge 31 and the slightly conical surface 26, and, as-dthe parts of our improved mounting (except ring 9 are preferably made of a malleable compo.- sition of metals, as brass, the effect of a rap on top 22 of the nozzle is to force the contacting surfaces 26 and 31 intimately together and thus make a leak-tight and secure friction joint therebetween.

The form of contacting surfaces shown by Fics. 13, 14e and 15 is truly and slightly conical, and cone 2S accurately fits into conical socket 27, so that when forced together by a rap on top 22 of the nozzle the conical surfaces come into such intimate contact'as to form a leak-tight and adequately secure joint for the purpose.

In the form of mounting shown by'Figs. 17, 19 and 2O an annular marginal collar 29 of the form shown is provided on the top of the bushing and an annular shoulder 30 is provided on the nozzle to contact with the top edge of the said collar to the end that when these parts are forced together by a rap on top 22 the collar 29 will be swaged andcompressed tightly around the stein 12 so as to form a leak-tight joint therebe tween to adequately secure the nozzle in the bushing.

lVhile we have shown several of the forms which the contacting surfaces in our; im proved mounting may be given we da not limit ourselves to the specific formsshown and described, but would include as within the scope of our invention all forms f frictional contacting surfaces which produce a leak-tight and sufficiently secure .joint tol serve the purpose, substantially as described.

vbushing adapted to the application of a tool thereto to screw the bushing into or remove it from said orifice; an axial bore through seid lnieliing nelepteil receive Jlie stem of of seid nozzle from said bushing, substanseii. nezzie and bfrietiona engegenien of 'tialiy es shown and described.

the 'nimeer' ig i. Liens f'zliereef .ineke :1 se- 3. in nepi-ey nozzle and mounting thereenre ncl tigni. joint between seid nezzle and for, the combination of a nozzle having a said lmeliingwdw preporiione oihe pare heed 'Wirth :i notch providing a deiecting beine, suela lw when said nezzle is irmly surface loeatecl in the side thereof; a, stem' secured in said bushing the op snrnee 0f smaller in exernal diameter than said head bueiiinff :mal the bottom surface of said perien in axial alinement therewith- 'heed pei-tien of seid nozzle Wiii be spece stem being conical and somewhat en- :igeradmit of lie insertion of' a tool larged in that porion adjoinihg the seid` therebei-ween it@ aliitete lle removal 'of head: en axial bore through said stein and Sain nozzle from. Seid. bushing', substantial@ .l

as shown and des liberi.

i2. ln e sp1-riff ne zle :incl ineuiiing inereforu 'lle eonljinmion of e. rie-ziale havinge heed with a notch providing e. deecting' surfeceleeeefl in 'elle eide tli-ereef; e siem Smaller in. 'j ernel. f iaineeer than seid heef'lwlizi pmt-ien of eel-d siem mljeining tile Seial. lieefl iieiug soinewli diameter lieii '"f,

bien ei eme =f ,said nocli; e. screw elireeflerl z )eee e0 be irmlv l.

te 'the ap- :serew sarei piieetien a bushing' in' i er regimi: i, In eerie erifiee: n here @ugh seid. bi; hing adepefl. te freely ademe lie enel miie-n el? stem of sai-el nozzle llieretiirough and te make eenec in iis @rimmed Y" 'ion Wili elle ataelied and seznewlier ermrgecl pertien ef said stemq se es #ze maire e seeure and righi', jeint 'Se nenni ,ei-em o Seid @Ozzie in laueiiing 'by 331e rieienei eeneei; ze engagine perils nereo-the prepertiens ef pere seing Sueli hm when. i0zzie is im: mening lle wp ille base portieri of seid head into said notch; a screw-threaded bushing 'adapted to be firmly secured in an oriice in the Wall of a chamber; e lieml on seid bushing adapted to ne ippiieation of e tool thereto to screw said liiishingfinto er remove it from said Orifice; an axial bere through said bushing edeped. 'te freely admit the freeend p01-` 'tion of said stem of said nozzle therel' ugh and to make cont-eet in its outnmcl perion with ehe conical portion ef smid sem, se as re make e secure and tight jeizr te mount tlie stem ef the nozzle in elle Helling njy' ehe frietenal Contact of the enperts-rzie proportoue ef the. parte wing such time When-Seid nezzle rmly eeurefl in Seid buehing the op suruee of 'eifi bushing and the lamiere surface @xeaicl :admit of the ineerzon efe tool therebetween io :ecilizee lle removal of said nozzle freni nres in ehe preseziee of two witnesses.



Seid nozzie Wii 'ne spaced aprir te.

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