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Publication numberUS1180170 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 18, 1916
Filing dateJun 13, 1914
Priority dateJun 13, 1914
Publication numberUS 1180170 A, US 1180170A, US-A-1180170, US1180170 A, US1180170A
InventorsWilliam Edward Marsh, Wilfred George Page Marsh
Original AssigneeWilliam James Rolfe, Ernest Alfred Evans, William Edward Marsh, Wilfred George Page Marsh
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Rotary lawn-sprinkler.
US 1180170 A
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w'. E. & w. G. P. MARSH.



1,1 1 W0 Patented Apr. 18;1916.





MWIIIN greens o.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Apr. is, rote.

Application filed June 13, 1914. Serial No. 844,991.

To all whom it may concern Be it known that we, WiLLmM EDWARD MARSH and NiLrRno GEORGE PAGE Manse, both subjects of the King of Great Britain, residing at Otwry Street, Claremont, "Western Australia, Commonwealth of Australia, have invented certain new and. useful improvements in Rotary Lawn-Sprinklers, of which the following is a specification.

Our invention relates to that class of sprinkler for-lawns and other surfaces intended to be irrigated, which sprinklers rotate by the action of the escaping water, and

he object of our invention is'to construct a. sprinkler which works at a minimum of pressure and friction and also throws the water over a maximum area and in auniform and evenly distributed manner, with the result that no oiperwatering or no on derwatering exists within the area intended to be irrigated.

In order that our invention may he clearly understood the same will. he Xplained with the aid of the attached drawings wherein- Figure 1 is an elevation of ahsprinhler made according to our invention 'andshowing the hub' in section. Figs. '2 and -3 are detail views of the nipple spray, Fig. L is an elevation of the pivot pipe and Fig. 5 is a sectional plan view on line of Fig. -1 showing the ports in pivot pipe.

Referring to Fig. -1- a are the radial rotary arms ofany number and are interscrewed into the huh I), said huh having the packing rings inset as shown at c and which form a water-tight joint for the bearing sun face (Z. This hub Z) freely revolves on the end of a spindle 0 formed with the water exit ports 7 which communicate with the interior of the arms a. Thisspindle e is suitably connected by the socket g to the water supply pipe j, while to the outer ends of the arms by the elbows 7c are connected the nipple sprays whose construction is hereinafter described, such arrangement permit- 7 ting any Variation of angle to be given to the nipples in relation to the radial arms.

The hub and thereto connected sprinkler as a whole rides on the spindle e and. by reason of the upward and outflowing water, a water cushion is maintained for the rotation of the arms, which latter ride on said spindle in a; resilient manner with a minimum degree of friction.

By reason of the peculiar construction of the invention the hub and thereto attached arms and nipples may be easily lifted off of the spindle e and replaced on another similar spindle at another position of the garden or field. The nipple spray is composed of two parts one being a short tuhe m closed at its upper end 1 and made with a water exit gap or opening 1*. On the lower portion of this tube in the sleeve 15 is loosely fitted, said sleeve having a milled rim 20, whereby it is easily rotated to adjust it to any position onthe tube. The sleeve is made with the notch 7 at which point the water makes exit.

What we claim as our invention and de-'- sire to secure by Letters Patent is A rotary sprinkler, comprising, in combination, radial discharge arms, a sprayer for each arm c'omprising an externally screw threaded tubular men'lloer having its inner end secured to the outer end of said arm and having its outer end closed, said member having a semi-circular portion cut out there from intermediate its ends, an internally threaded sleeve of alength greater than said cut-out portion mounted on said tubular member and longitudinally adiustahle thereon, said sleeve having a. Vshaped notch in its upper edge and means on its periphery for rotating it, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands in presence of two subscribing witnesses.



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U.S. Classification239/257, 140/71.00R, 239/259
Cooperative ClassificationB05B3/06