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Publication numberUS1180574 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 25, 1916
Filing dateJul 17, 1915
Priority dateJul 17, 1915
Publication numberUS 1180574 A, US 1180574A, US-A-1180574, US1180574 A, US1180574A
InventorsMichael Despot
Original AssigneeMichael Despot
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Collapsible mail-bag.
US 1180574 A
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1,180,574. Patented Apr. 25, 1916.




To all l lmm it may com-rm lie it known that l'. .\licn.\r:I. l)lsl'u'l. a subject of the King of Hungary. residing at Dayton. in the county of .\lontgomcr v and State of Ohio. have invented certain new and useful Improvements in (ollapsible Mail-Bags. of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to certain new and useful im n'ovements in a collapsible mail bag.

The primary object of the invention is the provision of a mail bag or pouch adapted for standing upright when t'i wratively positioned and collapsible into compact form when not desired for use.

further object of the device is the pro vision of a foldable bag frame adapted to he llatly positioned when folded in its closed relations and to provide a supporting frame when unfolded for maintaining the shape and stability of the bag.

It is also designed to provide a container adapted for holding mail or commodities such as farm produce. the device being easy and inexpensive to manufacture and at the same time affording a structure etliciently accomplishing the above objects.

'ith these general objects in view and others that will appear as the nature of the invention is better nnderstoodthe same con sists in the novel combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter more fully de scribed. illustrated in the accompanying drawings. and pointed out in the appended claims.

In the drawings forming a part of this application and in which like designating characters refer to corresponding parts throughout the several views. Figure 1 is a longitudinal central sectional view through the device. in its operative upright position. Fig. '2 is a similar view with the bag closed. Fig. is a side elevation of the device in its folded closed position. Fig. 4 is a perspective view of one of the members of the framework detached and open. Fig. 5 is a perspective view of one of the hoops in its folded closed position. Fig. 6 is a side elevation of a lower portion of a modified form of construction of the. device positioned open and upright. and Fig. 7 is a view of the structure shown in Fig. 0 in its closed position.

teferring more in detail to the drawing. the invention broadly consists of a foldable Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed July 17.1915.

Patented .\pr. '35. 1916.

Serial No. 40.504.

framework provided with a closable bag form of container or receptacle ll. the on tainer being provided with any desired form of closing ring 1; surrounding the inturned top neck portion 13,

'lhe l'oldable framework comprises a plu rality of t'oldahle hoop members it of the form illustrated in Fig. 1. three of the same being herein illusl rated and positioned equally spaced apart by means of side straps l the said hoops 11 being secured between the straps if: by means of rivets 1 upon which ri\ets the opposite substantially semicircular hoop members I? and 18 are pi\ oted in their hoop formation. The hoop member in is foldable inwardly of the hoop member l? by movement upon the pivots lt while inwardly projecting lugs 19 are carried by the projecting ends '20 of the hoop member 17 for limiting the relative movement between the hoop members.

The bag or fabric ll is secured by means of the rivets It: between the hoops it which are arranged inwardly thereof and the straps 15 which are arranged in parallelism exteriorly of the bag and as best illustrated in Figs. 1 and l of the drawings. Feet ll are provided at the lower ends of the strap 15 for assisting in supporting the bag when in its upright position and with the hoops it open and in parallelism with each other interiorly of the bag. the bottom of the bag 32 is thus arranged in straight. or flat disk-like formation. By forcing the hoop members 17 and 13 inwardly of the bag and toward the bottom 2) thereof. the three hoops It may be folded up in the manner illustrated in Fig. 2. it being understood that the bot tom one of the said hoops is folded after the upper two hoops are closed and positions the bag bottom 22 in folded relation between its opposite members 17 and 1 The bag may be readily assembled by releasing the securing means 12 and forcing outwardly the hoop members 17 and l until they assume their normal hoop formation and at which time the bottom 2; will again as ume the form of a disk,

In the form illustrated in Fig. 6. the lower hoop is omitted. while side strap 23 are cinployed having bottom extensions '24 for seating upon a stationary support such as the ground 25 when the device pos tioned upright. a bail arrangement of supporting legs in being pivotally connected to the side strip 2?) by means of rivets 9T, Upright lugs 3 tit) are carried by the legs 26 foi limiting the separating movement of the leg members for positioning the same as illustrated in Fig. (3 for holding the bag upright. In folding the bag 28, of this form of the device the leg members26 are folded against each other and in substantially the same plane as the straps 23 and extensions 24 as best illustrated in Fig. 7.

\Vhile the form of the invention herein shown and described is what is believed to be the preferred embodiment thereof. it is nevertheless to be understood that minor changes may be made therein without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as set forth in the claims.

Vhat I claim as new is 1. A device of the class described comprising a flexible bag, side straps arranged exteriorly thereof in parallelism, hoops posi tioned within the bag, each hoop being formed of two substantially semicircular members, pivoting rivets extending through the adjacent ends of the said hoop members the bag being folded inwardly of the bottom hoop memberswhen the bag is in its collapsed position.

2. A device of the class described comprising a bag, side straps secured thereon having bottom feet extensions, legs in the form of bails provided for the bag, pivoting means between the ends of the said legs and the said straps, and cooperating limiting stops carried by the said legs.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two.w1tnesses.



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U.S. Classification220/9.3, 383/71
Cooperative ClassificationB65D37/00